Akshaya Malaviya, ARTC: Examining track and signalling design approach for the Hunter Valley Coal Network Capacity Enhancement program

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Information about Akshaya Malaviya, ARTC: Examining track and signalling design approach...
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Published on March 12, 2014

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Akshaya Malaviya, Engineering Manager Major Projects, ARTC delivered this presentation at the 2013 Heavy Haul Rail conference. The highly anticipated event is the annual meeting place for mining and rail representatives from around the country to discuss all the latest rail projects in the heavy haul sector. For more information about the event, please visit the conference website:

Akshaya Malaviya Engineering Manager Major Projects Hunter Valley ARTC ARTC 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 1

First train on the 3rd track in Area A.B Maitland to Minimbah 3rd Track Project 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 2ARTC

 HV Network Capacity Enhancement Program ◦ ARTC Business Overview ◦ Hunter Valley – Key Customer Expectations ◦ Demand and Capacity ◦ HV Strategy ◦ Projects Delivered ◦ Current Projects ◦ HV Infrastructure Plan ◦ Heavy Haul Guidelines  Broad Design Criteria ◦ Track & Civil ◦ Signalling ◦ ARTC/Industry initiatives  Maitland to Minimbah 3rd Track Project – Case Study ◦ About the project ◦ Design approach – Civil & Signalling ◦ ARTC cost reduction initiatives on the Project ARTC 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 3

ARTC Primarily supports general freight transport Primarily supports coal transportOur Business Network ARTC is a federal Govt owned company leasing HV network from NSW Govt; owns or leases over 10,000 rkm of track. ARTC does not operate trains - charges access fee from train operators for use of ARTC network 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 4

ARTC 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 5

Key customer expectations Minimise ARTC impact on Coal throughput Ensure network capacity stays ahead of the demand Divisional infrastructure supports and remains safe & sustainable, cost effectively, under forecast tonnages ARTC 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 6

Corridor Capacity Strategy Corridor Infrastructure Plan The expectations from the network form the basis of the corridor strategies for infrastructure and projects in the form of: ARTC 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 7

Strategy identifies infrastructure upgrade projects designed to ensure capacity stays ahead of contractual demand 2013-2022 Strategy just released; it’s the seventh edition Coal volumes increased by about 50% in the last five years ARTC 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 8

The Corridor Capacity Strategy identifies projects to be delivered to augment network capacity by way of: Increasing train loads •increase in size of train consists; Increasing speeds at turnouts •use of longer turnouts e.g. 1:18.5 Improving operational flexibility and headways •new crossing loops with simultaneous entry facility; additional tracks Reducing congestion •holding & park up tracks ARTC 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 9

ARTC Additional Tracks •Maitland to Minimbah 3rd Track ($360m) •Minimbah Bank 3rd track ($145m) •Nundah Bank 3rd Track ($95m) •Antiene to Grasstree Duplication ($40m) •St Helliers to Muswellbrook Duplication ($30m) Crossing Loops Ulan •Mangoola, Murrumbo, Baerami, Wollar, Bylong, Radio Hut, Bengalla and Wilpinjog Crossing Loops (≈$15m+ each) •Bylong Loop Extension ($30m) Crossing Loops North •Braefield, Willow Tree, Togar, Murulla, Ardglen, Werris Creek, Koolbury, Burilda, Bells gate, Parkville, Chilcotts Creek, Pages River and Watermark Crossing Loops (≈$15m+ each) Other •Sandgate Separation ($80m) •Maitland – Branxton Bi- Directional Signalling ($45m) •Ulan Line CTC ($15m) •Maitland CBI ($12M) •Drayton Junction Renewal ($20m) •Kooragang island Bypass Re- alignment ($2m) Total investment over a billion dollars 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 10

Drayton Relief Hub ($33m) Whittingham Relief Hub ($42m) Kooragang Island Arrival Roads ($90m) Kooragang Island Departure Roads ($32m) Hexham Relief Roads ($163m) Scone Reconfiguration ($8m) Widden Creek Crossing Loop ($45m) Gunnedah yard upgrade ($15m) Train park up facilities (to be developed, $300m) Prospective volume projects if required ARTC 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 11

The Corridor Infrastructure Plan envisions the corridor requirements to meet forecast coal tonnages, an associated growth in asset base and increased daily train movements. The Plan also takes into account the mixed type of traffic operated on the corridor. The requirements for new infrastructure based on the Infrastructure Plan have been incorporated in what is referred to as Heavy Haul Infrastructure Guidelines (formerly Hunter 200+). ARTC 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 12

•Heavy Haul Guidelines form the basic design framework for the Hunter Valley Major Projects. Guidelines in designs •These guidelines are not intended to replace any ARTC standards but to provide a link between the Heavy Haul requirements of the network and the existing ARTC standards. •The Guidelines requirements are over and above the standards. Standards v Guidelines •Meet operational reliability targets; •Meet infrastructure availability targets; •Achieve prudent capital expenditure; and •Ensure no unnecessary or overly complicated designs. Objectives ARTC 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 13

 ARTC Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. Steve Jobs 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 14

 Track Item Adopted Comments Design axle load and speed (Ports to Ulan) 30 Tonne 60kph loaded 80kph empty Design axle load and speed (Gunnedah basin) 25 Tonne 80kph loaded 80kph empty 30T for new infrastructure Min vertical clearance 5.150m With a design provision to lift any structure to 7.1m Min horizontal clearance 4.3m from track centreline Track centres Min 4.5m Min 7.5m if infrastructure located between the tracks Track 60kg head hardened (HH) Mainline Turnout Type SNX drives with 75kph turnout speed, generally 1 in 18.5 1200R tangential FNX with 50kph turnout speed, generally 1 in 12 or 15 1200R tangential Ports to Ulan (in bearer drives preferred) Gunnedah basin ARTC 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 15

•In accordance with the standards •Superelevation biased for coal traffic as much as possible Track Geometry •200mm capping layer, CBR≥50 •500mm structural fill layer, CBR ≥30 •For subgrade CBR <3 add 500mm structural layer CBR ≥8 •For subgrade CBR >20 install 400mm capping only. Formation/subgrade •Cut and fill batters to be designed with a long term Factor of Safety ≥1.5. •Drainage - generally designed for 50yr ARI, sometimes 100yr ARI •For drainage blanket exiting into a cess - a min 20 year ARI freeboard Earthworks and drainage •Generally in accordance with the standards for 350LA rail loading. •Underbridges to have ballasted track decking system. •Overbridges to be single span over the rail tracks including any access roads. Structures ARTC 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 16

•For 3 or more tracks continuous both Up and Down sides •For single or double track continuous on one side •Where cuts or fills are <1.5m at grade access roads •At turnouts min shoulder width 7.5m Access Roads •Grade separation for more than two tracks •Any project impacted level crossing to be upgraded to the required standard. •Active or passive protection based on ALCAM assessment •Private roads crossings – risk assessments drive the requirement Level crossings •All signalling infrastructure is shown on the civil IFC (Issued For Construction) drawings including GPS coordinates. Signalling civil design integration ARTC 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 17

 Crossing loops ◦ Are designed for 1,543m train length from Ports to Ulan and 1,329m train length in Gunnedah basin. ◦ Allowances for signal sighting and loco recovery ◦ Total standing room (CP to CP) - min. 1,634m (Ports to Ulan) and 1,420m (Gunnedah basin). ◦ An additional 300m for “simultaneous entry facility” ARTC 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 18

ARTC The Mantras Maintainability – Minimise exposure of maintainers at track Use low maintenance equipment such as in-bearer point motors Avoid signals on steep rising grades Design for double green headways Minimise GIJ’s, avoid them on curves Heart transplant of relay interlockings to facilitate current/future upgrades 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 19

Item Adopted Comments Interlocking New interlockings – CBI type Train detection Axle counters on points and Jointless track circuits on straight portions Jointless track circuits used to minimise GIJ’s Signalling Four aspect colour light signalling Fourth aspect is a ‘pulsating yellow’ Crossing loops Simultaneous entry facility Headways Generally 8minute max. Ports to Muswellbrook Train control CTC with an OCS system Phoenix Control System Predictive features of equipment Via alarm management systems ARTC 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 20

ARTC There are reviews underway to determine the benefits of various upgrades to the infrastructure 32.5TAL (Tonne Axle Load) for Ports to Ulan 30TAL for Gunnedah basin All new infrastructure to be designed for 30TAL 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 21

•Radio communication links for vital & non-vital •Hybrid interlockings Cost reduction initiatives • Higher axle loads, longer train consists • Train park up strategy • Relief roads Operational initiatives • Network Control Optimisation • Split point detection, Cooperative sweep release for axle counters, Emergency power operation of points Technological initiatives ARTC 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 22

ARTC Network control optimsation •ARTC intends to investigate options for a decision support system integrated into network control system Split point detection •Maintain signalling on the other track when one side of a crossover is under maintenance Emergency power operation of points •In point failure situations, manual operation using push buttons instead of crank handles Cooperative sweep release •Removes the requirement of sweep by trains reducing the reset time significantly These initiatives will help in improving fluency of train operations leading to smoother throughput 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 23

The Project The Maitland to Minimbah Third Track comprised of approximately 22km new track, divided into 2 areas (A.B and C), 10km reconditioning of existing track, 1.5mil m3 earthworks, 6 bridges, 1 station upgrade and Interaction with F3 link project and 53 properties requiring acquisition. The project excludes the 7km between Branxton and Greta stations and 1km from the Farley end. Included re-signalling of existing Up & Down Main from Branxton to Minimbah and significant enabling works. Completion Date: November 2012 ARTC Project cost circa $360m Objective - Minimise maintenance impact and provide 8min headways to ports 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 24

M2M section ARTC Area excluded from the project scope 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 25

 Site visit by Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Federal Member for Hunter Joel Fitzgibbon MP and ARTC Executive GM Alec MacKenzie, 19th July 2011 Official ‘Sod Turning’ by Federal Member for Hunter Joel Fitzgibbon MP and ARTC Executive GM Tim Ryan, 27th May 2011 Heavy Haul Rail 2013ARTC 31/07/2013 26

ARTC 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 27

Area A, B • Lochinvar station upgrade • Drill and blast • 700 000 m3 earthworks • 15 month duration • Commissioning November 2012 • 14km track • Farley to Greta • 3 bridges – Station Lane Overbridge. Lochinvar • Allandale Rd underbridge, Allandale ARTC 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 28

Area C • Drill and blast • 15 month duration • Commissioning August 2012 • 8 km track • Branxton to Minimbah • 800 000 m3 earthworks • 3 bridges • Hermitage rd. Overbridge, Belford, • Black Creek Underbridge • Jump Up Creek Underbridge ARTC 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 29

 Track Centres ◦ Increased from 4.5m (required by standards) to 7.2m to address future maintenance requirements ◦ Increased further to 7.5m for signalling ◦ Gantry option found to be less cost effective. ARTC 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 30

• Level crossings • 2x grade separated • 1x closed • Structures - new bridge works • Reinforced earthwalls, reinforced concrete piers/abutments and precast pre-stressed concrete (PSC) bridge beams ARTC 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 31

• Access Tracks • The width of the access track 6.5m from the centre of the adjacent track to the outside shoulder of the track. • Stations • Lochinvar station was upgraded; Railcorp standards followed; new pedestrian bridge and access ramps constructed; and entry from one side only. ARTC 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 32

 Headways ◦ Combined 8min headways in both directions  Turnout configuration ◦ New track main road, existing Up Main turnout road ARTC 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 33

Signalling New Microloks for Area C, existing ones for Areas A.B New Railcorp fibre route Diverse communication link Commissioning in three stages Signalling designs integrated with civil CSEE track circuits on straight portions, Frausher axle counters on points ARTC 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 34

 General ◦ Safety in design  Workshopping, discussions, independent reviews and independent design verification ◦ Design standards  ARTC, Australian & other applicable standards  ARTC’s Heavy Haul Guidelines ◦ Standards challenged  Track centres 7.2m instead of 4.5m - Accepted  Bridge clearance standard of 7.1m, reduced to 5.15m with provision of lifting structure to 7.1m - Accepted  Formation over & above ARTC standards - Accepted ARTC 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 35

ARTC Farley retaining walls avoided services relocation & major property acquisition Non at grade access on Down side and at some locations on Up side Lochinvar station – access from only one side Continuous beam structure on Black Creek Bridge Scope reduction •Branxton to Greta 3rd track deleted •Terminating the 3rd track short of Wollombi Road •Bridge upgrade & major services relocation avoided •Need for grade separation at Greta avoided Costreductioninitiatives 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 36

ARTC 31/07/2013Heavy Haul Rail 2013 37

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