Aldehyde glycosides

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Information about Aldehyde glycosides

Published on February 15, 2014

Author: drfateha


ALDEHYDE GLYCOSIDES: ALDEHYDE GLYCOSIDES Naureen Shehzadi Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy, Superior University VANILLA: VANILLA Botanical source Vanilla fragrans Family Orchidaceae Part used Fully grown and unripe fruits Constituents Vanilloside (Gluco-vanilin) Gluco-vanilic acid Uses Flavoring agent Perfuming agent Cultivation and collection of Vanilloside : Cultivation and collection of Vanilloside The plants are perennial , climbing , dioecious epiphytes attached to the trunks of trees by means of aerial rootelts . The plant is cultivated by means of cutting and after 2-3 years, the plant reaches the flowering stage. The flowers (approx. 30 on each plant) are hand pollinated and this results in production of larger and better fruits The fruits are collected as they ripen to yellow color i.e. 6-10 months after pollination. Fruits, after collection, are cured PowerPoint Presentation: Curing of vanilla fruit is done by dipping them in the warm water and repeated sweating between woolen blankets in the sun during the day and packing in the wool-covered boxes at night . The characteristic color and odor of the commercial drug are developed only as a result of enzyme during curing. Curing consists of slow drying in the sheds with carefully regulated temperatures and this may take up to 2 months during which pods loss about 70-80% of their original weight and take on the characteristic color and odor of the commercial drug. Pods are then graded, tied into bundles and sealed in tin containers for shipments. Chemical constituents : Chemical constituents Before curing After curing Gluco-vanillin Glucose Vanillin Gluco-vanilic alcohol Glucose Vanillic alcohol Vanillic alcohol is converted to Vanillic aldehyde (Vanillin) due to oxidation Curing takes place due to action of oxidizing and hydrolyzing enzymes that occur in every part of the plants Curing : Curing Curing : Curing

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