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Published on November 29, 2007

Author: Felipe


How to start a Teleworking Project ? Alcatel Belgium teleworking case:  How to start a Teleworking Project ? Alcatel Belgium teleworking case Tru Lefevere Director Corporate Communication Agenda:  Agenda Alcatel overview How to start a teleworking project :Alcatel Belgium case Conclusions Alcatel overview:  Alcatel overview Alcatel’s Mission:  …enabling any type of content to be delivered to any type of customer anywhere in the world Alcatel’s Mission Our Positioning:  Our Positioning 2001 Facts and Figures:  99,000 employees with over 22,000 engineers active in 130 countries 25.4 Billion euros in sales 11.3% invested in R&D 2001 Facts and Figures How to start a Teleworking Project ? Alcatel Belgium teleworking case:  How to start a Teleworking Project ? Alcatel Belgium teleworking case Overview:  Overview Motivation to start with teleworking Taskforce Communication Pilot project 2000 Telework : Advantages Telework : Disadvantages and pitfalls Motivation (1):  Motivation (1) Drivers to start Fast economical changes require a flexible attitude towards the market Focus on customer service Shortage of highly skilled people Appropriate IT and communication technology The knowledge society as a society of individuals Motivation (2):  Motivation (2) Drivers to start (continued) Need for a balance between personal values and company goals Increasing mobility problems Demands from the ‘floor’ Small-scale experiments with telework in different departments throughout the company Taskforce:  Taskforce Objective : to obtain a triple win situation (for the employer, the employee and the environment) Support of top management 4 taskforces : IT HRM Communication Management Committee History:  History 1996: Alcatel Telelab project, out of a technical and economical concern As of 1996 onwards: first individual projects from satellite offices (Gent-Geel), initiated by several departments. Later on also from home office 1999-2000: formalised and integrated into the HR policy (as part of retention policy) 2000: launch of a formal teleworking program, proceeded by an internal survey and a clear management charter resulting from the survey Communication June 2000:  Communication June 2000 Survey : not mandatory but interesting for statistics & comparison in time “Kaderinfo”: Promote teleworking at home and in satellite offices - Target : 1000 tele(home)workers by the end of 2001 Memo to BD Managers : Give priority list of co-workers - Foresee IT budget 2001 Intranet website Telework Pilot project 2000:  Pilot project 2000 Who (250 in 2000 - 1000 in 2001) Priority list drawn up by business divisions, based on the following criteria Suitable job, organisation, output measurement, personality, distance office-home, already user of a portable PC, RAS connection… ADSL is not mandatory to start teleworking, but highly desirable and today mandatory Pilot project 2000:  Pilot project 2000 Mandatory Trust On a voluntary basis Clear agreement Shared agenda Accessibility Meeting appointments, ... Pilot project 2000:  Pilot project 2000 Equipment provided by Alcatel Portable PC with docking station RAS connection ADSL modem GSM Expenses paid by Alcatel IT and communication-infrastructure ADSL subscription professional communication costs Pilot project 2000:  Pilot project 2000 Solve Time registration problem Insurance Work accident Civil liability Additional benefits : the same Transport compensation : none on a home working day Pilot project 2000:  Pilot project 2000 Training & Development Training Leadership in a teleworking environment + Q&A on the practicalities of teleworking : ongoing Management by objectives Teleworker : supporting courses and seminars for work organisation Workshop : learning from experience Telework : Advantages:  Telework : Advantages For the employer Flexibility Higher productivity, increased motivation Economy of office space Attraction and retention of experienced employees Recruitment area  Positive repercussion on the environment For the employee Increased Q of life as a result of a better work-life balance Increased efficiency and job satisfaction Avoiding traffic jams Flexibility More leisure time Telework : disadvantages and pitfalls:  Telework : disadvantages and pitfalls For the employer Management of the team Cost perception Identification with the company Safety of the company data Knowledge sharing For the employee Social isolation Lack of promotion Household & children  illusion Identification with the company Grey zone between working time and personal time Status February 2002:  Status February 2002 800 ADSL home workers (= 1/4 of total Alcatel Bell population) Additional other teleworkers (satellite-offices + nomade): satellite offices in Geel, Gent, Mechelen, Zaventem and Edegem: in total 107 (90% in Geel and Gent) Internal survey September 2001 : importance of continuous evaluation and confirmation of success of the program. Conclusions:  Conclusions Lessons learned :  Essential decision making information needed before starting : Analysis of cost versus benefits (included benefits of non-tangible issues as job satisfaction and quality of life, ...) Open and continuous communication to all parties involved Part of global HR Strategy On a volunteering base Lessons learned Lessons Learned (cont’d):  Lessons Learned (cont’d) Change in management style needed : from management by presence/control to management by objectives/trust Change in employee behaviour : more responsibility, more result-oriented Training : Management training, time management, Help desk My home-experience = my office experience. Broadband connection is mandatory for efficient teleworking Technology is ready and proven. Lessons Learned (end):  Lessons Learned (end) Set up a teleworking project as a formal program : Positive ROI Condition for desk sharing Not possible without ADSL Training and development as a part of junior management training sessions Conclusion:  An external online survey has been performed in december 2001 amongst Belgian companies to landscape the teleworking situation in Belgium. Major conclusion : big need for information A detailed Belgian website with lots of practical information has been launched, containing : Telework news: trends and market information How-to information: blueprints for telework projects Survey results Case studies Technology overview Conclusion Slide28:  Thank you for your attention

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