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Published on June 12, 2011

Author: Alexandr_UA



Социальные медиа и авиакомпании (2009-1020)

British Airways Southwest Airlines Delta KLM-AirFrance Аustrian Airlines Lufthansa МАУ Аэросвит Wizzair Аэрофлот http://www.britishair http://www.southwest. http://www.airfrance http://www.lufthansa. http://www.aerosvit.c Сайт com com om http://blog.flyopenski http://www.blogsouth http://www.blogairfr http://aerosvit.hiblogg Блог tishAirways hwestAir aairlines LM riansrbija hansa_de - не ведется svit zAir roflot_ - не ведется Твиттер Following: 391 Following: 232 Following: 162 Following: 67 Following: 1 Following: 53 Following: 0 Following: 75 Following: 8951 Following: 103 Followers: 15617 Followers: 676 Followers: 559 Followers: 52 Followers: 188 Followers: 385 Followers: 457 Followers: 8719 Followers: 928338 Followers: 10860 Listed: 590 Listed: 88 Listed: 31 Listed: 18 Listed: 27 Listed: 44 Listed: 45 Listed: 347 Listed: 2486 Listed: 336 Tweets: 30 Tweets: 156 Tweets: 686 Tweets: 1 Tweets: 15 Tweets: 17 Tweets: 12 Tweets: 313 Tweets: 3763 Tweets: 396 http://www.facebook. http://www.facebook. http://www.facebook. http://www.faceboo http://www.facebook. http://www.facebook. ttp:// http://www.facebook. http://www.facebook. com/pages/British- com/Southwest?ref=ts com/pages/Deltas- com/pages/Austrian- com/lufthansa m/pages/Ukraine- com/pages/WIZZ- com/pages/Aeroflot/1 Airways- Force-for-Global- 9193628883 Airlines/18161915352 International- AIR/32311354865 3162739247Фан-страница Plc/12262669771 Good/35548488237 9 Airlines/32779716878 Facebook Поклонников: 7590 Поклонников: Поклонников: 1058 Поклонников: 3841 Поклонников: 668 Поклонников: 10911 Поклонников: 93 Поклонников: 1935 Поклонников: 806 455862 m/groups/britishairw /photos/nutsaboutsout /photos/delta_airlines m/groups/klmairline /groups/427960@N24 /groups/dlh/ groups/uia/ /groups/wizzairfleet/ /groups/756725@N25 ays/ hwest s/ / / Группа на Flickr m/groups/airfrance/ Участников: 218 Участников: 238 Участников: 312 Участников: 71 Участников: 342 Участников: 50 Участников: 25 Участников: 71 Участников: 759 http://www.metrotwi http://travel.southwest http://www.bluenity. Социальная .com/travel/exploreTr com m сеть avel.html http://www.widgiped http://www.widgetb com/widgets/25479/so m/ig/adde? widgets/details/Gimp uthwest-airlines availability- hl=de&moduleurl=ga /British-Airways- calendar-with- Holidays_1352.html google-earth m/ig/directory? synd=open&hl=ru&gl =ru&url=http%3A %2F .com/widgets/tag/brit Виджеты ish%2Bairways m%2FCompanies %2F4707%2FSouthw est-Airlines m/ig/directory? %2Fwidget synd=open&hl=ru&g l=ru&url=http%3A %2F %2Fwww.myipage.c om%2FXML %2FBritish_Airways _Links.xml Видео на YouTube om/BritishAirways om/user/NutsAboutSo om/deltaairlines com/KLMRoyalDut om/LufthansaTV om/user/AeroSvitPR om/user/WizzAirRoc uthwest chAirline ks

Роликов: 51 Роликов: 151 Роликов: 49 Роликов: 55 Роликов: 35 Роликов: 40 Роликов: 2 Просмотров: 4341 Просмотров: 46855 Просмотров: 107592 Просмотров: 6850 Просмотров: 1047 Просмотров: 1162 Просмотров: 31 Подписчиков: 146 Подписчиков: 961 Подписчиков: 2672 Подписчиков: 149 Подписчиков: 61 Подписчиков: 10 Подписчиков: 0 http://www.linkedin. http://www.linkedin.c http://www.linkedin.c http://www.linkedin. http://www.linkedin.c http://www.linkedin.c http://www.linkedin.c http://www.linkedin.c http://www.linkedin.c com/companies/britis om/in/southwestairlin om/companies/delta- com/companies/air- om/companies/16258 om/companies/lufthan m/companies/ukraine- om/companies/aerosvi om/companies/wizz- om/companies/aeroflo h-airways es air-lines france-klm 8 sa international-airlines t-airlines air t Linked in http://www.linkedin.c om/companies/aeroflo t---russian-airlines Employees: 3492 Employees: 4236 Employees: 6994 Employees: 2032 Employees: 439 Employees: 4209 Employees: 17 Employees: 71 Employees: 43 / 46 Employees: 82 Sync Tools m http://www.britishair http://www.blogsouth http://www.lufthansa. ow/65048/Delta-Air- t/deu/About_Flight/de com/online/portal/lh/d essroom/user/flyuia/rss- eeppodcasts/public/e Lines-Flight-Ops-411/ stinations/podcasts/ e/info_and_services/p cast.xml n_gb artner? nodeid=1987584&l=d e&cid=18002&blt_p= DE&blt_l=de&blt_t=I nfo_and_Services %3EPartner&blt_e=H eader&blt_n=Unsere %20Tipps%20zu %20St Подкасты %C3%A4d&blt_z=U nsere%20Tipps%20zu %20St %C3%A4d&blt_c=D E|de| Info_and_Services %3EPartner|Header| Unsere%20Tipps %20zu%20St %C3%A4d|Unsere %20Tipps%20zu %20St%C3%A4dПриложения http://www.britishair http://www.southwest. http://www.starallianc http://www.lufthansa. com/ding/what_is_din com/online/portal/lh/d ne/public/en_gb g.html s-and- e/info_and_services/fl downloads/flight- ightinfo? status-widget/ nodeid=1755119&l=d m/mobile/19064/briti e&cid=18002&blt_p= sh-airways/ DE&blt_l=de&blt_t=I nfo_and_Services Mis Ciudades British %3EPartner&blt_e=C Airways - ontent&blt_n=Flugpla http://www.facebook. n%20zum com/apps/application %20Downloa&blt_z= .php? Zu%20den id=31062177826&ref %20Flugplan =search&sid=564447 %20Down&blt_c=DE 731.4264971241..1 - |de|Info_and_Services 41 активных %3EPartner|Content| пользователей Flugplan%20zum

%20Downloa|Zu %20den%20Flugplan %20Down Lufthansa Nat Geo Genius - http://www.facebook. com/apps/application. php? id=120494459709&re f=search&sid=564447 731.2517499609..1 - 121 активных пользователя http://www.britishair m/maps/place? m/maps/place? gle-earth.html m/maps/place? ol=biz&oid=28563413 ? m/maps/place? ? /xml/woffersmap/ba_ cid=98248232287377 cid=87468125886929 cid=94234559574197 &where ol=biz&oid=2834509 cid=16873058993513 ol=biz&oid=4488797 7446&q=Southwest+ 21976&q=Delta+airli 26342&q=Lufthansa 3&where 716924&q=Wizzair& &where z Airlines&hl=ru&cd=1 nes&hl=ru&cd=1&ca &hl=ru&cd=4&cad=s hl=ru&cd=3&cad=src &cad=src:pplink&ei= d=src:pplink&ei=jJsm rc:pplink&ei=HpwmS :pplink&ei=bJwmS- Онлайн- g5omS87hLIPesgbtl6 S427JsOusAaCofmp 9KwG4musAa13PW4 HOL8_GsgaHoMihC карты m/maps/place? SrCQ CQ CQ Q cid=1214140435894 4254962&q=British+ airways&hl=ru&cd= 41&cad=src:pplink& ei=VZsmS4raEM_Fs gaQ6_maCQ http://world.secondlife http://www.airfrance http://www.lufthansa- .com/group/9168e8a8-Онлайн-игры 4ddb- e5ab-6b87-4a44bad74 41b

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