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Published on September 24, 2018

Author: xgenplus


PowerPoint 演示文稿: Most Advanced Enterprise Email - MADE IN INDIA Xgenplus is an enterprise email solution for the global market, supporting millions of users with a unique capability to provide EAI (Email Address Internalization) i.e Linguistic Email Address like संपर्क @ एक्सजेनप्लस.भारत (Email address in Hindi) . It supports all basic facilities like pop, imap , webmail, calendar, contacts, SMS, scheduling, security and more, making Xgenplus one of the Most Advanced Email Server. It’s scalable architecture allows the organizations to scale from one user to millions of users, making it suitable for all kind of organizations. PowerPoint 演示文稿: Vision The vision of XGenplus is to continue to innovate and be a global leader in the email market-place by being a premium next-generation email platform and to serve the entire spectrum of organizations – from small businesses, to enterprise, to multi-million user data centers – on the same scalable, secure and affordable platform. PowerPoint 演示文稿: IDN Compatible: Bridging the Digital Divide Through the True Internationalization of Email A country with 1.2 billion people, 22 official languages in 12 different scripts and just 12 percent native English speakers. Bridging the Digital Divide through Internationalization of Email. Get Email ID in 12 different languages. PowerPoint 演示文稿: Robust Antispam Technology Xgenplus has multilevel filtration technology called Spamjadoo  which applies almost a dozen levels of checks and validations to every mail before letting it through to your Inbox. The powerful ESP engine incorporates over 100 rules at the server, domain and user levels. A highly optimized architecture ensures virtually no delay in mail delivery. PowerPoint 演示文稿: Security & Encryption Provides Secure communication leading to increased productivity and data privacy in organization. Prohibits Phishing and Virus lade- messages completely and ensures secure flow of messages. Security features like: Dual Authentication, Country Specific Access Control, Devise level Restriction, Steganography for Hidden attachments etc. Web based PGP Encryption & Digital signing of email. PowerPoint 演示文稿: Efficient & Secure Storage Xgenplus provides virtual storage facilities, that prevents SMTP limitation and effective use of email space. Stores bulky files, and convert them into the link to download. Sender can allow receiver to update that file and reupload in virtual storage, without any forwarding of email. Auto Versioning in virtual Storage PowerPoint 演示文稿: Role Based Administration Xgenplus gives you a comprehensive list of Admin roles. Multiple admin can be managed quickly with the ease. Server Administrator Domain Administrator Billing Administrator Support Administrator Group Administrator PowerPoint 演示文稿: Easy Access With Mobile Application For easy access Xgenplus is available with Android & iPhone Application. Anytime, anywhere access Multiple Email Configuration in one email account PowerPoint 演示文稿: Easy Admin Access With Mobile Application Domain Administrators can now have access to admin feature through their Android phones. App including Services: User Limits Expiration Date Change Password Allow Space Alias IMAP/POP Security User Signature and Manage users PowerPoint 演示文稿: Automated Inward Routing (AIR) Automated Inward Routing (AIR) is an assignment module that comes in-built with XGenplus . AIR gives you freedom from any extra ticketing system and allows easy load distribution and monitoring for your Support/BPO/Customer Care group. PowerPoint 演示文稿: Benefits Support large mailboxes & Virtual Storage for bulky files Integrated access to communication services with advanced user-interface features Enhanced server and client-side security Multiple Email Configuration in one email account Connect other email accounts with Connector feature Highly evolved admin control Extremely cost effective Integrated modules for marketing and support Unlimited space to accomplish almost anything Completely secured from any external threat Anytime, anywhere access Complete control of your Email PowerPoint 演示文稿: Highlighted features Linguistic Email Address Alias & auto Downgrading of emails Hide attachment feature Broadcast messages with Domain Retrieve Emails even after deleted from Trash Send bulk emails with tracking report 64-bit scalable and secure messaging for enterprises and service providers Rich Ajax-based Web 2.0 client Ability to sign and encrypt messages Real-time indexing and search of e-mail content including attachments Support for personal, public, and distributed shared folders; spell checker capabilities Secure mobile access to a broad set of devices Inbuilt Antispam Solution to prevent spam emails in inbox Support for industry standards such as IMAP4, POP3, ESMTP, SNMP, LMTP, bidirectional SMS, and LDAP PowerPoint 演示文稿: Opportunities for System Integrators Provide flexibility to built new features quickly as per the organization needs and integrate with them seamlessly Offer trainings for new user or branch staff for installation & How to use its features. Provide complete documentations and videos related to Xgenplus Provide POP and IMAP solutions both, user can configure as per the requirement. Provide 24/7 Technical support. We have Automated Routing mechanism for support. Fully SPAM free solution with secure system. Provide ongoing support and develop customized features as per the requirement. We provide hosting solutions on demand. Provide complete enterprise solution as well as emails ID's also if client do not want to purchase complete enterprise solution. PowerPoint 演示文稿: Case Studies Universal Acceptance in India Xgenplus Case Study by ICANN PowerPoint 演示文稿: Customer Speaks “The performance of features and the entire solution provided is very good. Services are currently live and there are 81,09,186 email accounts.” N M Manickam, BSNL “The performance, features and the entire solution provided is excellent and support provided to us by their team and management is very prompt and admirable.” Reserve Bank of India, Mysore “ Xgenplus team has installed the mail solution successfully & has carried out their work in a professional manner.” Rajeev Agarwal, HAL PowerPoint 演示文稿: Organization Profile With over 13 years of Experience as an organization, shared vision and hard work we have enhanced Xgenplus version 26.0 , from just an Email management solution to a Complete Enterprise Solution catering to all the needs of Unified Communication. We have invested millions of hours into making the perfect email platform for you and your team. In today's world Information is of great value to everyone and you can’t settle for anything less. Stability, Security & Reliability are then words to live by with Xgenplus . Currently Xgenplus Email is serving Millions of Email users globally including one single largest account of 7 million email users and few of them are very information / data security critical.  PowerPoint 演示文稿: Our Valued Connections PowerPoint 演示文稿: Questions? More Information? DATA XGEN TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD. Station road, durgapura , Jaipur-18 Rajasthan, (INDIA) Tel no: +91-141-2554970, 71 Fax: +91-141-255497 Email: For Help:

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