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Published on December 5, 2013

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SECTS: At the Architecture

SECTS @ AA 1st year alex haw - atmos 16 10 . 09

In June America’s Departments of Justice and Homeland Security and a grouping of American police chiefs released the “Suspicious Activity Report—Support and Implementation Project”. Inspired in part by the approach of the Los Angeles Police Department, it urges police to question people who, among other things, use binoculars, count footsteps, take notes, draw diagrams, change appearance, speak with security staff, and photograph objects “with no apparent aesthetic value.”

P300 "Brain Fingerprinting": A Very Freaky Future Indeed We may not be far away from the thoughtcrime described in 1984. “Apparently, your brain creates a very specific electrical brain response, known as P300, when one is presented with information that is already contained in one’s mind. If you recognize the information (i.e., it is familiar to you), you will have a P300 response. There is no way to avoid this; it is a biological/electrical stimulus response event. Sort of like a lie detector, only (reportedly) always accurate. P300 is already being used in court as admissible evidence by both defense and prosecuting attorneys.” On March 5, 2001 Pottawattamie County, Iowa District Court Judge Tim O'Grady ruled that Brain Fingerprinting® testing is admissible in court.

Hsinchun Chen, head of the Artificial Intelligence Lab at the University of Arizona says “sentiment analysis”, which he performs for American and international intelligence agencies, is an emerging and booming field. The goal is to identify changes in the behaviour and language of internet users that could indicate that angry young men are becoming potential suicide-bombers. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a lobby, says the list maintained by the Terrorist Screening Centre at the FBI now has more than 900,000 names, with 20,000 more every month. Abdul Bakier, a former official in Jordan’s General Intelligence Department, says that tips to foil data-mining systems are discussed at length on some extremist online forums. Tricks such as calling phone-sex hotlines can help make a profile less suspicious.

“Meat tagged in readiness for crime surge” 20 October 08 Alan Hyder “Retailers preparing for a rapid rise in crime due to the credit crunch are placing electronic tags on expensive cuts of meat.”

COTS Dust GOALS: • Create a network of sensors • Explore system design issues • Provide a platform to test Dust components • Use off the shelf components

COTS Dust - RF Motes – Atmel Microprocessor – RF Monolithics transceiver • 916MHz, ~20m range, 4800 bps – 1 week fully active, 2 yr @1% N W E S 2 Axis Magnetic Sensor 2 Axis Accelerometer Light Intensity Sensor Humidity Sensor Pressure Sensor Temperature Sensor

1 Mbps CMOS imaging receiver 10mW, 1mrad Optical Filter Collection Lens 64x64 CMOS Imager 10cm 5mm 200m Photosensor CRC Check SIPO Shift Local Bus Driver Register 2 km Field of View of Single Pixel Signal Processing A/D Conversion Off Chip Bus Driver Pixel Array

2D beam scanning AR coated dome lens Steering Mirror laser CMOS ASIC

Dust Delivery • Floaters • Autorotators – solar cells • Rockets – thermopiles MOTE • MAVs

CamScape @ your computer

CCLTV @ Euston & Marylebone Road

SeeCTV v.1 @ British Film Institute , South Bank

SpaceBook : domestic optical networking @ The Milan Triennale

Hurry Up Please IT’S TIME @ Big Chill House / Roxy Bar & Screen

Lumiskin @ ISEA 09, Belfast

LightHive @ the Architectural Association / the Light Forum

LightFall @ the Cutty Sark DLR

The Dezzzk @ your office , anywhere in the world ( courtesy Bene )

Work / Space / Ply / Time @ London Design Week / Hong Kong – Shenzhen Biennale

WingScape @ various locations throughout Yorkshire

Tidal Bridge @ Upper Thames Street, London

Incel @ DAM & Deutsche Borse , Frankfurt

Sunlands @ Middle Dock , Canary Wharf

Sunlands @ Middle Dock , Canary Wharf

“When two Englishmen meet, they first talk about weather” Samuel Johnson, British lexicographer and literary critic, The Idler, 1758

John Constable Cloud Study 1822 Oil on paper laid on board 12 x 19 1/4 in (30.5 x 49 cm) Courtauld Institute Galleries, London

Joseph Mallord William Turner Rain, Steam and Speed c. 1844 Oil on canvas 35 3/4 x 48 in. (90.8 x 121.9 cm) National Gallery, London

“Ut nubes facile inter dum concrescere in alto cernimus [...] nam saepe Gigantum ora volare videntur” Lucretius, De Rerum Natura, IV

A brief history of monuments

2500 B.C. / Pyramids 1890 A.D. / Steel Era 2012 A.D. / The Cloud / Lifting Humanity

1851 A.D. / Crystal Palace 2008 A.D. / Beijing Olympic Stadium 2012 A.D. / The Cloud / Lifting Humanity

People on the centre stage

Everyday Olympians!

People – the experience

Classification of Air Port City xx

Tomas Saraceno – Cumulus – Barbican, London, 2005

Tomas Saraceno – Cumulus – Barbican, London, 2005

Tomas Saraceno – Sunny Day, Air Port City

Tomas Saraceno – Villa Manin, Centre for Contemporary Art, Italy, 2005

Tomas Saraceno - Sudeley Castle Reconstruction 1, Winchcombe, UK, 2006

Cloud ecology Hot air Inflated sphere Photovoltaic sphere Inhabitable sphere Pedestrian membrane

Cloudraising – everyone has a stake “It’s not enough to have a bumper sticker. We want you to give 5 dollars, make some calls, host an event. If you look at the messages we send to people over time, there’s a presumption that they will organise” Joe Rospars, Obama’s new media director

1 pound = 1 pixel

Your picture on the cloud

Reaching out to the world

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