Airborne Virus Sterilization Case Study

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Published on August 23, 2013

Author: Novaerus



Page Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center has recently equipped its facility with the latest in airborne infection control systems. The NOVAERUS Airborne Infection Control Units are clinically proven to eradicate all airborne pathogens using their patented plasma field technology. Read the case study to find out their experience to date.

Preventing an outbreak of the flu, Staph or other dangerous infectious diseases is a primary reason why skilled nursing facilities implement Novaerus systems in patient rooms, common areas and hallways. But as Page Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center discovered shortly after installing the Novaerus units, there are also significant health benefits to simply improving the air quality and making the environment more comfortable for patients, visitors and staff. Based in Fort Myers, Fla., Page Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center is a 175 bed skilled nursing facility and rehabilitation center that includes a 9 bed post-surgical orthopedic unit and a secured memory care unit. It serves short- and long-term care residents. According to Robert Reed, Director of Operations, the partnership with Novaerus began with the facility installing 40 Novaerus units in patient rooms on a trial basis to supplement several infection control protocols and best-practices such as strict handwashing procedures and using Virex to clean surfaces. After realizing immediate improvements in air quality and patient and staff health and well-being, Reed is overseeing the installation of Novaerus facility-wide. "We chose Novaerus for its innovative infection control technology, the fact that it runs continuously without requiring us to change filters, and requires very little maintenance," said Reed. "You notice the effects a Novaerus unit has on an area in terms of air quality and odor control in a very short time period." The Novaerus systems have not been in place long enough for Reed to collect data on a reduction in hospital readmissions due to infection, and is looking forward to seeing that data on a quarterly basis. However, he reports the impact on air quality is obvious and significant. "One of the first residents we included in the trial period was experiencing problems with allergies and was very sensitive to air quality," said Reed. "Within a few days after installing Novaerus, he noticed he was coughing less and his allergies were greatly reduced. "We also had an upper respiratory infection outbreak earlier this year and we found the areas where the Novaerus units were running were largely unaffected." Improving air quality also translates to a more comfortable and healthier work environment for staff. "Our Director of Nursing and the business office manager have severe allergies, and after we put a Novaerus unit in each of their offices, they swear by them," said Reed. "Novaerus also completely eliminates odors. We used to have some issues in certain parts of our building, but not since installing Novaerus." Although it has only been a few months since Reed oversaw the implementation of those first Novaerus units, he is already recommending the technology to colleagues. "It's cutting-edge technology, and in a world where we must reduce hospital re-admissions, reduce the spread of healthcare-acquired infections and always be improving our environment, Novaerus is playing a key role in helping us achieve those objectives." For more information, visit Airborne Infection Control 1408 Westshore Blvd. N. | Suite 501 | Tampa, FL 33607 813.304.2468 Realizes Immediate Air Quality Improvement After Implementing Novaerus Technology PAGE REHABILITATION & HEALTHCARE CENTER

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