Albertosaurus mystery

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Published on March 20, 2014

Author: montessorijc



Power point to teach the lesson on: The Albertosaurus mystery.

Can youfind the differences?

The Albertosaurus Mystery

• Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak. • Listen to your friends. • Speak English. • Keep seated.

What do you think a fossil is?

Where can you find fossils?

Do you think fossils are important today? Why?

Fossil Clues Remains Evidence Skeletons Uncovering Buried Fierce Location • Bonesofa creature • Very aggressive • Place • Toremovethecover from • Anindication • Theresiduous ofsomething • Avery oldskeleton • Tobeunder thesoil • Aconfirmation

1)What doesthetitleof thestorywanttotellyou? 2)Where were thefossilsburiedinthestory? 3)What wasthefamoushuntername? 4)WhywasAlbertosaurusnamedlikethat? 5)What wasthename ofthebonehunter?

6)Whenwas thefirstT-rexfound? 7)HowdoestheauthordescribetheAlbertosaurus? 8)Whatdidthedinosaurseat? 9)Whatwasthename oftheauthor? 10)Whydidtheauthorwritethisstory?

Open the book to page 43 Re-read and answer the questions in your notebook

The Albertosaurus mystery

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