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Published on November 22, 2017

Author: esmeiolanthe


slide 1: No baby yet but also no completed chapter and not likely to be one before the end of the holiday weekend. Plus I realized that this special feature contains material that will not keep well. So for your education and enjoyment I now present the very first Already in Progress Bonus Feature. Enjoy slide 2: I admit it: Sometimes I get bored playing the Sims – certain Sims in particular. slide 3: Sometimes I just kill them off. slide 4: Sometimes I let them run on Free Will and only check in occasionally. slide 5: Sometimes if an individual Sim is boring I’ll move them in with someone more interesting for ease of playing and free childcare. That’s not her brother by the way. slide 6: Alternatively if they have a special skill or feature I may take them out of the rotation to run a store or simply to have control. slide 7: One or two Sims have even been taken out of the rotation for no particular reason. But today I am going to tell you about what I do to help keep things interesting: challenges slide 8: Let’s start with the Couderc family seen here in this file photo since they’re the very first challenge I set myself. The Coudercs have a very nice house. slide 9: Which they are building slide 10: two bits slide 11: at slide 12: a time. Also known as a middle-of-nowhere handicap. slide 13: La Familia Shankel is of course doing an Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge and you can read about it in its very own story. /shameless self-promotion slide 14: And Bertie McClellan grew up to become the perfect person to run a Polyamory Project Challenge: one Sim one house multiple live-in romantic partners. It takes planning concentration and many many apologies. You can find the details in Everybody Loves Bertie located in the “Other Challenges” forum over at Boolprop. /further shameless self-promotion slide 15: Sometimes a challenge doesn’t work out like I expected. Fortunately I have renske85’s Tiny Challenges from Mod The Sims bookmarked just in case. In the case of Jasper and Jasmine I switched from The_Nozomi’s Mafia Challenge to the Internet Scam tiny challenge. slide 16: Jasper had to work for the first time in his life. And then both he and Jasmine came home with promotions and their attendant bonuses and kind of took a lot of the challenge away again but I showed them slide 17: I spent the money on siding. slide 18: And on completely redoing the kitchen including enough juice racks to keep the whole family happy for a very long time. Actually keeping the family balance down near zero is proving to be an interesting challenge all by itself. slide 19: The final challenge at least for the moment is Internet Lover. This may be a bit spoilery so feel free to stop reading here. Harkon Littledragon has a destined partner who I have determined that he will only contact via the computer until such time as I think I can get them to fall in love with precisely one interaction. Their current relationship stands at 23/20 which I consider to be pretty darn good for such a short time and such a limited communication medium. slide 20: Except that now Harkon has met someone with whom he has a natural three bolts. Phooey Now what am I supposed to do slide 21: So there you have it: How I Stay Interested by esmeiolanthe. Today’s special feature was brought to you by Real Life.

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