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Information about Allah, our great creator

Published on March 12, 2014

Author: jaleelustad1973


Allah, Our Great Creator Say “Subhanallah” When you see something beautiful or great. This means “Glory to be Allah” “Allah” ‫هللا‬ is the Arabic word for God. It means, The one God we worship. Allah is Al-Khaliq The Creator Allah is “Al-Musawwir” The Shape-Maker Allah is “Al-Bari” The inventor

Answer the following questions 1. Name five things Allah has given us so that we can live? 2. What should you do when you see a beautiful thing? 3. What are the Arabic names for Allah that mean “the Creator,” The inventor” and “The Shape Maker?”

Dua When you look in the mirror and see that God has given you a good face and body, say this Dua ‫خلقي‬ ‫حسسنت‬ ‫كما‬ ‫خلقي‬ ‫حسن‬ ‫أللهم‬ “ Allah Humma Hassin Khulqi Kama Hassanta Khalqi” It Means: “Oh Allah, give me good manners as you have given me perfect body.”

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