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Published on June 15, 2007

Author: Woodwork


Meet the Plants:  Meet the Plants Identifying and defining plants By Mrs. Killian What do plants need to grow?:  What do plants need to grow? Air Water – not too much!! Light Soil What are the parts of a plant?:  What are the parts of a plant? Flower This part makes seeds. Stem This part carries food and water through the plant. Leaf This part makes food for the plant. Root This part carries water from the soil to the plant. Kinds of plants:  Kinds of plants Edible You can eat it – fruit and vegetables *lettuce * carrots Non-edible Don’t eat these *poison ivy More kinds of plants:  More kinds of plants Flowering Plants that have flowers to attract insects. Non-Flowering Plants that don’t have flowers-only leaves. *ivy *ferns Conifers Plants that grow cones and do not lose their leaves. Decidious Plants that lose their leaves each fall. Plants are used in many ways.:  Plants are used in many ways. Lumber comes from trees. Paper comes from trees. Gum comes from tree sap. Medicines come from many plants Cloth comes from cotton plants.

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