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Published on February 27, 2014

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Air Purification Systems - offers Air Purifier for Car, Room, Commercial air purifier which can make your environments safer, greener and cost efficient.

Health Challenge For The Modern World

Since 1980 Air Pollution

Since 1980 Myth Busted

Since 1980 Indoor Air Quality 101 Particulates Microbial Gases

Since 1980 Particulates • Dust, Dander, Pollen, Organic Clumps • Usually Handled by Air Filtration • Filters Must Be Maintained To Be Affective

Since 1980 Particulates Dust • Minute solid particles less than 500 micrometers • Composition changes by season

Since 1980 Particulates Dander • Material shed from the body of various animals • Can be a very aggressive allergen

Since 1980 Particulates Pollen • Released by certain plant species • Lightweight and small • Stays air born for extended periods of time

Since 1980 Microbial • Bacteria, Viruses, Mold spores • Usually Handled By UV Tubes • UV Are Effective Only On Surface

Since 1980 Microbial Bacteria • Single Cell Organism • Self contained and can reproduce without a host • E.g., MRSA, E. Coli, Staph, Strep..…

Since 1980 Microbial Viruses • Minimal structure of genetic material and protein • Can only be seen with an electron microscope • E.g., Norwalk, SARS, Avian Flu….

Since 1980 Microbial Mold Spores • Airborne Single Cell Organism • Grows into mold as soon as conditions permit • Causes allergic reactions, asthma episodes, irritations, infections, sinus congestion problems….

Since 1980 Gases • VOC , Chemical Compounds & Odors • Can Be Absorbed by dense carbon filters for odor • Can be handled with various technologies . www

Since 1980 Gases Volatile Organic Compounds • VOC’s are found in smoke, adhesives, carpets,nail polish, paints, new construction, pressed wood products… • Can cause eye, nose, and throat irritation, headaches, loss of coordination, nausea…

Since 1980 Gases Odors • Caused by odorant molecules dissolved in the air • E.g., pet odors, perfumes, food odors… www

Since 1980 Advantages of Indoor Air purification  Reduction in sickness & Absenteeism.  Higher productivity.  Better ‘Q’ of Life.  Reduction in nos. of odor/contamination complaints.  Reduction in Cross Contaminants.  Protection from Microbes & VOC i.e. Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Smoke etc.  Goodwill for the company.  Shows concern for employees.  Protection from Facility Shut down by health authorities.

Since 1980 What is industry doing to resolve this problem……. Passive Technologies a RE- Active approach

Since 1980 Passive Technologies…  Filtration  UV Lights…. issue with distance from UV bulb and exposure time  PCO (Photo Catalytic Oxidation)  Portable units….small rooms inefficient, ineffective and costly to operate

Since 1980 Passive Technology Easy Care Portable 7 stage Air purifiers with Hepa filter/UV light / Active Carbon / Photo Catalytic oxidation/pre filter / ESP / anion Generator. Max Care Ceiling Mounted 6 stage Air purifiers with Hepa filter / UV light / Active Carbon / Photo Catalytic oxidation/pre filter/anion Generator.

Since 1980 Active Technology C.P.T. (Cold Plasma Technology) Most Advance technology effective on :  Particulate.  Microbial.  Gases.  Odors.  Specially designed for RAC & other application.

Since 1980 WHAT IS COLD PLASMA TECHNOLOGY ? • Cold Plasma Technology is based on a simple physical principle. By supplying energy the states of matter change. If further energy is added to a gas it becomes ionized and passes over into the plasma state – a fourth state of matter. • Cold Plasma Technology– the fourth aggregate state of matter.

Since 1980 Cold Plasma Technology The Nature’s way to purify the air we breathe.

Since 1980 Unique Features of Cold Plasma Technology A cost efficient technology effective on reducing Dust microbials, toxins, VOCs and odors.  One of its kind active air purification technology.  Protection from Air borne contagious diseases.  Proven Technology used by Hotels , Airports , Industries , Houses , Casinos , Labs & many others.  A technology Validated for Swine Flu, Bird Flu, SARS and many more …..  Specially designed for air conditioning system.  Over a million units installed worldwide.

Since 1980 Process Of CPT Kills airborne and surface pollutants •Friendly Hydroxyl Particles O+ & O.•The bond is broken & convert to oxygen and water vapor.

Since 1980 Application Areas of CPT CPT can take care of 273 chemical compounds(Strong with chemicals •Printing factory •Garbage bins/ Waste disposal areas •Sewage treatment plants •Cold rooms •Food plants •Shoe cabinets •Animal houses •Food display cabinets •Toilets •Elevators/ Lifts •Auditoriums •Dairy industry

Since 1980 Family of cold plasma Products Specially designed for small High Wall/ Cassette / FCU / Display cabinet applicable upto 1200 CFM CPT-1 Designed for FCU / Ductable units / TFA / HRV etc. applicable upto 1800 CFM CPT-2

Since 1980 Since 1980 Family of PHIO+ Family of PHIO+ PHIO250 PHIO250 PHIO510 PHIO510 PHIO1015 PHIO1015 PHIO1520 PHIO1520

Applications Hospitals/ Restaurants Bars / Medical Facilities Shopping / & Theatres Food Processors Hotels Malls Gyms Auditoriums Resorts Laboratory Airports Offices Since 1980

Reference Sites Macau Galaxy Star world Hotel Hatton National Bank Nokia (USA) Building Sichuan Pacific Palace Eastern Courage Steed Imperial Ocean Allegheny Medical Dalian Hopes the Insurance Delhi Hotels Maharaja Siemens(USA) Tianjin AgrasenBeijing IIMOberoiHospital Leelavati Hospital Lucknow, Binhai GenesisBuildingSchool Tech Global Taj , Turbo Mahindra Surgical HotelHospital Walt Larsen &Company Examiner Hotel Olympic OfficeAirport Sony Ericsson Noida Marriott Rockville Disney World Pentagon Since 1980

Thank You for your Patience M A G N E T O ENVIRONMENTAL GROUPPE 9/22 Nehru Enclave, New Delhi-110019 (INDIA) Ph: +91-11-26434827 / 828 , 9582215209 Email: Website :

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