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Published on March 13, 2014


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Informal school in Finland

After School activities Informal School

Short School Days • working life 9 to 5? • What do the children do? • Municipalities and other organizations provide morning and after-school activities for children • Participation is voluntary • fees applied

Pre- and After School Activies • Support education and growing up • Children´s well-being and equality • Many possibilities to attend guided activites in safe place • Law: pre- and after school activies are for 7-8 year olds’, can be provided for older children too

Governmet supports municipalities • When municipalities arrange pre- and after school activities, government support available • Municipalities can buy services from third parties • Municipalities can collect reasonable fees from parents (~50 $ / month) • The monthly fee includes insurance, snack and hobby /craft supplies • During vacation activieties are not offered

Examples • In Tornio, little northern city (24 000 citizens) – You can choose between 1-10 days/mo or the whole month – Open between 12-17 pm – Church offer some activities too

Examples • Helsinki, – Capital of Finland (600 000 inhabitants) – Municipality, organizations, church and private organisations offer after school activies – There are over one hundred After School ”Clubs” arranged by the City of Helsinki Activities take place in the school premises

Also Other Hobbies • Also different art-, culture and sport organizations offer their activities for children in cities and municipalities Sources: www.oph.fi www.tornio.fi www.hel.fi

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