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Published on January 17, 2008

Author: Donato


About Alexander von Humboldt:  About Alexander von Humboldt Who was he really? Biography His most important disovery trip Details abd stops about that trip His second big trip Pictures Who was Alexander von Humboldt:  Who was Alexander von Humboldt Alexander von Humboldt was a famous researcher. He was interested in nature and nature science. He discovered plants, butterflies, rocks mountains and rivers. And he wanted to discover it by hisself. That’s why he made big and interesting journeys. Biography:  Biography He was born at 14th September 1769 in Berlin. Growed up in the castle Tegel, in Berlin. He went to Frankfurt an der Oder,Göttingen, Hamburg and Freiberg to study. In 1792 he was called as a beamter im preussischen bergamt. There he erfunden a new lamp for forrest people,which doesn’t swicht off too easily. In 1799 he started his big journey through Latin America, from which he just returns in 1804 After that he started to live in Paris and wrote many books about his journey In 1827 he returned to Berlin and got famous for his Cosmo lectures In 1829 he started his second big dicovery trip to Siberia and Russia During the revolution in 1848 he tried to intercede between public and king-without success At 6th of May in 1859 he died Alexander von Humboldt was never married but he had a famous brother, Wilhelm von Humboldt . His trip through Latin America:  His trip through Latin America he started the journey in 1799 and it lasted until 1804 in his trip he explored at first the languages of the original people he also explored flying fishes, butterflies and mountains and rivers. some mountains still have there name by Alexander von Humboldt Venezuela:  Venezuela In Venezuela he explored birds, crocodiles, electric eels, apes, botany and human rights and slavery. Cuba:  Cuba He made that map about the island Cuba. He also has been very interested in getting to know the different cultures in Kuba which he saw at the suggar plantations. Also he understand the economy of Cuba very well for example that the tobacco industry will be increasing. Colombia:  Colombia In Colombia he researched a lot in botany. Also he was shipping 40 days on the Rio Magdalena, and made a map about the river. And he was in El Dorado. Ecuador:  Ecuador Inca culture the 3500 m high ”Ingapinrca ” is the incaruin with in best condition in Ecuador. Humboldt explored the ruin and some inca games but he didn’t find out what the meaning of it was. Botany Humboldt made this picture in Guayaquil and it is now in the Museo Nacional de Bogotá. It s going to be the preliminary study for his big work about geography of plants in tropical countries. Volcanos Humboldt climbed volcanos. He took a really big risk because in that times they didn’t have any mountaineering equipment. Peru:  Peru He measured the temperature of Humboldtstrom. And thats why it was named by him! He made a quite long stop in Lima, the capital of Peru. He also researched the Andean Condor which is now the biggest bird with a wingspan of about 3 meters. Mexico:  Mexico In this country were important the Amrerican Indians, the ”Azteken”, mining industry, volcanos and minerals. USA:  USA Philadelphia Washington Before Alexander and his crew arrived in Philadelphia he got into a big, seven-days-long storm. After he arrived he spent about 3 weeks in Washington with the president -Thomas Jefferson . The Siberian- Russia trip:  The Siberian- Russia trip The trip to Siberia-Russia started at 12th of April in 1829 and ended at 28th of December in the same year. Nikolas I of Russia (1796- 1855) invited Alexander to come to a expedition to Russia and he would finance it. So Alexander took the chance. It was a great correspondance for the Latin America trip. He researched the minerals in Ural, Altai and Miass and also their gemstones. Pictures and maps about Humboldt’s trip:  One of many schools in Germany which is named Alexander von Humboldt Gymnasium. Pictures and maps about Humboldt’s trip

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