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Published on January 4, 2017

Author: JohnParker149


1. Let’s take you through Seattle! Scroll for a well-guided walk-through of your journey through Seattle as we chose the off- beaten path for you because ordinary is so boring!Want to go biking, but you also need to shop. Have heard that the views are iconic but, you can’t leave the museums out.This plan brings together all-that-you-want-to-do and all- that-you-must-do so your vacation to Seattle is fulfilling in every sense. Know why cheap flights to Seattle is something you should be searching for on the net right now.

2. The Just-go places There are some places whose names resound the name of the city in your head. Like Eiffel and Paris, Orlando and Disneyland or beaches and Miami.You know the city because of their places.These visits you should make in a blink. Have a look.

3. Pike Place Market Want to experience what “meet the producer” means?This is your place. Come here to literally know what you eat and be amazed with the experienced chefs that love to experiment with their palates by beautifully blending in the local flavor.With a backdrop of street musicians, you’re in for excessive pleasure eating.The food of the market tops the list of popular things in Seattle.

4. Space Needle When you’re 605 feet high above the ground looking down at a city with Elliott Bay and Downtown Seattle, you’ll be absorbing a feel of Seattle different from anywhere else. Go for a fine-dining experience to Skycity restaurant with a perfect view to glam it up. You know what more? For a view with the Space Needle itself glorifying Seattle, head to Kerry Park and see Seattle shine through the night with its lights.

5. Underground Tour A city tour unlike any other.The Great Fire 0f 1889 led to the making of a structure now serving as the most informative as well as interesting journey through Seattle’s past. The rugged feel and uneven terrain with engaging stories that the guide will tell with a touch of humor create an aura to lure you to know as much as you can about Seattle.

6. Because there’s a bay! Alki Beach Park is one thing you wouldn’t want to miss in Seattle. Get on one of the sleek water taxis and take a tour of the waters to reach the beach park.When the city’s liveliness gets heavy on you, this getaway will bring the pleasure of beach volleyball, kayaking, biking, swimming, and everything with a beautiful view of the Rainier Mountains.This view can be the sole reason why you should visit Seattle.

7. The “Emerald City” The lush evergreen forests have won this beautiful name for Seattle.The parks in the city are also no less an attraction. On a sunny day head to Green Lake to enjoy the greenery surrounding the beautiful lake. Seattle is the city of views. ItsVolunteer Park gives you a view of downtown and Seattle Asian Art Museum for your biking time. For rock climbing, visit the stone gardens because trying something new on a vacation is totally worth it.

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