Air Filter Solutions For Solar Power Equipment

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Information about Air Filter Solutions For Solar Power Equipment

Published on March 12, 2014

Author: SolarPowerWorld



olar power equipment and infrastructure experiences unique challenges in the areas of overheating, dust contamination, and EMI shielding. Compliance with industry standards and environmental regulations must also be considered when evaluating air filtration solutions.

So how can operators, maintenance, and equipment designers keep solar energy systems clean, cool and compliant?

Green power producers need to protect critical equipment and prevent costly energy production failure. Engineered air filtration solutions can lead to cost savings opportunities and deliver energy efficiency improvements.

Watch this webinar to learn about:
- Equipment maintenance fundamentals and areas of improvements
- Compliance with UL flame safety, EMI shielding, and thermal management requirements
- Sourcing air filters, EMI vents, and screens to improve system reliability and safety
- Custom solutions for PV inverters, rectifiers, switchgear, and energy storage

Air Filter Solutions For Solar Power Equipment

This webinar will be available afterwards at & email Q&A at the end of the presentation Hashtag for this webinar: #SolarWebinar Before We Start

Moderator Kathie Zipp Solar Power World Presenter Dan Krupp Universal Air Filter

Air Filter Solutions for Solar Power Equipment 2014

Today’s presentation… Air Filters in Solar Energy Systems • Types of equipment • Contamination & system failure System Design Considerations • Industry standards and compliance • Thermal management / pressure drop Air Filter Specification Process • Air filter frames and media • Special shaped filters to accommodate chassis Other Design Factors • Complementary system features / components • Design partner offerings Overview

Air Filters in Solar Energy Systems

Utility Scale Grid Applications Schneider Electric Conex Core XC Series – PV Inverter

Utility Scale Grid Applications Satcon Equinox PV Inverter

Utility Scale Grid Applications Power-One Aurora PV & Wind

Utility Scale Grid Applications Eaton S-Max Series Grid Tied Inverters

Utility Scale Grid Applications American Superconductor D-VAR Grid Stabilizer

Enclosure Door Solutions UAF filters prevent energy production loss  Filters for enclosure doors  Filters for power transformation, communications, and other interior equipment (ABB, AEG, Rittal, etc…)

Enclosure Door Filters OEM-supplied air filters have not proved acceptable with:  Contamination control  Durability  Serviceability

Interior Enclosure Filters When enclosure door filters fail:  Unfiltered air enters the enclosure  Negatively impacts smaller cabinet air intake filters  Electrical panels overheat and fault  Energy production fails

Representative Power-Gen Applications Wireless Base StationPhoto Voltaic Wind Energy

Contamination Wrecks Equipment

Air Filters Get Dirty

Quadrafoam keeps out dust and moths.

Very clean inside thanks to Quadrafoam.

Green Washable Filters Save Money & Improve Efficiency Clean and re-install air filters  Avoid purchasing, inventory, distribution costs  Last several years depending on environment  Sustainability-friendly  Reduce waste

Air Filter Maintenance  Keep cooling air quality high and reduce energy consumption  Replace / clean air filters as dirty air filters block airflow  Improve equipment energy efficiency. Replacing dirty, clogged filters lowers energy consumption by 5% to 15%  Avoid equipment failure

System Design Considerations

System Design Considerations You need to design a solar power chassis…  Enclosure size  Density – electronics and components  Fan ratings – power and noise  Fan or blower locations  Industrial designs And don’t forget the…  Air filter – fit , form, function

Industry Standards and Classifications  UL 1741 Inverters, Converters, Controllers and Interconnection System Equipment  NEMA 3R Outdoor Enclosures  NEMA 12 Indoor Enclosures  IP 54 Ingress Protection Rating  UL 94 HF-1 Component plastics flame spec  UL 900 Air filter flame spec  Mil-Spec Applying commercial standards where appropriate

Total Thermal System Management Thermal management...  Intake / Exhaust  Air flow path  Hot / cold aisles Thermal analysis software libraries...  6 Sigma  FloTHERM  IcePak  MacroFlow

Total System Pressure Drop System Components affect airflow  Power supplies  Perforated metal  Card guides  EMI / Faraday cages  Industrial designs / bezels / plenums  Air filters

Fan/Filter System Relationship Fan / blower location…  Push = Pressurization  Pull = Evacuation  Push + Pull

Pressurization Pros:  All air is filtered in harsh environments  Air straightening  Pressure equalization Cons:  Higher pressure drop through filter  Space requirements  Maximize plenum between fan and filter

Evacuation Pros:  Maximize cooling air  Saves space  Lower filter pressure drop Cons:  Not all air is filtered  Potential air bypass  Limited air straightening / pressure equalization from filter

Pressurization + Evacuation Pros:  Maximum cooling air  Bigger air filters Cons:  More space  Higher power requirements  Increased noise

Air Filter Spec Process

Framed Filter Assembly Options Air filter frame features…  Thin, low profile frame • < 0.25” thick • Edge to edge filtration • Extended filter surface area  Consider chassis structure • Align filter structure with chassis obstructions • Special shape filter to accommodate chassis  Filter removal and installation features • Accessories – tabs, handles, thru holes, captive fasteners • Ease of maintenance

Solar Equipment Filter Products Metal Mesh Air Filters  Rugged frame assemblies  Outdoor and other harsh environments  Available with integrated EMI shielding  Washable and reusable  Ultra-thin options for limited space applications

Solar Equipment Filter Products High Efficiency Air Filters  Extends equipment operating life  Enhances air quality  Custom MERV 11, 13 & 15  Captures dust, mold & pollen  Commercial / industrial applications  Rigid aluminum frame and robust media for durability

Solar Equipment Filter Products Electrostatic Air Filters  High strength  Light weight  Abrasion resistant  Acid / alkali / bleach / solvent resistant  Mildew resistant  FDA approved  UV protected  Reduce waste / sustainability friendly

EMI Air Filters & Vents In addition to air filters, UAF offers custom:  Air filters with EMI shielding capabilities  EMI vent panels  Honeycomb Fireblock Panels  Watch the PyroCide Video - next slide

OSP Filter Specs UPE Membrane Filter Media (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene with Microglass backer)  Standard 7.5 pleats per inch  Pleat depths from 1.00” – 4.00”

Additional OSP Filter Features  Cleanable open-cell polyurethane foam pre-filter  Available with RoHS compliant corrosion resistant finish  Medium density urethane foam interlocking gasket

OSP Filter Performance Wind Driven Rain Test Filters have been Tested and Certified to meet the requirements of GR-487 Section 3.28.1

OSP Filter Performance Rain Intrusion Test Filters have been Tested and Certified to meet the requirements of GR-487 Section 3.28.2

OSP Filter Performance Salt Fog Testing Filters have passed a 168 hour (7-day) Salt Fog Test using a 5% salt fog concentration per ASTM B-117

Air Filter Specification Process  Determine standards & specifications – NEMA/IP, UL1741,RoHS, CE  Understand flame rating requirements – UL 94  Select air filter dimensions (length, width, thickness)  Select appropriate framed air filter model  Determine handles / tabs or other fixture add-ons  Select flame retardant media (thickness and porosity)  Calculate linear airflow velocity  Calculate maximum filter initial resistance  Select media color and special metal finishes  Prepare filter drawing – 3D CAD / online tools  Free prototypes – test and evaluation

Air Filter Media Selection Many filter configurations…and colors…  NEBS air filter assembly requirement • GR-63 R4-61 – UL 94 HF-1 • GR-63 R4-19 – 65% avg dust arrestance (<2U) • GR-63 R4-20 – 80% avg dust arrestance (<3U)  Media to fit within frame profile • 0.125”, 0.25” and 0.5” thick for most applications • Multiple porosities and/or densities available • Reduce pressure drop / maximize airflow  Industrial Design or maintenance considerations • Colors to best fit system aesthetics / bezel • Lighter colors for quick and easy maintenance inspection

Other Design Factors

Electrical Enclosure – Fire Safety

Electrical Enclosure – Fire Safety Fire audits have confirmed the effectiveness of UAF flame retardant air filters  Example of UAF filters containing the spread of fire to neighboring telecom enclosures

Maintenance / Sustaining Engineering  Address air filters in maintenance procedures  Recommend cleaning / replacement clean: every 3-6 months…replace: every 2-3 years  Offer replacements  Kit replacements in appropriate quantities with other components and maintenance instructions

Compliance UAF Products Comply:  UL 94 recognition  UL 900 registration  EU Directive 2002/95/EC  China RoHs  EU No. 1907/2006 REACH

Power-Gen Air Filters  Prototypes in 5 days  UL Listed and CE Certified  Support compliance to UL 1741  EMI shielding available  Special metal finishes for corrosion protection / enhance EMI  Outside plant membrane filters for harsh environments

Servicing OEM & Aftermarket  UAF’s target customer is OEM thermal / mechanical design engineer focused on forced air cooling in electronics enclosure applications  Authorized by the equipment OEMs to service their customers and ensure timely replacement filter supply

Review  Consider air filters early in the design process  Understand industry & customer requirements  Analyze custom enclosure configuration for total system thermal and design management  Specify filter utilizing the latest technological innovations, including EMI shielding  Ensure customers can acquire replacements

UAF - APAC Established in 2007  In-country support for OEM Production Procurement  Asia Pacific and China region  Support solar energy operators and OEM manufacturers

UAF - EMEA Established in 2008  In-country support for design centers and filter procurement  Netherlands based for Europe and Israel  Support solar energy operators and OEM manufacturers

Universal Air Filter Co. Thank you for attending. For webinar materials and information go to:  On Spec, On Time…Every Time

1624 Sauget Industrial Parkway, Sauget, IL 62206 P: 618.271-7300 | F: 618.271.8808 |

Questions? Solar Power World Kathie Zipp Phone: 440.234.4531 Twitter: @SolarKathieZ Universal Air Filter Dan Krupp Phone: 618.271.7300

Thank You  This webinar will be available at & email  Tweet with hashtag #SolarWebinar  Connect with  Twitter: @SolarPowerWrld  Facebook: …/SolarPowerWorld  LinkedIn: Solar Power World Group  Discuss this on

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