Alessandro Calastri - Important Job Skills for Successful Hospitality

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Information about Alessandro Calastri - Important Job Skills for Successful Hospitality

Published on November 23, 2017

Author: AlessandroCalastri


slide 1: Alessandro Calastri Important Job Skills for Successful Hospitality Employees slide 2: Alessandro Calastri Alessandro Calastri is a successful hospitality professional in New York. Mr. Calastri didnt begin his career in the food industry but rather worked at an international brokerage firm in New York City. After sitting behind a computer for a year he knew something needed to change "Im a people person and I wanted to be in an environment where I could engage with people more “he explains. “I was always told that my personality was best suited for the hospitality world.” He reached out to his uncle who helped him secure a job at an upscale French restaurant. slide 3: Alessandro Calastri Working in the hospitality industry has its own set of challenges and takes specific skills to be successful. To stand out from the crowd potential employees need to possess the following skills. They must be able to make positive connections with guests clients vendors and other employees. You have to be skilled in building relationships vendor management guest relations team leadership and client management. slide 4: Alessandro Calastri Being able to multitask is critical in the hospitality industry. Successful hospitality employees can handle the fast-paced varied work duties that are a part of the job. This means you must be organized have exceptional time management skills and be able to adapt quickly to changing situations. It is critical in hospitality that you have an attention to detail. This allows you to excel at creating an extraordinary experience for guests which is the basis of the industry. slide 5: Alessandro Calastri Both language skills and computer skills are areas of technical expertise that will help you stand out from the crowd. Any training that you have received at a previous job or specific programs that you are adept at will go a long way with your career search. If you’re looking to land a job in the hospitality industry like Alessandro Calastri following these tips can help you stand out from the competition. slide 6: Visit other links for Alessandro Calastri slide 7: Alessandro Calastri

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