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Published on March 14, 2014

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airway obstruction


From the mouth or nose, inhaled air passes through the pharynx into the trachea, where it separates into the left and right main bronchi at the carina, situated at the level of the second thoracic vertebra. The main bronchi then branch into large bronchioles, one for each lobe of the lung. Within the lobes, the bronchioles further subdivide some twenty times, ending in clusters of alveoli. AIRWAY

Mouth and nose blocked from outside. Back of the throat blocked. Windpipe squeezed by strangling or blocked by object inside. Pressure round chest prevent movement. AIRWAY CAN BE OBSTRUCTED AT MANY POINTS

SUFFOCATION generally refers to an obstruction over the mouth and nose, but can also cover drowning or breathing air with heavy fumes, or with very little oxygen.

Airway obstruction

HANGING Although suicidal, hanging by cord or wire can be accidental.

This may result from accident. A scarf or necktie caught in a machinery could been pulled tight round the neck. STRANGLING

Some airway obstruction Suffocation Hanging Strangling CHOKING


Occurs when a piece of food or other object becomes lodge in the throat, partially or completely blocking the upper airway. CHOKING

Choking can be caused by food or small household items: Toys Pins Marbles coins CAUSES

A choking person may: -Clutch at his throat. SIGNS OF CHOKING

Have a frightened look

Cough forcefully Breath loudly Not able to speak Have skin, lips and nails turns blue Lose consciousness

*Chew food thoroughly. *Don’t force yourself to swallow big chunks of food. *Don’t eat fast. *Avoid talking and laughing while eating. *Keep small toys from children. PREVENTION TIPS

1. A person may be able to cough up the object on their own. SURVIVING A CHOKING PERSON

Make a person bend forward and give five sharp slaps between the shoulder blades 2. Give five (5) back slaps

1. Make a fist and place it over the lower breast bone 2. hold the fist with your other hand. 3. pull sharply inwards for five times at a rate of one every 3 sec. GIVE FIVE (5) CHEST THRUST

1. Have a person stand and support from behind. 2. Clench a fist and put it right under the breast bone. 3. grasp the fist firmly with your other hand. 4. give five inward and slightly upward thrust. HEIMLICH MANEUVER (ABDOMINAL THRUST)

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