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Published on May 30, 2013

Author: Novaerus



NOVAERUS is the first scientifically proven system for controlling airborne infection, HAI and disease prevention; providing significant health, environmental and cost benefits to clients in hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Click here to learn more about Novaerus.

At first glance, the quiet, idyllic setting of theBay Oaks assisted-living facility next toBiscayne Bay in Miami does not provide anyhint that it is on the cutting-edge of theon-going battle against healthcareassociated infections (HAIs). But walkthrough the garden courtyard and into the building that resembles abed-and-breakfast inn, and you will find the Novaerus systems quietlyhumming in all residents’ rooms and common areas. Traditional infectioncontrol methods have reached the point of diminishing returns, and asbacteria become more resistant to traditional medicines and procedures,technology must play a role in eradication and prevention. Bay Oaks isone of the first long-term care facilities in the entire country to implementthe Novaerus HAI eradication technology, and has all but eliminatedincidents of respiratory distress among residents and staff.Bay Oaks is a social model facility, and does not typically have inresidence seniors with serious medical conditions, disabilities or dementiathat prohibits them from performing the basics for themselves. Thetypical resident is an 84-year-old female, with the eldest being 102 yearsold. While Bay Oaks has the capacity for 41 residents, it rarely exceeds 35.“When residents do become ill and have to be hospitalized, they comeback to us in a weakened state and are more susceptible to infections andrespiratory issues,” says Kathryn Kassner, administrator at Bay Oaks.“That risk increases if a resident is recovering from major surgery.”SUPERBUGSThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently warned ofthe growing threat of “nightmare” superbugs that are untreatable becausethey are resistant to even the most powerful antibiotics. The CDC reportsthis class of superbug, called Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae,or CRE, has been found only in nursing homes and hospitals. In the firsthalf of 2012, nearly 200 hospitals treated at least one of these infections.While the threats have grown more sophisticated, the methods ofcontrolling and preventing the life-threatening infections they cause havenot. The last revolution in infection control procedures occurred whenJoseph Lister began using Carbolic Acid as an antiseptic in surgicalprocedures in the 1860s, significantly reducing mortality rates frominfection by 30 percent within a decade.Bay Oaks rigorously follows standard infection prevention practices,including frequently cleaning rooms, changing linens and ensuring staffwash their hands. But as the threat of a superbug continued to dominatenews headlines, Kassner began investigating technologies that couldsupplement the facility’s policies and staff expertise.“I first learned about the Novaerus system after reading some literature,and we soon began putting the units in each room, and response wasspectacular” she adds. “It eliminates odors and infuses the air with a senseof cleanliness. That is difficult to explain, but you notice it immediatelywhen you walk into a room.”PLASMA: THE SUPERBUG’S KRYPTONITEThe Novaerus technology is the first scientifically proven system forairborne infection control, healthcare-associated infections/hospital-acquired infections (HAI) and disease prevention. Developed foruse in hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, Novaerusprovides significant health, environmental and cost benefits to patients,staff and visitors in hospitals, nursing homes and long-term care facilities.Novaerus provides continuous airborne infection control by passing airthrough its revolutionary, patented disruptive plasma field. The patentedNovaerus field emits billions of harmless electrons that safely destroy theprotein bio-films of viruses, break down the cell walls of bacteria, anddenature mold, allergens and odors – and it uses less energy than a 40watt light bulb. Novaerus is proven to eradicate 99.9999999999% of allairborne pathogens and reduces microbial surface counts by up to 90%.During the annual Christmas party, a resident’s family member broughtalong an uninvited guest: the flu. This most recent flu season wasespecially bad in 2012. The CDC reported 22,048 flu cases from Sept. 30through the end of 2012. By the same time in 2011, only 849 flu caseshad been reported nationwide. That’s 26 times more cases in 2012 thanin 2011.“Nationwide we saw a lot of H3N2, which is particularly dangerous tochildren and the elderly, so I was worried that all of our residents would beaffected,” said Kassner. “However, we had installed the Novaerus systemsin September, and as a result, fewer than half of our residents wereaffected. The health department told me that we did a spectacular job, andI know that without the Novaerus technology, that number would havebeen 100 percent.“This is cutting edge technology for environments such as ours. We’veonly been using the Novaerus systems for less than a year, so specific ROIis difficult to quantify for skeptics, and I appreciate that. But from ananecdotal standpoint, we have not had one resident visit a physician dueto a respiratory issue since January, and our residents and staff havesimply never been healthier than we are now.”For more information, visit Infection Control 1408 Westshore Blvd. N. | Suite 501 | Tampa, FL 33607 813.304.2468 novaerus.comA HISTORIC SETTING FOR A MODERNSOLUTION TO PREVENTING HAISBAY OAKS:Novaerus is proven to eradicateof all airborne pathogens.99.9999999999%

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