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Information about allegory

Published on February 24, 2008

Author: Gabir


Allegory :  Allegory Cognitivism:  Cognitivism Fictions assert truths Fictions justify truths Truth is aesthetically valuable Allegory:  Allegory Allegory has been overlooked Cognitivism is plausible Sirridge’s Argument:  Sirridge’s Argument ‘All happy families resemble each other, but each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.’ Reflections are asserted Reflections are implied ‘Implied’ is too vague Symbolic language Meaning:  Meaning Meaning is shared Allegorical meaning is shared Meaning is novel Allegorical meaning is novel Allegory Represents:  Allegory Represents That something salient is similar in a salient respect to the story The Story:  The Story Same story, same meaning The story is shared The story may be novel Similarity:  Similarity Compositional appearances Similarity is novel Similarity isn’t shared Natural similarities Salience:  Salience Salience solves coordination problems Sharing is a coordination problem Salience depends on other features Salience:  Salience Context affects salience The Crucible The narration affects salience ‘Comrade’ in Animal Farm Coca-Cola advertisements in film The Tale of the Bull and the Ass Presupposition:  Presupposition ‘Galileo regrets becoming an astronomer’ Approximately common beliefs Most similarities are presupposed The Moral of the Story:  The Moral of the Story What’s not presupposed is asserted Fictions do assert truths Objections:  Objections The Hare and the Tortoise Abstractness Cognitivism:  Cognitivism Fiction asserts truths Fiction justifies truths Truth is aesthetically valuable The Epistemic Argument:  The Epistemic Argument ‘…literary works do not employ the scientific techniques necessary for the establishing of facts’ (Hospers) Lots of problems Still a challenge The Concept Gym:  The Concept Gym Fictions are like thought experiments Justification is conceptual Separates assertion from justification Analogy:  Analogy Allegory is like analogy Analogy uses similarity Presupposed similarities are premises Asserted similarities are conclusions Objections:  Objections Analogical reasoning is bad Valid analogies are non-fictive Cognitivism:  Cognitivism Fiction asserts truths Fiction justifies truths Truth is aesthetically valuable The Aesthetic Argument:  The Aesthetic Argument Literary critics don’t evaluate truth Why does this matter? Literary practice is social Conflates critical with literary practice Truth has Aesthetic Value:  Truth has Aesthetic Value Maths in Flatland Women in Flatland The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Conclusion:  Conclusion Fiction asserts truths Fiction justifies truths Truth is aesthetically valuable

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