Alfons plaintiff nike, having kicked the victim to bleed with 'jordan' shoes

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Published on February 25, 2014

Author: loese



Alfons plaintiff Nike, having kicked the victim to bleed with 'Jordan' shoes

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A 26 -year-old pimp has filed a lawsuit against Nike by claiming that sports company is partly responsible for the brutal attack , which earned him a 100-year prison sentence on the neck. It writes the American newspaper The Oregonian . The pimp from Portland in the U.S. convicted of assault with a ' dangerous weapon ' , which is an aggravating factor in sentencing. READ Also Nike stop payment for the killing term Pistorius But the convicted now complaining that the Nike Jordan shoes, which was the deadliest weapon in the attack , was not equipped with a suitable warning that the shoes are potentially dangerous if they are used to kick someone in the face with . Treading customer in the face In June 2012, tried a customer of a prostitute woman, as the 26 -year-old pimp forced to work for him , to dodge payment. It was the 26 -year-old to assault the customer and repeatedly stomp him in the face when the victim tried to leave a hotel in Portland. READ Also Nike give up the global search for the lowest possible hourly The 26- year-old pimp sentenced to 100 years in prison , partly for the attack on the customer, partly for hitting the 18 -year-old woman he forced into prostitution . The woman was , according to The Oregonian so damaged that she was bleeding from the ears . The invaded customer had after the episode having plastic surgery work done on her nose . $ 100 million In a three -page handwritten complaint from prison requires the voldsdømte pimp damages of $ 100 million of Nike for failing to warn that the shoes from their Jordan line is potentially lethal weapons. READ Also Golf Star scores billion contract with Nike " The fact that the defendant ( Nike , Ed.) In this tort issues uninstructed about the risk or warn adequately , has caused personal injury , such as mental disorder ," wrote the voldsdømte pimp , as in the letter asking the court to order Nike to put warnings on all their ' potentially dangerous Nike and Jordan products' . A psychologist has , according to The Oregonian at trial characterized the 26 year old as an antisocial psychopath who at large by 100 percent likely to commit violent crimes again .

In the following days, the lawsuit presented to Nike. Nike shop:

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