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Published on March 1, 2014

Author: GoGetChitter



GetChitter levers second stage premiums. Our little "stage zero premium" makes marketing sense.

How To Do What GetChitter dot com Does, Without Having to Hire GetChitter

Goal • My goal = Using second stage premiums that work with your existing systems. • You only pay for incremental business.

PROBLEM • Right now, we have a waitlist of clients. • This deck is our solution so you can do what we do without having to pay us

WHAT DOES LARRY CHIANG DO • Define really specific issues. • This is what the eff G-e-t-C-h-i-t-t-e-r does. It orchestrates what is already out there. You don't need to drive an app download. Just use a hashtag with an DM and later an email.

• GetChitter levers “Second stage premiums”. • Technically majority of practice is: “First. Stage. Premiums.”

What You Do and Might Do • The “pre-First stage premium” in house. • Plot spoiler: it is mentorship marketing

What Problem You Have • Our little “Stage Zero Premium” makes marketing sense • It is similar to a zero day hack • It levers the environment like “We are here at SXSW and hungry for pizza

Solved Patch Like Quilt • Intrapreneurship is defined as our attempting to do great work with little resources • Good work happens despite management’s efforts.

What Problem You Have

Funny Slide • My business card is a call to action – <picture>

Open Source Blogged Sauce • Quilt DJ up two API’s an API is using another company’s resources using an “Application Protocol Interface”. • There are five great free ones. • engineer up your lead gen algorithm

More technical talk to make us seem expert. • Hahaaa, this is all old technology. An API is over 10 years old! • Our favorite slogan, “A second stage premium comes after the first and way before the Zero Stage Premium (no ™!)

100% Affiliate • Stanford University trusts me so hire one of our student teams. • They keep 100% of what you pay them. The class I taught was ENGR 145. • GetChitter is a sequel business to IMG

Testimonial • I'm going to let you Google, "GetChitter Testimonial" • Note: they are somewhat bribed into doing this because we #LCRRM.

Contact Info • Reach out via a Twitter message or via our hashtag, #GoGetChitter • Seriously, that is the only way to reach me, “Larry Chiang”

Contact Info • JK, • Reach out via text I am 650-283-8008 • Thx and I will answer your text after you tweet at me at #GoGetChitter (plus u can test how fast I am/we are F-A-S-T!)

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