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Published on January 10, 2008

Author: Viola

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  Pioneers in Indian Departmental Stores Slide2:  Akbarallys How it all began Slide3:  Retailing in India came of with independence in 1947, Colonialism had extended to the tastes of purchasers. The retail trade was dominated by British tastes hence British stores. Freedom also gave free rein to diverse indigenous tastes. Soon, Akbarallys led the way to reviving product categories that were uniquely suited to India’s climate & ethos. Pioneering the countries first Indian Department Store in 1957, located in Mumbai’s prime business district – The Flora Fountain area. Slide4:  Akbarallys was not new to retailing. They had been in the business as far back as 1897 when the brothers Akbarally Ebrahimji & Taherbhai Ebrahimji first setup shop. There were 4 brothers who started with akbarallys. A store whose parent company is Wockhard Pharmaceuticals which is in Bandra-Kurla Complex & sister company is Monginis which has 368 outlets all over India. Slide5:  Though the retail trade was dominated by the British – business was good, thanks to a clear business philosophy of fairness & a long term profit strategy. Thus the Khorakiwala family & Akbarallys built up a reputation that stood them in a good stead when expanding & diversifying later. Slide6:  Principles apart, the store early on recognized the tastes of its customers & served them faithfully. Not only was there quality but the Indian character demanded personalized attention & recognition of local preferences. The average Indian also was a stickler for value : serving these tastes Akbarallys prospered & grew. Slide7:  The opening of the department store in 1957 was entirely in keeping with the strategy of responding to business opportunity. Given its strategic location the flagship of the Akbarallys retail empire flourished while the business district it was located in grew meteorically. The seasonality & variety of produce the Indian penchant for festival gaiety, the increased incidence of unitary families, the population shift to urban areas : particularly Mumbai, were opportunities – Akbarallys took them in its stride & marched on to greater things. Slide8:  With the population densities becoming unviable in downtown Mumbai people began settling outwards to the suburbs, Quick to seize the opportunity Akbarallys followed its clientele & set up 2 more dept-stores in quick succession. Now they could rationalize product sales in consonance with markets in each area. Slide9:  Having straddled Mumbai’s retailing trade, Akbarallys then moved into own branded products. They spearheaded entry into 2 diverse areas – apparel & consumer durables & re-worked their distribution to extend beyond their sores. Slide10:  Meanwhile with concepts like backward integration yet to take hold Akbarallys acquired the Worli Chemical Works way back in 1959. In a country where loan licencing facilities are both available & widely used : Khorakiwala family tok no short-cus & set up what later became Wockharde. With not inly 4 in-house manufacturing but a strong commitment to R&D. Working for long term was the philosophy, it hadn’t, hasn’t changed. Slide11:  In 1963, they started with Furniture in Akbarallys Chembur outlet. They also started a petrol pump with a Supermarket in it at Breech Candy, Napensy Road, Bandra. akbarallys:  akbarallys In Depth Slide13:  VISION “ To personalize attention & recognize local preferences. “ MISSION “ We stock only the Best & Reliable Brands. We recognize the taste of our customers & serve them faithfully. “ Slide14:  BRANCHES Chembur: 14,000 sq.ft. (Singapore architect design) Fort: 8,000 sq.ft. Santacruz: 7,000 sq.ft. Slide15:  NO OF EMPLOYEES 46 Staff members 20 Promoters direct from the company Total employees = 66 FUTURE PLANS Not revealed Slide16:  STORE TIMINGS 10.30am to 8.30pm. During weekdays approximately 500 customers walk in and during weekends nearly 800 to 1,000 customers walk in a day. Slide17:  TURNOVER OF AKBARALLY’S 45 to 50 crores. Out of this, only the Diwali Turnover Goes upto 4 to 5 crores. Slide18:  WHY THEY HAVE CHOOSED SANTACRUZ AS THEIR LOCATION? Santa Cruz is the prime location in the western suburbs They wanted to cover the whole of Mumbai. Also, their main aim is to expand only in Mumbai & not outside. Import Policy:  Import Policy In the beginning 95% of the products were imported & after 1963 they have stopped this imports. The image building trust towards customers is to sell their product at one price & no bargaining. There is no In-house product. Inventory :  Inventory Inventory of the products is prepared from the previous 3 years data. Some products have 30 days inventory. Some have 15 days inventory. Slide21:  ITEMS IN LADIES SECTION Slide22:  ITEMS IN LADIES WEAR Jeans:  Jeans Brands: Nirvana Chimera Price Range : 500Rs. - 1,000Rs. Formals Brand: Chimera Price Range : 450Rs. - 750Rs. T-Shirts:  T-Shirts Brand: Chimera Price Range : 150Rs. - 450Rs. Formal Shirts Brand : Chimera Price Range : 350Rs. - 650Rs. Salwar Kameez:  Salwar Kameez Price Range : 635Rs. - 2,500Rs. Sarees Only Cotton sarees available. Brand: Shree Sarees Price Range : 235Rs. - 1,100+ Rs. Kurta’s:  Kurta’s Brand : Genius Price Range : 575Rs. - 1,295Rs. Purses:  Purses Brand: Images Price Range : 610Rs. - 1,275Rs. Jute bags:  Jute bags Price Range : 55Rs. - 300Rs. Lingeries Price Range : 160Rs. - 600Rs. Slide29:  ITEMS IN KIDS SECTION Stationery:  Stationery Brands: Maped Faber Castle Price Range : 25Rs. - 210Rs. There Are Special Rubbers & Sharpeners worth Rs.25 Each. Books:  Books This section is divided into 3 types : Educational Encyclopedia Story Books Price Range : 20Rs. - 500Rs. Toys:  Toys Soft toys Mini Fridge Ice Cream Maker Small Kitchen Shelf Coffee Maker, etc Price Range : 100Rs. - 1,200Rs. Barbies:  Barbies Wedding Fantasy Mermaid Fantasy Swan Lake , etc. Price Range : 300Rs. & Above Games:  Games GIJOE Leo Explore Star Wars Astraunauts & Adventures , etc. Price Range : 300Rs. & Above Board Games & Puzzles:  Board Games & Puzzles Kaleidoscope Pictionary Scrabble Chess Jigsaw puzzles, etc Price Range : 300Rs. & Above Slide36:  ITEMS IN NOVELTIES SECTION Pens:  Pens Brands : Lami Rudikeller Marquis (Germany) Parker ( 18 karat gold, No machine work) Price Range : 115Rs. - 6,300Rs. Perfumes:  Perfumes Best Selling Brand : Nabeel : Exclusively from Dubai (in all 22 products) Major Selling Brands in Nabeel : Red lips Tender Hearts Black Diamond Slide39:  Other Brands in Nabeel : Hattari Black O Boss Lord Call Me Naughty God Father Attraction Faith & Glamour Slide40:  Other Brands in Perfume : JOVAN : Jovan Musk (most selling) Blue Ego Mike Ego Aspen Price Range : 575Rs. - 775Rs. Slide41:  Adidas : Most Selling Brand in Deo’s & Perfumes Jacques Bogart One Man Show (Highest Selling) Ear Fresh Bogart Price : 850Rs. Slide42:  EVAFLOR: Thai’s (highest selling) Watt Golden whiskey, Desire Price : 600Rs. Slide43:  5. UDV Indira Pergotese Price : 400Rs. - 800Rs. 6. MTV Price : Rs. 90 for deo’s Rs. 250 for perfumes Party Perfumes:  Party Perfumes Brands Kouros: body kouros (2610) Joss Davidoff Burberry (HP) Azzoro Ninaricci Escada Price Range : 475Rs. - 3,700Rs. Jewellery:  Jewellery Diamonds (rings, earings, chains & pendants) Brands Gili 1,500Rs. - 35,000Rs. Sin 1,614Rs. - 30,000Rs. Cygnus 1,700Rs. - 25,000Rs. Slide46:  2. Gold (1 gm) Brand Aaghney : bangles, pendent sets, finger ring, chain, brace lets, nose pins, murties, etc. Price Range : 150Rs. - 2,675Rs. Slide47:  3. Pearls Zaveri pearls (sp. pearls) Price Range : 395Rs. - 600Rs. Slide48:  4. Accessories Brands Oyster bay: earrings, chains, pendants, bracelets Estelle: earrings, sets, chains, pendants, bracelets Price Range : 50Rs. - 2,000Rs.+ Watches:  Watches Timex Fossil Maurice Titan Samsung Price Range : 495Rs. - 7,000Rs. SPECIAL Raymond Renee from Switzerland (Sp. Party watches) Price Range : 8,000 + Rs. Slide50:  Clocks Brand: Woodcraft (titan) Price Range : 295Rs. - 4,000Rs. Comb Brands: Roots Denman Price Range : 125Rs. - 175Rs. Pouches:  Pouches Brand Hexa Price : 170Rs. Gift Items:  Gift Items Showpieces Frames Crystal Pens Murti’s Floating Flowers Flower Pots Alladin Chirag Showpiece Gel Candle with smelling Craft items, etc Slide53:  Crystal Items Tender Hearts Rukmans : from Australia , Italy, Sweden, U.S.A Price Range : 250Rs. - 5,000Rs. Slide54:  3. German Silver Items It includes only Silver Plated showpieces Price Range : 195Rs. - 2,000Rs. Slide55:  4. Calvin Hill Whole set includes Lipsticks, Broaches, Pin, Pen, Perfume, Watch, etc. Price Range : 536Rs. - 2,000Rs. 5. Artificial Flowers Price Range : 105Rs. - 276Rs. Slide56:  Cosmetics Brands: Lakme Revlon Price : 55Rs & Above Slide57:  ITEMS IN MEN’S WEAR SECTION Jeans:  Jeans Most Selling Brand : Texas Other Brands : Newport Price Range : 399Rs. - 900Rs. Handkerchief:  Handkerchief Most Selling Brand : Zodiac Other brands : Century Price Range : 115Rs. - 130Rs. (3 Pieces) Formals:  Formals Most Selling Brand : Blackberry Shapes Other Brands : Sheffied John Players La Italia Price Range : 600Rs. - 1,295Rs. Shirts:  Shirts Most Selling Brand : Sheffied Oxemberg Other Brands : Texas Excalibur La Italia Zodiac Price Range : 395Rs. - 2,100Rs. T-Shirts:  T-Shirts Most Selling Brand : Classic Polo Other Brands : Gitane Fox La Italia Zodiac Price Range : 325Rs. - 750Rs. Caps:  Caps Only one Brand Available PLANET M Price Range : 275Rs. - 295Rs. Socks:  Socks Most Selling Brand : Zodiac Other Brands : Vidhani Jockey Price Range : 54Rs. - 94Rs. Undergarments:  Undergarments Brands : Jockey Chromo so me Crystal Price Range : 64Rs. - 130Rs. Sun glasses:  Sun glasses Only one brand available POLAROID Price Range : 395Rs. - 2,100Rs. Umbrellas:  Umbrellas Brands: Sun Appy Price Range : 100Rs. - 300Rs. Slide69:  This new section has been started since last 3 years. Opening this new Appliance Section in 2001 was entirely in keeping the specialty of Akbarallys. It is very famous for its electrical appliances. Even today it has got many unique and branded products. It mainly deals with international brands. Slide70:  ITEMS MOST SELLING BRAND, OTHER BRANDS & PRICE Slide71:  Most selling brand Concepts Panasonic : Very good after service, Very durable Other brands: Philips : More acceptable to the customers Morphy Richards : Designed by united kingdom. After sales service by bajaj electrical Sumeet : Only local brand as the whole concept was started by them Mixer grinder Juicer mixer :  Juicer mixer Most Selling Brand : Maharaja : Directly from Japan Other brands: National & Philips Juicer cum mixer grinder :  Juicer cum mixer grinder Most Selling brand : Morphy Richards Other brands : Bile’s elegant Maharaja Price Range of all the mixers: 1,000Rs. - 6,500Rs. Food processor :  Food processor Most Selling Brand : Siemens : From Germany & most selling brand Other Brands : Morphy Richards & Inhalsa ( only India Brand) Price Range : 4990Rs. - 11,990Rs. Toaster:  Toaster Most Selling Brand: Morphy Richards Other Brands: Bajaj Tefal & Siemens Boss Blender Brown (now winded up from South Asia) Price Range : 795Rs. - 2800Rs. Exceptional Toaster:  Exceptional Toaster It is designed by MERCEDEZ BENZ & implemented by SIEMENS ( F.A. Porsche) Uniqueness is the electronic systems used & the Physical structure given to the toaster. Price : 6990Rs. Steam Iron:  Steam Iron Most Selling Brand: Morphy Richards Mirage (light wt. iron) Other brands: Bajaj (majesty) Philips Swift Glide Price Range : 1,495Rs. - 3,500Rs. Sandwitch Toaster:  Sandwitch Toaster Most Selling Brand: Siemens ( with Grill & Barbeque) Other Brands: National Philips Bajaj Delonghi Birla Price Range : 5,000Rs. - 7,000Rs. Electric Kettle:  Electric Kettle Most Selling Brand : Siemens Other Brands : National Tefal Optima Bajaj Tiger (Japan) Price Range : 895Rs. - 4500Rs. Electric Cooker:  Electric Cooker Most Selling Brand : National Other Brands : Philips Birla Price Range : 1600Rs. - 3600Rs. Non - Electricals:  Non - Electricals Only one brand available ANJALI Price Range : 60Rs. - 350Rs. Refrigerator:  Refrigerator Most Selling Brand: Siemens Other Brands : Samsung Godrej LG Price Range : With Frost Free : 12,000Rs. & Above Without Frost Free : 6,700Rs. - 12,000Rs. Special Refrigerator:  Special Refrigerator It is designed by a American Company – White Westling House Abbreviated as WWW Price Range : 1,00,000Rs. - 1,30,000Rs. Washing Machine:  Washing Machine Semi-Automatic: Brands available : Samsung & Videocon Price Range : 6,000Rs. - 10,000Rs. Washing Machine:  Washing Machine Fully-Automatic : Most Selling Brand : Siemens Price Range : 28,990Rs. – 31,990Rs. Other Brands: Videocon Samsung Price Range : 12,000Rs. & above Special Product:  Special Product This special product is the EGG BOILER which was launched in the last week of August 2004. It is an international brand launched by SIEMENS – A German Company. Price : 2,800Rs. Microwave:  Microwave 3 Types: Heating, Cooking Heating, Cooking, Grilling Heating, Cooking, Grilling, Convention Brands : LG Samsung B.P.L Price Range : 5,000Rs. - 20,000Rs. Electrical Stoves:  Electrical Stoves Most Selling Brand : Siemens Other Brands : Spazio Sunflame Faber Continental Tex Price Range : 14,500Rs. - 29,990Rs. Gas Stove:  Gas Stove Most Selling Brand : National Other Brands : Sunflame (Sapphire) Prestige BPL Natasha Euro Price : 1000Rs. & Above OTG:  OTG Most Selling Brand : Morphy Ricards Other Brands : National Sunflame Bajaj Philips Black & Decker Delonghi Price Range : 2,000Rs. - 6,000Rs. Treasure Chest Or Cash Box:  Treasure Chest Or Cash Box Most Selling Brand : Godrej Other Brands : Black – Box Pan – Zam Price Range : 2,750Rs. - 10,000Rs. Vacuum Cleaner:  Vacuum Cleaner Most Selling Brand : L.G. Other Brands: Moniba Philips Modi Hoover Extron Dust Free Price : 2,000Rs. & Above Table Fans:  Table Fans Most Selling Brand : Bajaj (Majesty) Other Brands : Crompton Racold Price Range : 1,500Rs. - 2,500Rs. Exhaust Fans:  Exhaust Fans Most Selling Brand : Bajaj Other Brands : Crompton Price Range : 600Rs. - 1,000Rs. Water Cooler:  Water Cooler Most Selling Brand : Welofill Other Brands : Eureka Forbes Price Range : 495Rs. - 2,000Rs. Water Purifier:  Water Purifier Most Selling Brand : Eureka Forbes Other Brands : Alfa ( E-Water) Kenstar ( Le- pure) Aqua Price Range : 500Rs. - 2,000Rs. Tea & Coffee Maker:  Tea & Coffee Maker Most Selling Brand : Siemens Other Brands : Philips Delonghi (only Coffee Maker) Price Range : 1,500Rs. - 3,000Rs. Geaser:  Geaser Most Selling Brand : Racold ( 1Pronto instant water heater) Other Brand : Etermo (Storage Water Heater) Price Range : 600Rs. - 1,200Rs. Small Kitchen Wares:  Small Kitchen Wares It includes items like pans, trays, ice-keeper, peg-maker, spoons, Air-tight containers, etc. Most Selling Brand : Tefal Other Brands : Prestige Anjali Cookers:  Cookers Most Selling Brand : Prestige Other Brands : Tefal Anjali Nirlep Hawkins Vinod Price Range : 300Rs. - 2,000Rs. Microwave Cooker:  Microwave Cooker Brand : Pedrini (Italy) It is a Multi-Purpose Cooker. Pressure Cooker Popcorn Maker Steamer Rice-Cooker Idli-Cooker Price : 850Rs. Personal Scale:  Personal Scale A machine for weight checking. Price : 1,225Rs. Foil Cutter Brand: Cutting Edge Price : 545Rs. Copper & Steel Vessels:  Copper & Steel Vessels Most Selling Brand: Anjali Other Brands : Vinod Tiger Zebra Other Items:  Other Items Iron Boards Cloth Dryers Aluminium Ladder Barbeque Whole Kitchen Shelf Ink Sink Erator ( food depositor) Slide105:  Limitations In Akbarallys – Epigone unit Basically, there are no gaps related to the products or brands available there. The only gap in this section is that it is very congested, there is no free space to walk for customers. The arrangement of the products is also random. Employees:  Employees Recruitment Policy:  Recruitment Policy They hire their employees on the basis of their qualifications. First the employee is hired only for 6 months that is on a temporary basis. After evaluating their performances they are recruited permanently. Slide108:  Rules & Regulations For Employees If any employee of Akbarally’s come late for the work for more than 3 times then they lose their half days salary. The grace time given to them is 5 minutes. Slide109:  AKBARALLY”S STAFF CREDIT SOCIETY Fund is collected from the staff itself. Each employee gives some amount from their salary for the fund so that the staff members themselves are aided help during their need. The loan given to the employee is without any interest being charged. Right now the fund is more than 2 crores. This facility is only for the permanent staff. Slide110:  EDUCATION FUND The staff’s children are provided with free books and during the annual meeting of the society the child of the staff member who ranks first or second is rewarded and thus is encouraged. Other Activities Conducted:  Other Activities Conducted Picnic trips are also arranged for the staff members. Management has given special training to their employees briefing about the products sold in this store, How to approach the customers?, how to sell their products? etc. Slide112:  Every year there is a prize distribution ceremony in which the performance of the employees is put to test. There is also star salesman and star department. The star department is called the “USTAD” and they are rewarded for the same. In this small way there is lot of encouragement given to the employees, which keeps them motivated to work and also increases competency and in turn helps them to increase their sales. CUSTOMERS:  CUSTOMERS Exchange Policy:  Exchange Policy They don’t exchange things like real jewellery, innerwear's , cosmetics & watches. Rest all that is garments can be exchanged within 30 days provided it is in good condition. Exchange Offer:  Exchange Offer Akbarallys is pioneer in exchange offer. Customer can exchange their old house hold products with new products with only the payment of some extra money. They had these offer on items like pressure cooker, mixer grinder, etc. Slide116:  Sport offers In the beginning every Saturday they use to introduce a new product at manufacturing price to their customer. The customers were very eager and excited about these offer. Slide117:  Marketing of gift voucher coupons These concepts was first introduce by akbarallys. These coupons are purchased by the one who wants to present a gift to others. Slide118:  Scheme of loyalty program Regular customer are kept on updating about the new scheme. Service camp They provide free after sale service of any product purchase from akbarallis. Slide119:  Health checkup Can u believe they have a health checkup camp for their customers. Every day one specialist is called up. Slide120:  Health digest book They also provide customers with small health digest book in which they had given remedies for common disease like cold & cough, etc. PROMOTION:  PROMOTION Different Strategies used by akbarallys During Christmas:  During Christmas During Christmas a man is dressed in Santa clause outfit to attract more children toward the stores. He gives chocolates and gifts to handicapped people by personally going to the institute. During Diwali:  During Diwali During diwali there is a Chacha Deepak who sits in the store for the distribution of sweets to the customers entering the akbarallys. During Teachers Day:  During Teachers Day During teachers day (guru din) a team from akbarallys go to the schools to decorate the principals office and give some sweets and gifts. Gold Coin Promotion:  Gold Coin Promotion This year they had come with a new scheme of 20 grams gold coin promotions on certain amount of purchase. Joint Promotion:  Joint Promotion Akbarallys with any manufacturers come out with a new idea of promotion like, advertising in newspaper, etc. Limitations :  Limitations Slide128:  In Akbarallys (main unit) No Cafeteria No Parking Space No kids zone No. of brands available in Ladies Section are very limited No Kids Wear No Footwear for Ladies As well as Gents No foodstuff or grocery section The Name of the Store is not visible at all as the whole thing is covered. Slide129:  BY, RIMPLE .R. SANCHLA FROM: N.K. COLLEGE

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