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Information about Ajad data center solutions

Published on April 24, 2016

Author: DijooAtif

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2. AJAD is a Saudi company specialized in data center solutions.

3. AJAD mission is to empower data centers.

4. Powerful Partnership Network

5. Key Clients Reach

6. Key Resources • Over 20 Years Experience in Engineering and Project Management • Recognized Engineering and Consulting Office License • Strong Partnership Network with World Leaders in Data Center Technologies • Certified IT and Engineering Specialists with 10+ Years of Data Center Experience

7. Sharp Business Model DataCenterLayers Applications Database Operating Systems Virtualization Computing Storage Networking Energy and Automation Physical Infrastructure BusinessModel AJAD Offers Products and Services that Are Only Aligned with the Data Center Layers

8. Integration Services Operation Services Products AJAD Services and Products

9. Integration Services AlignedwithDataCenterLayers • Medium Size Data Center Projects • Design and Integration of Data Center Racks • Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Projects • Custom Data Center Solutions • Cold Isle Containment Solutions • Cooling and Power Analysis • Reliability and Availability Analysis • Containerized Data Centers • Data Centers Upgrade Projects • Hyper-Converged Data Center Solutions • Engineering and Operation Studies

10. Operation Services AlignedwithDataCenterLayers • Data Center (Infrastructure) Maintenance and Operation Services • Value Added Material and Spare Parts Supply • Cost Analysis and Optimization Services • Experts Outsourcing

11. Products: Racks and Cabinets • German Quality Standards • Certified and Tested for Safety and Security • Full Customization: Color, Logo, Dimensions, Etc. • High Static Load Capacity • EMC Conformity • Shock & Vibration Resistant • Up to 30% Cost Saving • Local Service and Support AlignedwithDataCenterLayers

12. Solutions: Cold Isle Containment • Passively Increase Cooling Efficiency to Enable 10Kw/Rack • Retrofit any Existing Data Center • Quick ROI • Work with Existing Columns or Walls • Color and Logo Customization • Security Controls AlignedwithDataCenterLayers

13. Solutions: In-Rack/Row Cooling • Cooling is Close to the Heat Source • Enable Supplemental Cooling • No CRAC Unit Required • No Raised Floor Required • Scalable Cooling Capacity • Easy Redundancy • Cooling Unit Separate from IT Equipment • Green Solution • Can Reach up to 40Kw/Rack InRow Cooling up to 30KW InRack Cooling up to 40KW AlignedwithDataCenterLayers

14. Shroff Tests and Certifications High End Products that Are Tested and Certified

15. Products: Intel vKVM AlignedwithDataCenterLayers Applications Database Operating Systems Virtualization Computing Storage Networking Energy and Automation Physical Infrastructure • Vendors Nutral: HP, IBM, Dell, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Sun, etc. • Realtime Visibility and Control for IT Assets : Racks, Blades, Storages, Networks • Does Not Require Hardware to Work • One-to-Many Solution • Manages Devices Like a Local KVM Would; But Remotely From Anywhere. • Over 60% Cost Saving Both Initial and Ongoing.

16. Products: Intel vKVM AlignedwithDataCenterLayers • Server Diagnostics and Troubleshooting • Checking BIOS Settings and BIOS Configuration • Analyze Server Logs • Server Configuration and Changes • Remote Power Cycling

17. Solutions: DC Infrastructure Management AlignedwithDataCenterLayers 1. Operate 2. Maintain 3. Plan 4. Grow • Full Control of Systems and Assets • Reduce Cost of Operation • Reduce Energy Cost • Increase Utilization: in Space, Energy and IT Assets • Maximize Reliability and Availability • Quickly Identify Connection Faults • Full Map of All Cabling and IT Assets • Quickly Locate and Replace Defective Parts • Accurate Look Ahead Plan for All Required Operation and Maintenance Spare Parts • Per Department or Service Usage Reports and Growth History • Projection of Growth Required • Simulation of Job Orders. • Approval Process • Generate Action List and BOM for Upgrades. • Avoid Mistakes and Loss of Service • Size Expansion Projects Based on Actual (Not Estimate) Data • Cut Capex Cost and Project Schedule Considerably


19. Solutions: FNT Scalable Model AlignedwithDataCenterLayers FNT’s Integrated Comprehensiv e Data Model Full Transparency from Physical to Service Layer

20. Solutions: References AlignedwithDataCenterLayers

21. Products: Intel DCM AlignedwithDataCenterLayers 1. Monitor 2. Analyze 3. Control

22. Products: Data Center Challenges AlignedwithDataCenterLayers • DC Power Supply Outages • HVAC Failures • Overheating Devices • DC Overcooling Cost • Rack Density Optimization • Ghost Servers • Energy Waste • PUE Efficiency 56%31% 13% Maintain Availability Cost Reduction Environmenta l Impact Primary Drivers for Energy Monitoring by Data Center Operators

23. Products: Intel DCM Architecture AlignedwithDataCenterLayers Middleware : Web Service API ANALYZEMONITOR CONTROLS Intel® DCM Console Blade Servers PDU and UPSRack Servers Hardware Protocols Node Manager IPMI iDRAC IPMI iLO/DCMI IPMI IMM IPMI CMC HTTPS/WS-MAN OA SSH/CLI IMM SSH/CLI SNMP

24. Products: Intel DCM Dashboard AlignedwithDataCenterLayers Intel DCM Dashboard Sections: • Power • Thermal • Capacity • Summary of Hierarchy • Events

25. Products: Intel DCM Actual Scenario AlignedwithDataCenterLayers 2010 2982 3429 357 1 3780 0 Server Number 1 4 100 0 2000 20 23 24 Power Rack Faceplate Capacity = 4400w Planned Power Capacity = 3800w 3792 3630 3699 3000 4400 4000 3000 Rack power and space utilization easily increased to 71% by Intel DCM. toda y Rack density increase by 71% (server number14 -- >24) Real Peak Power Planned Power 5000

26. Products: Intel DCM Business Continuity AlignedwithDataCenterLayers Allow operators to define groups of 1000s of devices and operation policy for each group: • Group A (non- important) can be shut down completely to conserve power. • Group B (low priority) can be allowed to operate at low power. • Group C (critical servers) can work at full capacity.

27. Products: Some Intel® DCM Clients AlignedwithDataCenterLayers Allowed customers to increase rack density by 71% by implementing Intel DCM Identified 10 – 15% of underutilized servers and virtualized those systems UPS uptime can be extended up to 15% with limited performance impact during power outage Decreased power by 18% of KWh with little/no impact on performance Charge back system allows facilities to correctly charge colo and other service users Up to 83% rack density increase within same power envelope with power management policy Prolonging business continuity time by up to 25% during power outage Dramatically improved thermal monitoring from floor level to device level Saved 15% power without performance degradation Identifies peak electrical usage and reduces usage by 18% during peak hours $630k can be saved in 3 years for a 10k datacenter by consolidating low utilization servers Existing alert infrastructure sped up market launch of new product 4°C increase expected to save 32% in power consumption for cooling 25% savings on power consumpti on with DCM ED and Node Manager Thermal data collection allows users to see 2D heat maps of the datacenter Reduced monthly datacenter electricity bill while peak power demand kept increasing With 13% of servers underutilized, one compute geo improved usage or terminated devices Monitoring capabilities and power consumption ceilings allowed up to a 60% increase in rack density. Japanese Tier- 1 Internet Service Company

28. AJAD: Other Products and Solutions AlignedwithDataCenterLayers • Structured Cabling • Servers, Networking, and Storage Devices • Power Distribution • UPS • PDUs • Raised Floors • Cable Management • Emergency Power • Spare Parts

29. Why Choose AJAD AlignedwithDataCenterLayers • Believing in a comprehensive and solution-driven approach, we aim to have a strong collaborative dialogue with all our clients and realize their goals through a range of integrated and customized solutions. • A partnership with world technology leaders ( like Intel) to provide cutting edge technologies to our clients with most competitive cost. • Rapid response to changes of the times and technology and to provide new solutions and services to quickly respond to clients business growths and challenges. • We listen, we discuss, we advise, then we implement. • Customer service excellence. • Reliable & trusted.

30. Contact Us AlignedwithDataCenterLayers You can reach us on: Email: sales@ajaden.com HQ Office: 6338 4TH St., No 16 Dammam, 32422-2696 Saudi Arabia Phone: 920003160, Ext 203 http://www.ajaden.com

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