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Published on March 21, 2014

Author: FrankCouto



Articles in English There are only three articles in English: a , an and the. Besides the usage of those three ones we have to be aware of the use of no article ( ).ᴓ

Indefinite articles They are a and an. They are used before singular count nouns or adjective + count nouns; “an” is used for nouns that begin with vowel sond. Remember that “h” and “u” can be tricky. Ex: an hour and a university. * The use of “a” and “an” is determined by the sound not the spelling.

Indefinite articles Words beginning with h or u depend on the beginning sound: a hat a university an hour an umbrella

Definite article We use “the” when we are talking about something specific; When the speaker and the listener are talking about the same specific item; For the second and all other references to the same noun; With the superlative form of an adjective;

Definite article For the name of countries that look plural, ending in -s or with the words united, union, republic or kingdom; Parts of something (except for body parts); Most bodies of water (except individual lakes); With geographic parts of the globe and geographic areas, deserts and peninsulas.

No articles • Before plural and noncountable nouns when talking about things in general: “I like potatoes.” / “Milk is good for you.” • Before countries, towns, streets, languages, magazines, meals, airports, stations, and mountains: “I had dinner with John.” / I bought Cosmopolitan at South Station.” • Before some places and some forms of transport (at home, at/to school, at/to work, in/to bed, by bus, by train, by car, by plane, on foot): “She goes to work by bus.” / “I was at home last night.” • In exclamations with what + a noncount noun:

Common ELL mistakes No use of a singular count noun without an article (or other determiner) Example: job instead of a job Use of a with a noun that begins with a vowel sound Example: a heir instead of an heir No use of the with a plural count noun that refers to the whole category Example: I dont trust politicians. Not I don’t trust the politicians.

Common ELL mistakes • Use of the with with abstract nouns and ideas. Example: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein Not The imagination is more important than the knowledge.

Common mistakes Portuguese native speakers make The definite article is used for specific things as in English, but it is also used when referring to the whole group . The definite article must be used with abstract nouns. Unlike English, Portuguese has singular and plural forms of their indefinite and definite articles.

Now, let’s practice the correct use of the articles.

Correct statement: 1. I’m going to mall. Would you like anything? the

Correct the statement: 2. My brother’s architect in big company in London. an a

Correct the statement: 4. I bought pair of sunglasses on Main Street. a

Correct the statement: 3. Tokyo is capital city in Japan. the

Correct the statement: 5. I live in small town in mountains in Canada. a the

Correct the statement: 6. What beautiful new coat you’re wearing! a

Correct the statement: 7. I’m reading interesting book at the moment. an

Watch the video and complete the sentences with articles: 1.____ commercial is about ____ brand of beer. 2.In ____ scene, there is ____ girl and ____ man, who is drinking ____ beer. 3.They are in ____ bar. ____ bar is empty. 4.At ___ end of ____ commercial, ____ man calls ____ waiter because ____ beer was over. The a the a x a / the a a The thethe the the

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