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Published on April 17, 2008

Author: GenX


Slide1:  New York 2000 Jacques Cherrier PNR database at AC Implementation overview and its usefulness for Network Management The presentation:  The presentation Update on AC’s PNR DB implementation Platform Delivered functionality Sharing experiences Contribution to Network management Current and potential usage PNR data base:  PNR data base One of the required step in AC’s migration towards OD Control First business driver: support OD yield management Became a foundation block for all other Network Management processes Choices:  Choices Transactional type architecture versus batch process Bookings and cancellations passed in real-time to an off-line YM process Capture all PNR data and distribute to requiring processes and systems In-house development versus purchase Complex Problem:  Complex Problem PNR data parsing Limited prior expertise (Group bookings...) Data base structure and architecture Flight segments in OD Technically robust Could expand ACUMA - Speedwing:  ACUMA - Speedwing AC acquired Sales View Speedwing developed the PNR data parser Live and history part of the PNR Most data elements translated into a formatted text file Data base developed by ACUMA Oracle Business Object as the query driver Sales View basic features:  Sales View basic features Nightly capture of PNR changes Include advance and departed bookings All relevant data elements Segment data Passenger related items Point Of sales, GDS… AC & ACUMA added the OD perspective to SV:  AC & ACUMA added the OD perspective to SV Capture the passenger flow by Origin and Destination trips (MIDT type rules) not just individual flight segments Capitalize on the information available due to the introduction of OD control in RES economic data (OD fare and bid prices) married segments in OD... Also added the ODIF data base:  Also added the ODIF data base Summary data base by flight, OD... Provides view trough time (DCP’s) PNR data Base Architecture:  PNR data Base Architecture Sales View Data stored:  Data stored Sales View: All currently active PNR’s up to start of RES window All departed PNR’s for 3 months in the past ODIF Advance booking up to start of RES window 3 years of history Slide12:  This is an example of selected objects and conditions Roll-out:  Roll-out Production data currently available To be deployed in May Phase 1: Canned queries provided Super user accessing the DB Sharing Experiences:  Sharing Experiences Important Aspects:  Important Aspects Structure the data partitioning and indexes according to your environment Speed of loading versus data retrieval Design with the ability to archive Validate the PNR capture with other sources Advance Booking Data Capture:  Advance Booking Data Capture PNR : Key to Network Management:  PNR : Key to Network Management Slide19:  System Perspective Yield Management OD forecasting:  Yield Management OD forecasting Improve leg forecasts “Simple” OD forecasts aggregated at the leg level Fits within the current Leg Based OD heuristic Within the Network Optimization framework OD forecasting from booking data and market share calculation e.g. AC should carry 10% of the market size on a new OD Yield Management Examples of short-term potential:  Yield Management Examples of short-term potential Improve no-show calculation (in progress) Focusing on the probability that a PNR will travel Summarizing the results at the leg level Retrieving valuable data (in progress) e.g. Booking profile by OD-class for simulation Slide22:  Booking profile by OD-class for simulation Schedule Optimization:  Schedule Optimization Replace the current itinerary based ticket data by the OD PNR feed (developed) more data elements (GDS…) more exact for calibration corrective measure versus the MIDT data more timely (no revenue accounting cycle) Adjustment of the schedule by matching OD advance booking versus forecast Pricing:  Pricing Tracking Velocity of booking from pricing initiatives Volume by POS Feed to pricing DSS Action/re-action according advance bookings Forecast by OD/fare basis Financial Reporting:  Financial Reporting OD based profitability (in development) Timely load out by OD itinerary for network based profitability Match against revenue and cost Budgeting process (in development) Advance booking merged with OD fares can provide status on the budget plan Slide26:  The Organization Sales Marketing Integrated Network Management (Organizational structure and processes):  Integrated Network Management (Organizational structure and processes) PNR is key to crucial MI Product Planning Market size Flow pattern through hub ... Sales force effectiveness POS importance Revenue forecasting Track channel of distribution... Slide28:  “Gold in these PNR’s” Louis Busuttil

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