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Published on June 17, 2018

Author: anildhasal


Slide 1: TO OLD NEW In Changing Scenario ALERT for Entrepreneurs Slide 2: ALERT for Small Scale Entrepreneurs To Achieve Goal… Slide 3: Our Goal :To become c ash rich Key precautions are necessary .. To convert dream into vision.. Slide 4: To convert vision in to reality wheels need to rotate. Now, coming to Small Scale Entrepreneur Let us see in general how the business starts… Vision is dream with action and alert… Slide 5: An entrepreneur struggle to bring together M oney M achine M anpower M aterial Then set the M ethod To satisfy, retain the Customer … Catalyst Slide 6: Up to these stage, some how, An Entrepreneurship start, by overcoming hurdles.. Game starts from this point & continue… Here onward need the ALERT … THIS IS A PROVEN WAY Slide 7: Focus on quality & not on profit.. This help to sustain & grow. ALERT 1… Q Slide 8: This help to retain good employee.. Set a practices, Rule :- Same for all Roll :- Different for individuals Alert 2… Never assign one task to multiples Assign multiple task to one ! Slide 9: Never Rely on one customer This avoid sudden shock When business is on right track with current customer, This is high time to search for new Never Rely on one product ALERT 3… Slide 10: Most important part of business is Finance & Cash flow. What is Cash Flow ? The total amount of money being transferred into and out of a business. Never siphon money from business for other purpose ALERT 4… Slide 11: More about CASH FLOW… CASH FLOW FINANCE BUSINESS PROFIT OPERATION & TAXATION INTEREST REPAYMENT Slide 12: CASH FLOW FINANCE BUSINESS PROFIT OPERATION & TAXATION INTEREST REPAYMENT For sustenance of business profit shall be the last Priority ALERT 5… Slide 13: If we fail to manage cash flow, then there are chances of Financial crunch & this crunch is harmful for business as well for your health ALERT 6 … Slide 14: ALERT 7… Monitor PROFIT &not on TURNOVER If you ask an entrepreneur , How is business ? He will reply , yes my turnover is increased. Every time Increase in turnover, need not mean increase in profit. Slide 15: ALERT 8… Prepare & Monitor Monthly SPMIS SPMIS = S ingle P age M anagement I nformation S ystem Do You know How to Prepare SPMIS What is SPMIS ? Slide 16: ALERT … Typical SPMIS sheet As name Indicate it is Single Page It is a Dashboard of your business position Sr. No. Expense Head Amount 1 Raw Material Consumed 2 Salary 3 Finance Cost for borrowing 4 Tooling Purchase 5 Power Bill 6 Taxes 7 Labor for Outsourced Process Total Try to cover almost all expenses Deduct this total from your all sales This is very simplest method … Slide 17: ALERT 9 One thing I noted, Almost all commercial communication Between Entrepreneur & supplier are “ORAL” The oral communication is treated As “communication between two person”. Where as written communication is treated as Communication between two organization and as a contract. Bring maximum contracts in written form . Ask for email for commercial conversation Whether Sale or Purchase He also act on ORAL instruction from customer Slide 18: ALERT 10 Remember , Documentation is backbone of business Slide 19: Best Wishes & Best Luck to Become CASH RICH Slide 20: This is a very brief Introduction about ALERT… For details: Contact 9686 456 217 Suggestion: Read the Book : “Made In Japan”

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