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Published on February 4, 2014

Author: mahavirjainsacademy



Great info for students who are going to start their GMAT preparation.This presentation explains the GMAT exam structure and related aspects in details.

Orientation to GMAT All you need to know about : GMAT

What’s in the slides ? 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) What is GMAT ? GMAT Exam Structure What is Tested : Quant ? What is Tested : Verbal? Test Procedure Getting Your Scores Cancelling your Scores Retaking GMAT

What is the GMAT? • Graduate Management Admission Test – Computer adaptive test – Does not measure individual’s creativity or motivation – No specific business knowledge needed • Test measures an individual’s – Verbal Skills – Mathematical Skills – Writing Skills

Exam format

1. Integrated Reasoning (IR) • Questions : 12 • Duration : 30 min • Reasoning based questions • • • • Two part analysis Table / Graph / Chart analysis Multi source analysis Graphics interpretation • Score : (1-8) in 1/2 point increments

2. Analytical Writing • 1 Essay • Analysis of an argument • Duration : 30 minutes • Score : (0 – 6) in 1/2 point increments

3. Quant Section • Questions : 37 • Duration : 75 min • 2 formats - Problem solving :19 Questions - Data Analysis : 18 Questions • Test general knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, & geometry • No calculus, trig, or complicated geometry

Topics tested • Axiom and Fundamentals (properties of integers, + & - numbers, even & odd) • Arithmetic Operations ( + - x / etc.) • Fractions & Decimals • Ratios • Percentages • Averages • Exponents and Radicals

PS: Algebra • You will be asked to write an equation that will answer a question regardless of what a “certain number x” is – PLUG IN: pick numbers for the letters in the problem – Plug in from the outside in (A,E,B,D,C)

Data Sufficiency • Consists of a question followed by 2 statements • You don’t need to calculate the actual answer • You need to decide WHETHER the question can be answered based on the given info in the 2 statements

4. Verbal Section • • • • • Questions : 41 Duration : 75 min Sentence Correction: 15 questions Reading Comprehension: 15 questions Critical Reasoning: 11 questions

a) Sentence Correction • • • • • • Pronouns Misplaced modifiers Tense Subject-verb agreement Apples-and-oranges Quantity words

b) Reading Comprehension Three most common questions types – What is the primary purpose of this passage? – What is the author’s tone? – Which choice given best describes the structure of the passage?

c) Critical Reasoning • Short passages with one or two questions • Three parts – Conclusion – Premises – Assumptions

c) Critical Reasoning.. contd Question types • • • • • • • Assumption - Look for a flaw in the argument Weaken the Argument - Look for flaws in reasoning Strengthen the Argument - Look for support answers Find the Conclusion- Break down the argument Inference - Concern the premises, not the conclusion Resolve the Paradox Questions - look for contradiction Mimic the Reasoning Questions - find argument that mimics the method of reasoning used [if A, then B]

Test Procedures and Regulations • Restrictions – Not allowed : calculators, books, notes… – Scratch paper and pencils provided – Two 5 minute breaks – Personal items will be locked up • Cancellation of score if you fail to comply

Getting Your Scores • Scores sent to up to 5 institutions /programs • GMAT yields four scores: verbal, quantitative, AWA, IR & total • Official score mailed in ≈ 2 weeks

Canceling Scores • May cancel, on computer, immediately following last section of test • Scores cannot be canceled once viewed • No partial cancellations • No Refunds, even if you cancel • Cancellations reported to score recipients

Repeating the GMAT • No more than one time in a calendar month – Even if scores are cancelled • Latest scores and two most recent scores are reported to designated recipients • Test scores valid for 5 years


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