Airborne Infection Control Case Study: West Gables Health Care

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Published on May 30, 2013

Author: Novaerus



Airborne Infection Control Case Studies #1: Miami-based Skilled Nursing Facility Introduces a New Weapon to Battle Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs). The Novaerus airborne infection control technology has helped reduce patient healing time, staff sick days, nosocomial infection related costs and much more. Read the case study and visit for more airborne infection control related content.

THE SITUATIONHealthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) are now responsible for moredeaths than breast cancer and automobile accidents combined. Infectionrates are no longer decreasing; to the contrary, recent studies showconsistent increases over the last decade. Traditional infection controlmethods have reached the point of diminishing returns. As bacteriabecome more resistant to traditional medicines and procedures,technology must play a role in eradication and prevention. The WestGables Health Care Center in Miami, Fla. is one of the first healthcarefacilities in the country to implement a new HAI eradication technologydeveloped by Novaerus that, when combined with the staff’s experttreatments, may become the model for all facilities nationwide to follow.THE CHALLENGESThe June 2012 issue of Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiologyreports that hospital patients with a positive clinical culture formethicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, vancomycin-resistantenterococci or Clostridium difficile are 40 percent likelier to be readmittedwithin a year than other patients. The elderly and immune-compromisedpatients are particularly at risk. The New England Journal of Medicine inan April 2009 study found that about 20 percent of Medicare patients arereadmitted within a month, costing $17.4 billion annually.Re-admittance to the hospital places patients at greater risk of infection.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently warned ofthe growing threat of “nightmare” superbugs that are untreatable becausethey are resistant to even the most powerful antibiotics. The CDC reportsthis class of superbug, called Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae,or CRE, has been found only in nursing homes and hospitals. In the firsthalf of 2012, nearly 200 hospitals treated at least one of these infections.While the threats have grown more sophisticated, the methods ofcontrolling and preventing the life-threatening infections they cause, suchas isolating infected patients, minimizing the use of catheters and otherinvasive devices, and frequent hand-washing, have not.THE SOLUTIONThe West Gables Health Care Center is a 120 bed skilled nursing facilitythat provides the highest levels of post-acute medical cato patients whohave completed their hospital stays but are not well enough to returnhome. The median age of patients is 86, and the average short-term stayis 32 days.West Gables Health Care Center Administrator Marco Carrasco hasimplemented an HAI prevention program that combines best practiceswith the Novaerus technology.“I am not only concerned about our patients’ health, but also the health ofour visitors and staff, so our HAI Prevention program must protect anyonewho steps through our doors,” said Mr. Carrasco. “The Novaerus system isalready proving to be the most significant development in HAI preventionin decades, and we have the opportunity to be a health care industrypioneer.”The Novaerus technology is the first scientifically proven system forairborne infection control, healthcare-associated infections/hospital-acquired infections (HAI) and disease prevention. Novaerusprovides continuous airborne infection control by passing air through itsrevolutionary, patented disruptive plasma field. The patented Novaerusfield emits billions of harmless electrons that safely destroy the proteinbio-films of viruses, break down the cell walls of bacteria, and denaturemold, allergens and odors – and it uses less energy than a 40 watt lightbulb. Novaerus is proven to eradicate 99.9999999999% of all airbornepathogens and reduces microbial surface counts by up to 90%.THE RESULTSThe real eye-opener came once a Novaerus unit was installed in atracheotomy patient’s room. The patient was extremely susceptible toinfection while the opening in her neck healed. Carrasco credits his staffand the Novaerus system with preventing an upper respiratory infectionand speeding the patient’s recovery and return home.“Every case is unique, but these patients are at a high risk of infectionbecause of the openings and tubes in their necks, and the fact this patientrecovered and went home sooner than what we consider to be thestandard length is remarkable,” said Carrasco. “We have an expertrespiratory therapy department to help our patients heal and avoidre-admittance to the hospital, and this case is early proof of theeffectiveness of the combination of our staff and the Novaerus system.”Currently, hospitals are penalized for hospital readmissions that includethe following categories: acute MI (AMI), heart failure or pneumonia. Theiraffected reimbursements are approximately one percent of revenue. Mr.Carrasco reports that during the final two quarters of 2012, West GablesHealth Care Center had 485 admissions, of which eight patients werere-hospitalized for pneumonia. During the first two months of 2013, WestGables Health Care Center had 115 total admissions with only threepatients that were re-hospitalized for pneumonia. This represents is asignificant reduction and is a positive trend towards better health caremanagement.This initiative has enhanced the quality outcomes of West Gables HealthCare Center residents, and compliments great nursing and respiratorycare management.zMARCO CARRASCOWest Gables Health CareCenter AdministratorMiami-based Skilled Nursing FacilityIntroduces a New Weapon to Battle HAIs1408 Westshore Blvd. N. | Suite 501 | Tampa, FL 33607 O: 813.304.2468

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