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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: agashe



Be known to be a flyer who is a pleasure to travel with. Airplane Etiquette!

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Carry your bag in front of you and low to the ground as you walk down the aisle in search of your seat. Holding it up and at your sides will inevitably knock seated passengers on their arms, shoulders, and heads. You can pull it along if it has wheels. Picture Courtesy:

When the flight attendants tell you to turn off your cell phone and other electronic devices, don't argue with them or ignore them. Turn everything off; your flight cannot depart until you do. Picture Courtesy:

Utilize the overhead space above your own seat row. Do not place your bags in the overhead at the front of the plane unless you are sitting in that row. Don't put your bag in a bin near the front of the plane for a quick exit -- it means someone else will have to wait until the entire plane has emptied to walk back to get their bag. Taking the storage space of other passengers is rude and can potentially delay departure as they search for storage. Picture Courtesy:

Avoid grabbing the back of the seat in front of you. Grabbing the seat back as you walk in the aisle or in your row, can be unpleasantly jarring to the person sitting in it. Copy the flight attendants who balance themselves in the aisle by grabbing the luggage compartments above their heads, rather than the seat backs. Picture Courtesy:

Respect personal space. No matter how much you love to make new friends on the plane, the person next to you might rather get some work done, or simply may not feel like being chatty. If a friendly comment gets a minimal answer, take the hint and leave them be. If you're traveling with children, try to avoid letting them think of passengers as playmates. Some passengers will smile to be polite, but may not be interested in playing "peek a boo" with the child. Picture courtesy:

Avoid kicking or pulling on the seat in front of you. If you need to get up during your flight, push yourself up with your arm rests instead of grabbing the seat back of the passenger sitting in front of you. Picture Courtesy:

Avoid hogging the aisle When you get up, don't yank on the seat in front of you for support; use the seat armrests. If you want to get up but there is one or more passengers between you and the aisle, politely request that they get up to let you pass. Don't try to clamber over them; apart from the discomfort this will inevitably cause, you might injure yourself/them if you lose your balance and fall. Picture Courtesy:

Tips to keep in mind while traveling •Keep your conversations to a low whisper if you're traveling with someone. If you speak too loudly, you'll interrupt someone's sleep or annoy your fellow passengers. •Listen to the instructions of the flight attendants. The rules regarding no head phones during take off and landing, no cell phones, luggage stored in bins or under the seats, tables stored seat upright are not only for the other passengers, they are for you as well. •When meals are being served, use your basic table manners. Use your fork and knife, wipe your mouth with the napkin, and excuse yourself if you burp. Also, although the food may be bland and under seasoned, take time to savor the flavor. Even if you're starving, don't eat like a slob. •Clean up after yourself. Don't leave your trash stuffed in the seat pocket, blankets and pillows thrown about, crackers littered all over the seat and floor, etc. An airplane seat should be left as close as possible to how it was found. This will make "flipping the airplane" much faster for the maintenance crew and keep flights on time. •Make sure that you don't smell overpowering. Wear deodorant, but do not wear a strong perfume or cologne. If you're a smoker, try not to smoke too much the day of the flight and take a mint. The smell of cigarette smoke can be unpleasant for some people. •If you plan on taking a sleeping pill, opt for a window seat so passengers aren't required to climb over you in order to access the restroom. •At the baggage claim, stand back from the carousel until you see your bag approaching, then step forward to retrieve it. •If you have a habit of removing your shoes because you're flying a long distance, make sure you don't have foot odor.

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