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Information about Alcoholic Beverages

Published on January 30, 2009

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Alcoholic beverages are made by two different processes: Fermentation Distillation



The chemical reaction of yeast on sugars FERMENTATION


Most beers are made from barley malt. Ground up malt is added to water to make mash. Two mashes are added together along with a flavoring called hops, and they begin to ferment it. The fermentation will last for several weeks. The average beer is somewhere between 2 and 6 percent alcohol. BEER VIEW PRESENTATION ON BEERS

Wine is traditionally made from grapes, but can also be made from a variety of other fruits. In order to make wine, the fruit is crushed and its juices fermented. Most wines age for four years or more and contain anywhere from 7 to 24 percent alcohol. WINE VIEW PRESENTATION ON WINES

Sake is a Japanese drink made from their main crop, rice. SAKE

The process in which alcohol is separated from mash or fermented juices by heating it resulting in evaporation of the vapors of alcohol which are then collected and cooled to liquid form. This happen because alcohol boils at 78.3 degree Celsius . DISTILLATION


WHISKEY Whiskey is a distilled beverage made from fermented barley, corn, or rye mash and the product is aged in wooden casks . During maturation the drink gets its amber color. The types of whiskeys are: Scotch Irish Canadian American Indian Whiskeys are 40 to 50 percent alcohol. VIEW PRESENTATION ON WHISKEYS

Vodka is distilled from barley, corn, rye, wheat or even potatoes. This clear drink is tasteless and odorless and has its origin in Russia. Vodka is usually mixed with orange juice, tonic water, or another variety of beverages. VODKA VIEW PRESENTATION ON VODKA

Liqueurs are made by using plant parts to flavor Spirits. Cordials, or liqueurs, most contain at least 2.5% sugar and are often flavored like apricot, blackberry, cherry, chocolate, peach, and peppermint. They come in a colorful variety. LIQUEURS VIEW PRESENTATION ON LIQUEURS

Gin is a spirit flavoured with juniper berries. GIN VIEW PRESENTATION ON GIN

Rum is distilled from the byproduct of the sugar industry , molasses by a process of fermentation and distillation. The resulting liquid is then usually aged in the oak casks. Rum basically is of three types: Light Rum Golden Rum Dark Rum RUM VIEW PRESENTATION ON RUM

Brandy is a distilled version of wine. It is made from fermented fruit juices. Flavored brandies are named after the fruit used to flavor it. BRANDY VIEW PRESENTATION ON BRANDY

Tequila originates from Mexico and is made from a agave plant. TEQUILA VIEW PRESENTATION ON TEQUILA

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