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Published on November 23, 2016

Author: AlexisChateauPR



2. A L E X I S C H A T E A U L L C P a g e | 2 Table of Contents CONTENT PAGE NO. WHO WE ARE 3 WHAT WE DO 4 BRANDING 5 - 13 Graphic Design 6 Website Development 7 Website Copy 8 Social Media 9 - 10 Facebook Promotions 11 Original Memes 12 - 13 WRITING AND EDITING 14 - 23 Articles & Blog Posts 15 - 16 Speeches 17 - 18 Press Releases 19 Editing 20 - 23 HIGHLIGHTS 24 - 26 Editors’ Pick on WordPress 24 Trending on Quora 25 Over 1 million views on Quora 26 Published on EliteDaily 27

3. A L E X I S C H A T E A U L L C P a g e | 3 WHO WE ARE Alexis Chateau LLC is a public relations agency providing content-related services to entrepreneurs who fall outside the budget reach of big PR firms. Over the past decade, we’ve worked with inventors, students, self-published authors, musicians, startups, and even other media and PR agencies around the world to help them reach their audience. Let us do the same for you.

4. A L E X I S C H A T E A U L L C P a g e | 4 WHAT WE DO As a PR firm in the digital age, Alexis Chateau focuses primarily on content strategy, content management, and content marketing. This involves all services related to the creating, curating, publishing, and distributing of original content across a number of platforms. At heart, we’re wordsmiths. But on occasion we also dabble in photography, video, music, illustration, and graphic design when clients request it. For more information on our services, please visit our website. Email us at for quotes.

5. A L E X I S C H A T E A U L L C P a g e | 5 BRANDING This saturated market makes it easy to get lost in the noise of other companies, products, and brands. Because of this, everyone wants to become more visible in the public eye. But are they more recognizable? You see, it really doesn’t matter how many ads you put out or what your social media reach is like. If your customers can’t recognize that it’s you, then you lose out on the opportunity to build trust and attract repeat business. Alexis Chateau pools together a number of resources to meet this challenge. Check out our branding services to see how we can help you set your brand apart from the competition.

6. A L E X I S C H A T E A U L L C P a g e | 6 GRAPHIC DESIGN

7. A L E X I S C H A T E A U L L C P a g e | 7 WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT Godigio Blog I.S. Enterprise Construction Website

8. A L E X I S C H A T E A U L L C P a g e | 8 WEBSITE COPY TwoToneTheArtist’s Home Page In The Beginning I started my career in music fifteen years ago in Peoria, IL, after my parents’ divorce took me from an upscale community and into the ‘hood. Thrust into a new environment with new people in a new school with new opportunities, I steadily moved away from nu-metal and industrial rock to focus on rap. Stepping my Game Up Realizing that music was more than just a hobby, I invested in a studio, which I continued to upgrade over the years. Over the past decade, this studio not only allowed me to record and produce my own music, but to work with other great musicians, as well; especially after moving to Atlanta to pursue my dreams. Global Opportunities Unfortunately, the Atlanta music scene wasn’t half as promising as it seemed from all the way up north in Illinois, but I’ve enjoyed playing shows, making music, and working with other independent artists from California, Georgia, Virginia, Illinois, Norway, and even Iran. Outside of Music I’d love to tell you my life revolves solely around music, but while it certainly plays a huge role in it, there are other passions I’m currently pursuing. I love animals, collect retro-video games, and might be slightly obsessed with zombie films, comedy, hiking, and working out. Since I spend so much time around the computer making music and playing video games anyway, I also decided to go back to school to major in computer science. The Spanish and Calculus are kicking my a**, but my experience thus far in life has taught me that there are far worse things to grapple with than second languages and math…

9. A L E X I S C H A T E A U L L C P a g e | 9 SOCIAL MEDIA

10. A L E X I S C H A T E A U L L C P a g e | 10


12. A L E X I S C H A T E A U L L C P a g e | 12 ORIGINAL MEMES

13. A L E X I S C H A T E A U L L C P a g e | 13

14. A L E X I S C H A T E A U L L C P a g e | 14 WRITING AND EDITING Alexis Chateau is a writing company at heart. As wordsmiths, we’ve worked on everything from eBooks to social media posts to business plans and blog posts. We’ve also written across a number of genres: cyber security, green energy, celebrity gossip, indie rock band reviews, college life… there’s unlikely to be a field we haven’t touched. Challenge us with new and exciting projects and we’ll deliver unique and engaging content, time and time again. Check our website for more information on our writing and editing services.

15. A L E X I S C H A T E A U L L C P a g e | 15 ARTICLES & BLOG POSTS: 6 Tips to Help you Suffer a Little Less at the Gym The gym is a great place to get fit, and to meet other people working towards the same goal. Whether it’s the feel-good hormones released during exercise, or just guys feeling flirty, people at the gym can be some of the friendliest human beings you’ll ever meet. They share workout tips and advice, and help you with new machines you haven’t quite figured out yet. Yet, so many of us think of the gym with dread in our hearts. We groan when we wake up and realize it’s gym day, and bemoan how far away from our fitness goals we currently are. But the gym isn’t anywhere near as terrible as we think it is, and the more often you go, the more you start to see that. So get up, pull on those yoga pants and tie up those running shoes.

16. A L E X I S C H A T E A U L L C P a g e | 16 But before you head out the door, check out these five tips to help you suffer a little less at the gym, on your run, while rock climbing – or however you choose to get that workout in. Eat Well at Home A wise personal trainer once said: Building abs starts in the kitchen, not the gym. This is as true for chiseling out six-pack abs, as it is for any other workout goal you may have. If you’re looking to build endurance, you’ll need more carbs. Want chiseled abs? You’ll need less carbs and salt, and more water and veggies. Trying to bulk up? You’ll need not just carbs, but fatty foods as well. Eat for the body you want to build in the gym, and avoid working out on an empty stomach. Get Some Shut-Eye Getting enough rest before heading to the gym helps you stay focused and energetic during your workout. Slacking off on sleep might make you tire more easily, and encourage you to cut corners so you can get the workout over and done as soon as possible. However, try not to oversleep either as this can have the same effect. A body in motion stays in motion, and a body in bed… well, it wants to stay there too. While it’s better to work out halfheartedly than not at all, you aren’t doing those abs any favors by letting exhaustion get the best of you… ----

17. A L E X I S C H A T E A U L L C P a g e | 17 SPEECHES: Background to Seminar & Theme – Innovating, Adding Value & Creating Organizational Wealth Setting: Human Resource Management Seminar Audience: Business owners, college faculty, students, politicians Ladies and Gentlemen of the 26th Annual Human Resource Management Seminar – students, lecturers, sponsors, honored guests – a pleasant good morning to you all. ----

18. A L E X I S C H A T E A U L L C P a g e | 18 …Now that we’ve taken a brief look at the past and the central idea of what HRM Seminar is all about, what then led to the choice of this year’s theme: “Innovating, Adding Value and Creating Organizational Wealth”? Innovation is an integral part of any organization wishing to differentiate itself from the competition. This is true regardless of the strategy the company employs. Innovation is not just about style, but also about developing processes and systems that decrease cost, and identify profitable target markets for your products and services. Innovation, then, is an obvious mechanism organizations can employ to add value and create organizational wealth. What some organizations fail to understand, however, is that the source of this innovation doesn’t only come from a brand new machine imported from Japan, or new business software bought from an American company. It comes from the human capital the organization employs. Household names like Google have demonstrated this, as the innovativeness of their employees led to successful products that added value and created organizational wealth. It is therefore the duty of the human resource manager in a firm to manage the human capital and ensure that creative flair is encouraged, by empowering employees and making them aware of the value of their individual contributions to organizational wealth and the synergy of operations. --- …Finally, I extend my gratitude and congratulations to everyone who played a role in the planning and execution of the 26th Annual Human Resource Management Seminar. As we reap the benefits of the seeds we toiled to sew, I hope that we may all appreciate our combined efforts for more than its immediate value, and recognize the competences that it helped us to develop for our future endeavors. -----

19. A L E X I S C H A T E A U L L C P a g e | 19 PRESS RELEASES: Cindy Capitani Hired by North Arlington The Mayor and Council of the North Arlington borough in New Jersey recently hired a new representative to assist with public relations and communications efforts. As a writer and public relations specialist, Cindy Capitani comes from the Scott Capitani Lubertazzo/SCL Writing Pros PR firm. As a result, she brings years of experience and journalist contacts to the table. North Arlington is only one of many government bodies now looking to PR experts to handle activities usually done in-house on a smaller scale. These duties have ranged from reputation management and reducing public panic, to streamlining messages and communicating with the media. Working Together North Arlington recently took Cindy Capitani on board to handle all PR activities for the Mayor and Council. This includes handling press releases and managing the related social media accounts. For this work, Cindy Capitani will get $15,000 in contract money; plus another $15,000 to manage the website. Though it is now the only Southern Bergen County town with a public relations specialist on board, North Arlington is no stranger to working with firms and experts from the field. Up until the end of 2014, Thom Ammirato previously handled these services. In addition to this, the borough also works with Robert Ceberio from RCM Ceberio, LLC. Source: council-hires-public-relations-firm-at-30k-a-year-1.1505665

20. A L E X I S C H A T E A U L L C P a g e | 20 EDITING: September 1836, Common Pleas Hearing, Steubenville, Ohio If I could peek through a crack in the Steubenville courtroom and see the events of September in 1836, what might I have seen? Wall sconces, perhaps – the flicker of light dancing on the wall as people breathed uneasily in their seats. I picture men in dark tail coats over pantaloons, and double- breasted vests, covering up neatly pressed linen shirts – every stitch of cloth hand- sewn by women in a time when the delicate sex was known for little more than household chores.

21. A L E X I S C H A T E A U L L C P a g e | 21 I picture these women, too, wearing long dresses with full skirts, and flowery caplets. On their heads would be tiny bonnets keeping tame long tresses that had no doubt been teased by an autumn wind. By the window, insects would buzz and squirm their way inside to escape the Ohioan cold. Outside, the clip and clop of horse shoes on the cobble stone pavements would echo loudly, amidst the colorful chirp of birds making song in the flame- colored trees. And as they waited for the court to be called to session, the whispers of men and women would join them – a low buzz growing into an apprehensive clamor of concern. Is that what Isabella Huston saw when she set eyes on the inside of a courtroom, for what may have been the very first time? Before the day’s end, she would leave an altered woman, owing to the decisions of the common pleas judge. The most difficult decision involved the selection of new guardians for the children she had birthed. Such a cruel thing to suffer, and even worse, to suffer it so far away from home. And yet, it was just another hurdle for Isabella, another hill to climb. It all started two years prior, when her husband, John Huston, passed away. An ambitious man, John had worked hard to make a happy home and provide for his family. Then, like a flash of lightning, his light went out and left nothing but darkness where he had shined so brilliantly before. This left Isabella to manage the farm, take care of the children, and manage household duties. In a time when single mothers and independent women were almost unheard of, only her resilient spirit kept her alive. But on this day, John wouldn’t be the only thing she had lost. Today, she would lose their babies as well… At least five others from Isabella’s small, countryside community of Brush Creek Township joined her in the Courtroom. There was James Love; Joseph D. Holmes; bachelor brothers, Matt and John Russell; and their cousin, Robert Russell. Natives of Ireland, Matt and John were nephews of the late pioneer Matthew Russell, who passed away in 1830.

22. A L E X I S C H A T E A U L L C P a g e | 22 Having migrated from Pennsylvania shortly after 1800, Matthew, his wife, Susannah, and their children were among the very first settlers in Brush Creek Township. Matthew was a native of County Tyrone, which was the homeland of John and Isabella. His family had also settled in lands all over the Brush Creek valley. Thus, John and Isabella had developed a strong bond with the Russell family; especially with Matt, John, Arthur and Sarah, who were close in age with the Hustons. While in court, Isabella was likely asked the name and ages of her children. This must have felt like pouring salt in the wound. Little did she know the one thing that might have given her some small comfort. The Rusells’ friendship would soon turn them to kin when her son married Sarah Russel’s daughter in 1853. Recorded in the Jefferson County, Ohio Common Pleas Journal H, page 327, Sept. 1836. --------------------------------- Original Text If I could peek through a crack in the ceiling of the Steubenville courtroom in September of 1836, what might I see and hear? Wall sconces glowing with flickering light. Men in dark tail coats, linen shirts, doubled-breasted vests, and pantaloons. Every stitch hand-sewn by a woman. Women in long full dresses, capelets, and bonnets. Every stitch hand-sewn by a woman. Insects buzzing in and out of open windows. The clip-clop of horse hooves on the streets outside. Birds chirping in early autumn trees. Whispers of men and women waiting for court to be called into session. This might be the first time Isabella Huston had ever seen the inside of a courtroom. On this day, decisions made by the common pleas judge could alter her life, including the selection of guardians for her two young children. As if life hadn't been cruel enough to this young lady - so far away from home! Just another hurdle to

23. A L E X I S C H A T E A U L L C P a g e | 23 jump. Another hill to climb. Another smack in the face to further toughen her resilient spirit! It all started over two years ago following the death of her ambitious 35-year-old husband, John Huston. So many more goals they planned to achieve! So quickly they had moved along -- working hard to make once-impossible dreams come true! Then, in a blink of an eye he was gone! She was left to manage the farm, the babies, the hunting, the house. . .everything. . .on her own! How heartbreaking it must have been! And John wasn't all she lost! How much can a woman's heart be called upon to bear? At least five others from Isabella's rural community of Brush Creek Township joined her in the courtroom. James Love, Joseph D. Holmes, bachelor brothers Matt and John Russell, and their cousin, Robert Russell, were all in attendance. Matt and John were natives of Ireland and nephews of the late pioneer Matthew Russell, who died in 1830. Matthew, his wife, Susannah, and their children were among the very first settlers of Brush Creek Township, having migrated from Pennsylvania shortly after 1800. He was also a native of County Tyrone - John and Isabella's homeland. He had family living in land sections all over the Brush Creek valley. John and Isabella had obviously grown close to the large Russell family, particularly Matt and John and Arthur and Sarah, who were all close in age with the Huston's. Yet, Isabella would have no idea at this time that they would one day be kin, when her son married Arthur and Sarah Russell's daughter in 1853. While court was in session, Isabella was likely asked the names and ages of her children. Recorded in the Jefferson County, Ohio Common Pleas Journal H, page 327, Sept. 1836:

24. A L E X I S C H A T E A U L L C P a g e | 24 HIGHLIGHTS Halfway through an 18-hour long road trip, we learned that the article our founder penned the night before, had become an Editor’s pick on WordPress. This opportunity doubled the following on her blog in a month. The article is still her most successful piece to date. It was later chosen as one of the Best Articles of 2016 by WordPress Editors.

25. A L E X I S C H A T E A U L L C P a g e | 25 Each month, our founder and main content developer trends in several topics on Quora, including:  Jamaica  Travel blogging  Freelancing  Blogging platforms  Mobile applications

26. A L E X I S C H A T E A U L L C P a g e | 26 Over 1 million views on Quora and still going. Our founder’s answers and blog posts average more than 40,000 views each month.

27. A L E X I S C H A T E A U L L C P a g e | 27 Mar 18, 20163:00pm

28. A L E X I S C H A T E A U L L C P a g e | 28 Thank you for checking out our portfolio. For more work samples, send an email to: We hope to hear from you soon! EMAIL | WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER

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