Airship tours in Pyatigorsk. Project by Nick Koretsky

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Information about Airship tours in Pyatigorsk. Project by Nick Koretsky

Published on March 8, 2014

Author: mahukun



Airship tours in Pyatigorsk (Russia). Project description


Intro Dear Sirs, I would like to allow for your consideration a project, that could become a major breakthrough for our city and region. It will produce long-term positive changes and will revive our city as a popular spa destination 2

The idea The idea of the project consists in arrangement of the airship cruises for tourists and guests of our city. Suggested route: 1) Start – “Mashuk” mountain. 2) Flight around the mountain “Beshtau” 3) Finish – “Mashuk” mountain Flight duration – 45 minutes. Of course, this flight plan is only a suggestion and later other variations could be introduced. 3

Safety Modern airship is a flying vehicle of a very high level of safety. Remembering the airship tragedies of the past, all modern airships are flying by using gaseous helium only. Helium is an inert gas. It does not burn, it does not produce any chemical reactions. It is very stable. Modern airship pumped with helium cannot explode. It is simply impossible Helium is harmless for human body. A mix of helium and nitrogen is broadly used for breathing by professional divers. 4

Reliability Modern airship is a very reliable flying machine. Helium airship cannot fall because of engine failure (like it may happen to helicopter or airplane) To make the airship fall you have to destroy at least 70% of its construction (which is possible only by planned terror act or something like that) Of course, anything may happen in the air but in terms of reliability and safety the airships are much more reliable and robust vehicles in comparison to airships and helicopters. 5

Mileage and maintenance Airship fuel consumption is very low. Airship does not require fuel intake to hold itself in the air. Lifting power is produced by gaseous helium inside the balloon Fuel consumption is needed only for horizontal movements and vertical takeoff and landing. In comparison to airplane, the airship is 8 times more economical, and in comparison to helicopter it is 20 times more economical Technical maintenance is not complicated because technical construction of the airship is much more simple than construction of airplane or helicopter. 6

Environment friendly From the point of view of city ecology the airship is almost ideal transportation Since its fuel consumption is very low, its air pollution is also very low. Airship also does not produce any noticeable noise pollution. Flying airplane or helicopter produce up to 100 decibels of noise. Flying airship produces only 30 decibels, which is excellent result by any standards. 7

Cruising capacity Airship can fly both quickly (up to 100 kilometers per hour) and slowly (5 kilometers per hour) It may hover on one place, move backwards, forwards, up and down. It produces unique service for cruising tourists that cannot be achieved by any other means. It is particularly important for our region of Pyatigorsk city and spa area because of our breathtaking panoramic views of the Caucasian mountains. 8

Comfort for passengers Modern airship constructions provide a rich choice of design options for cruise tourism. It is a unique product with unique consumer qualities 9

VIP comfort If needed, the airship cabin can be designed for VIP clients and serve as a luxury sky yacht. VIP sky-yacht version is one of the options available to order from airship manufacturers. 10

Advertisement and PR Airship surfaces can be used as a platform for advertisements of all sorts. Commercial and political advertisements can be a significant source of income. Night ads, glowing on the surfaces of the airship can be very effective way to bring the message to broad public 11

Foreign experience Airship cruises are already a successful business model for many years. In Germany you can buy a ticket and enjoy a flight over the Bodensee. 12

Foreign experience In Switzerland the Skycruise Switzerland AG company works since the year 1984. The company is quite successful and has steady flow of customers. In USA the Airship Management Services, Inc. company works over 25 years. It provides various airship-related services to Ministry of Defence, FBI, NYPD, and other clients. 13

Long-term impact Introduction of airship tours will revive hospitality industry of Pyatigorsk and bring new tourists, investments and businesses. It will create thousands of new jobs and will ensure steady economic development of the city and region for many years ahead. Nick Koresky +7 928 6341211 14

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