Alcohol swab first aid kits to clean wounded areas

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Information about Alcohol swab first aid kits to clean wounded areas

Published on November 5, 2016

Author: Sara-Healthcare


1. Alcohol Swab First Aid Kits to Clean Wounded Areas An Alcohol swab is a gauze pad that has been immersed with liquor. It is an emergency treatment pack, as it cleans and sanitizes cuts and scratches. These swabs are additionally utilized as a part of doctor's office, clinics, hospitals and medical institution to clean the skin before an injection is given or blood is drawn. The ​alcohol swap​ frees the skin and different surfaces of potential sources of contamination. Top notch swabs are accessible from numerous sources. They are used by nurses, doctors and caretakers to clean an infected area just before giving an injection, or to clean an injury, get out pus. The swabs come prepackaged in small, foil pouches, guaranteeing the alcohol doesn't dissipate and the alcohol swab is prepared for utilizing when it is required. The packaged is tore open, the swab is expelled and utilized, and after that, both the package and the alcohol swab are disposed of. ​Alcohol swabs​ are ordinarily found in medical aid units, particularly commercially distributed kits. Sara Healthcare is a fast growing company in the field of Alcohol Swab Suppliers, Manufacturer and Exporter in India. The company is actively involved in manufacturing the medical, surgical and diagnostic product in India. These offered medical products are used widely in hospitals, clinics, and medical institutions to improve the health of the sick people. The other products include, Nebulizer, Face Mask, Pregnancy test Cassette, Hot Water Bottle and more. We are a renowned company registered with railways, DGAFMS, PGI Chandigarh and Rohtak. We supply to a various government department and other well-known hospitals. Sara Healthcare: T: +91-11-45621252-53-54 and Customer Care No. :- +91- 9211500055

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