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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: AlexisPolancoJr

Source: slideshare.net

THE BEST LOCALLY SOURCED GRASS FED SUSTAINABLY RAISED GLUTEN-FREE MADE ANY WAY YOU LIKE BURGER IN NEW YORK IS FREE.* De-junking fast food™ Located at NW corner of 40th & Madison Or order online at www.4food.com *With the purchase of any beverage and side. Limited time only. STAY ON CAMPUS STAY CONNECTED ALEXIS (AJ) POLANCO GRAPHIC DESIGN SOLUTIONS

01 City-Hydroponics, LLC | Corporate Rebranding Proposal (Jan 2013 - June 2013) Design Challenge Solutions (1) Parts of the original logo were copy-pasted from Google Image Search. (Client confirmed this.) (1) Created a new logo, and an informational pamphlet to give to investors/clients. (2) Many of the links on the company website led the user to blank, out-of-date, or redundant pages. (2) Designed a new responsive website, and reduced its content to only essential info.

THE BEST LOCALLY SOURCED GRASS FED SUSTAINABLY RAISED GLUTEN-FREE MADE ANY WAY YOU LIKE BURGER IN NEW YORK IS FREE.* De-junking fast food™ Located at NW corner of 40th & Madison Or order online at www.4food.com *With the purchase of any beverage and side. Limited time only. 02 4food, LLC | Van Wagner Phone Kiosks & Captivate Network Elevator Advertisements (May 2013 - Aug 2013) Design Challenge Solution (1) Customers needed more exposure to the (W)holeburger™ concept to become comfortable with it. (1) 4food ran a “free” burger promotion & advertised it via kiosks and elevator ads. (2) The restaurant needed to push its grass-fed/sustainable/etc options to justify its premium pricing. (2) Ads became “good4all” to show that purchases translate into donations to charity.

03 4food, LLC | Printed Menucards & Digital Menuboard Redesign (Apr 2013 - present) Design Challenge Solution (1) The printed menu was a part of an infrequently updated trifold newsletter that was not updated often. (1) The newletter was removed, and the menu was turned into an order card. (2) Customers on review sites complained that the restaurant’s menu screens were all over the place. (2) The screens were redesigned to be more about the food and less about the brand.

STAY ON CAMPUS STAY CONNECTED C: 0 / M: 99 / Y: 97 / K: 0 C: 70 / M: 67 / Y: 64 / K: 74 or Pantone 485 C 04 Pantone Process Black (K:100) NJIT Residence Life | Logo (July 2012 - Sept 2012) & T-Shirt (Jan 2013, one week) Design Challenge Solution (1) Emails, flyers, and promotional items lacked consistent graphic messaging. (1) Derived from NJIT’s red-heavy brand, the above logo was developed. (2) Residence Life needed a way to advertise and be identified by NJIT students. (2) A T-shirt was designed and given to Residence Life staff to wear on campus.

REDWOOD HALL Approximately 200 first-year and upper-class students live in double rooms. Residents share two (gender-specific) community bathrooms on each floor. Redwood will be closed for 2013-14 for renovations and will reopen fall 2014. 520 Come In! re OPEN CYPRESS HALL We’ A suite-style building with approximately 450 first-year and upper-class students in single and double rooms. Suites are comprised of two bedrooms and a shared batroom and foyer. Our Miss i on: “... SERV ICES STUD THAT ENTS SUPP ’ AC PERS ORT ADEM ONAL I DsVE n: C AND E io Mis LOPMENT.PORT SUP.. Our ” THAT AND ICES MIC SERV Co S “... nt ’ ACADE ENT...” ENT actELOPM STUD DEV Us NJIT, R L SONAesid PER e nce Lif 180 Ble eO e Newa ker Street ffice rk, NJ 07103 Voice: -351 97 Fax: 97 3.596.3039 4 3 Email: .596.8197 e Office if re idfe ce L n WJIT,sResslie @njit.e N eb ite:kett Street du 4 e h r p://ww 1 80 Ble J 07103-35.nji w t. 1 edu/re rk, N slife Newa 3.596.3039 97 Voice: .596.8197 life du 73 Fax: 9 slife@njit.e jit.edu/res .n re Email: : http://www e Websit : Life e denc , ERSE Resi Resi STERING DIVONSIBLE d N FO encD RESP “... A e L TIES.” i I “...GING ENGAFOS COMMUN fe: G ENGANINTERING D LEARGING IVER SE, AND LEAR RESP NING ONSI COMM BLE UNIT IES. ” STAY ON CAMPUS STAY ON CAMPUS STAY CONNECTED OAK HALL Approximately 170 upper-class and graduate students live in both suite-style rooms and apartments. Each suite-style room is double occupancy with a kitchenette and shared bathroom. Each appartment has a kitchen, living room, and a bathroom. LAUREL HALL A suite-style building with approximately 570 upper-class and graduate students AY MPUS and double ST in single ON CA rooms. Suites have a shared bathroom and foyer. STAY MPUS ON CA STAYNNECTED CO STAYNNECTED CO Apartment set-ups include a single with a double bedroom or two double bedrooms. Coming Fall 2013 DORMAN RESIDENTIAL HONORS RESIDENCE Us tact Will house approximately 360 first-year and upper-class Honors students in single and double rooms. Suites have a shared bathroom. The building features dining services, a convenience store, and a fitness center for the university community. Con IAL DENT RESI NCE MAN E DOR ESID RS R HONO DORM AN R ES HONO RS R IDENTIAL ESID ENCE 05 NJIT Residence Life | Brochure (Sept 2012 - Mar 2013) Design Challenge Solution (1) Design a new reading experience that remains mass-producable and cost-effective. (1) The inside was designed as an unvealing & the user needed to “cut the ribbon”. (2) Inform the NJIT student body about the newly constructed residence hall (and rent-out its rooms). (2) The new building was prominently placed on the cover & past the doors (inside).

how do -YOU- ROLL? Maze like you never have before. Change and be changed. T HIS IS Be the ball... THIS IS HOW I ROLL HOW I LL O R and Roll like you never have before. Reels on Wheels SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 1/8 " Typical Radius Minimum Processor: 300MHz Memory: 128 MB Video Card: OpenGL card with 16 MB VRAM Recommended Processor: 2GHz dual core Memory: 2 GB Video Card: OpenGL card with 128/256 MB VRAM (.125") 06 Windows Mac OSX 1/8 " Typical Radius (.125") School Project | “How I Roll” PC video game (Sept 2012 - Mar 2013) Design Challenge Solution (1) Create a new type of game from scratch, and design boxart for it. (1) I made a 3D maze game that forces the user to blend colors to solve its puzzles. (2) Learn how to 3D model and code with limited experience in both. (2) The game was built in Blender (3D modeling software + visual game-editor).

C O L L E G E O F A R C H I T E C T U R E DN A N J I T SECOND FLOOR N 1 002- Second Floor Plan 3/16" = 1'-0" Scale: 1/8” = 1’ Scale: 1/32” = 1’ 1 001 - Ground Floor 3/16" = 1'-0" UP SITE PLAN Site 3/64" = 1'-0" N FIRST FLOOR N. ELEVATION Scale: 1/8” = 1’ Scale: 1/8” = 1’ 1 North 3/16" = 1'-0" 0 2 4 6 12 18 N J I T C O L L E G E O F A R C H I T E C T U R E & D E S I G N d e s i g n s h o w c a s e 32 ft N. E L E V A T I O N 2 0 1 0 A SCALE: 3/16”=1’ DN 1 noitceS 1 "0-'1 = "61/3 SECOND FLOOR N 1 002- Second Floor Plan 3/16" = 1'-0" N Site 3/64" = 1'-0" School Project | “IT-ET” Architectural Library (March 2010 - Apr 2010) SITE PLAN Scale: 1/32” = 1’ UP 07 Scale: 1/8” = 1’ Design Challenge Solution FIRST FLOOR Scale: 1/8” = 1’ 1 North 3/16" = 1'-0" Scale: 1/8” = 1’ 1 001 - Ground Floor 3/16" = 1'-0" (1) Add a new “Scholars Archive” [i.e. library] to an existing Mies van der Rohe building. N. ELEVATION (2) Bringing form to an architectural tectonic, while working within the building’s style. (1) Rather than creating a discrete archive, I designed it as a building addition. (2) Intersecting planes (time + space) was my parti, and guided the structure’s design. &

July 2013 Reference Letter Alexis Polanco Jr To Whom This May Concern: AJ is a very talented, thoughtful, and responsible young man with a tireless work ethic and convivial personality. He will do well with whatever he does, and whomever employs him will benefit greatly from his time there. I am a trained architect who after completing my Master's Degree from Columbia University started my own design-build firm and now find myself immersed in a few entrepreneurial start-up ventures. 4food LLC is a healthy, ethical, and customizable fast food restaurant company which I co-founded and am the managing partner of. We are a socially responsible and socially networked business which leverages innovative technologies in all aspects of our operations. It is here where I have had the good fortune of employing AJ on a consulting basis while he has completed his formal education. Over the 20 years we have been in business we have taken the opportunity to work with a number of young professionals and/or current college students. All of our experiences have been positive. I would like to share my experience with Alexis. AJ has been primarily tasked with further developing and implementing our branded collateral from both print to digital multimedia design. He has played a critical role in further establishing our strong, compelling, and cohesive public facing identity. He is very skilled and proficient with various graphic and illustrative computer programs and has a clean and precise aesthetic eye. Perhaps more importantly he is a very sensitive and cerebral thinker who manages to be very productive and prolific. His level of personal responsibility and professional responsiveness are unique and rare. He is also an exemplary coworker who puts the team and business mission before himself and any other personal agenda. He is gracious, generous, respected, enjoyed, and trusted. Alexis was a hard working individual who was eager to learn everything that he could during his time at Archidata, Inc. When assigned tasks, he was very self-motivated, self-driven, and I could trust that he would always complete his work. What struck me the most with Alexis is that despite becoming fairly competent in how our company works, he never became too big for his britches. If he was uncertain of something, he asked for help to make sure that he got the job done right. He would not stand for giving half-assed or sloppy work. Alexis proved that it was no mistake hiring him, and I am grateful for all of the effort he put into my business. Although less familiar with his architectural talents I have reviewed his academic portfolio and find it to be a very sensitive body of work. In our many design conversations I feel that he will thrive in a multidisciplinary practice and/or position. He is conceptual yet practical and has a very well considered process behind whatever he creates. He is a quick and interested learner who combines both confidence and humility. He puts its purpose before his preference and performs tirelessly until successful completion is attained. If all of the young professionals came with the skills and desire that Alexis had, I would give up on the “Know-it-all’s” and have an entire staff of Alexis’ ..... . In short I wholeheartedly recommend his employment as I feel that he offers a diversity of value with whatever he does and wherever he does it. I would be glad to elaborate further if your interest permits. With thanks for you consideration of his employment, as I look forward to AJ getting as much valuable experience as possible for both his personal growth and professional development. Michael Shuman 4food LLC Co-Founder, Architect, Managing Partner mshuman@4food.com 917-379-3839 I’m certain that you will have the same pleasant experience that I had while working with Alexis. Sincerely, Kenneth Quigley Founder /Principal

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