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Published on November 22, 2017

Author: esmeiolanthe


slide 1: Hi there Welcome back to Already in Progress Usually I try and think up something amusing to say here but I really can’t think of anything. I’ve been trying ever since I started writing this chapter coughmumblemmhmyes ago. You don’t need to know how slow I am at this. Really. Anyway let’s get on with the story shall we It’s Already in Progress… slide 2: To start off with I had a bit of a scare. This is how I lost one of my favorite couples in 2009. They just wouldn’t listen when I told them to go somewhere that was not actually on fire. slide 3: Fortunately Perry and Amy have more sense. PERRY: What’s the matter You usually play a more cutthroat game than this. AMETHYST: Yeah well I’m having concentrating. PERRY: What – the dancing slide 4: AMETHYST: That and the yelling yeah. SAMANTHA: Da Ba Stop that and pay attention to me I got an A+ An A+ Ha ha ha ha Woo HARKON: An A+ How wonderful Let me see NIREL: My little girl is so smart PERRY: Oh don’t be such a stick-in-the-mud Amy. She got an A+. That’s something to be proud of. AMETHYST: Well can’t she be proud quietly PERRY: You’re not fooling anyone Amy. We all know you have seven Nice points. AMETHYST: Hmmph. slide 5: Samantha is fitting in quite well. She’s doing well in school obviously making Best Friends with her new family and even taking piano lessons. slide 6: Ba is doing quite well too climbing the Military ladder. Nobody else has a job because they’re already richer than God but he likes the work. Huh The Army doesn’t take blind people – they’re automatically 4-F Don’t be so unenlightened. I mean obviously they’re not going to give him a gun. But he’s a code-breaker extraordinaire and what he doesn’t know about tracking people down isn’t worth knowing. I probably shouldn’t have told you that. It’s kinda classified. Whoops. slide 7: As you can see Tim is working very hard at fulfilling his LTW of Max Out 7 Skills. To be fair he does work hard at skilling. And he grew the Mouthwatering eggplants himself. I just tend to have him use eggplant juice when he gets hungry instead of regular food. Do you have any idea how long it takes a not-particularly-nice-or-outgoing Sim to build Charisma slide 8: The family spends a lot of time doing things together. The mahjongg table is a popular spot in the winter. DESCARTES: Hah I’ve been looking for that one Descartes has learned how to play now and is actually quite good at it. In one way this is not at all surprising because he is Descartes and therefore awesome but you have to admit that not too many guys sporting the greaser look are into a game usually played by elderly ladies. slide 9: Descartes had not expressed a gender preference – I guess that’s very unusual for a Sim to do if you don’t have ACR – so I decided that Descartes would prefer the gender of the next friend he brought home from school. That very afternoon he brought home Elizabeth Ng. He seems quite pleased with himself doesn’t he slide 10: That’s his father’s grin for sure. TIMOTHY: So Sarah Jane what say you and I find something to do with the rest of the afternoon SARAH JANE: I dunno. Can it be something that will mortally embarrass our teenaged son over there TIMOTHY: It’s more fun that way isn’t it DESCARTES: raising his voice I can hear you you know. to Elizabeth Ng Ignore them. They’ll grow out of it eventually. ELIZABETH NG: Are they always like this DESCARTES: Nah. Usually they’re worse. Your turn. slide 11: Over at the Tang house Myrna is making friends. I’m sure you recognize Edgar Miller. MYRNA: chortles Oh Edgar you’re so funny slide 12: And as an attentive reader I’m sure you’ll remember that this fellow comes from my OWBC. Which you should totally read by the way. /shameless self-promotion slide 13: But unfortunately Myrna’s social life is hurting her schoolwork. Eileen did help her Learn To Study – she helped Louise as well – but even though Myrna’s only got one homework assignment outstanding now her grade is a D+. She was pretty far behind. Since the last day I played was Friday I can look forward to the popup about homework and the social worker all weekend. I’m thrilled. slide 14: Louise hasn’t made as many friends but she doesn’t have as many problems either. Her biggest problems are ghost-related. Elle keep waking Louise up to scare her every night. I eventually moved the tombstone but… slide 15: I acquired another one. It seems Yvette ran out of time while at work but didn’t die until she got home at the end of her shift. slide 16: Yvette Hunike Sanders 79 years old. Yvette was a matchmaker drop for Robin Sanders. Although he was looking for three bolts he eventually decided to take the two- bolt woman who was obviously made for him: they liked all the same topics and had matching outfits. Yvette was a successful chef if not a celebrity. She would have had ten children if I’d let her. Since I didn’t she settled for keeping close to her three children and two grandchildren. Goodbye Yvette. slide 17: If I may be allowed to brag a little bit I’d just like to point out the Reporter there in the blue shirt with the notebook. He gave the Brotherhood toy store a good review and bought a ton of merchandise. He even threw us three stars. So much for the business at the Brotherhood. You don’t care about it that much. I don’t care about it that much. Heck even the Brothers don’t care about it that much. It’s just something to do while you’re waiting to be abducted. And speaking of abductees… slide 18: Edgar gets along great with his siblings. He’s such a sweetie. He loves spending time with everyone in the family and they usually are more than willing to oblige him. slide 19: Even Charlie can be persuaded to read him a story. To be honest it doesn’t take much persuading. slide 20: Probably the biggest testament to his sheer likeability is that Matt will come over and tuck him in spontaneously – and the game doesn’t recognize them as related. slide 21: Also worth noting is that Dante brought home another friend from school. Yet again it was a red-haired female friend. I didn’t know there were so many redheaded girls in the whole game I guess Dante wants to make very sure that I know his preferences. slide 22: Very sure indeed. slide 23: Trixie and Tirtha are settling into their new home quite nicely. Well except for that unfortunate kitchen incident on the second night. But the burns were mostly superficial and healed up nicely: minimal scarring and both hands are fully functional. slide 24: Trixie is happy as a clam earning skill points. You get Cleaning skill points for raking leaves which are not required for Trixie’s job but she doesn’t much care. slide 25: Trixie is currently a Multiregional Sim of Some Question but she’s climbing the ladder fast. And no matter how late she gets home or how tired she is when she does she always takes the time to call someone. You’d think that eleven o’clock would be too late to call but apparently this person doesn’t mind… slide 26: At the Jas. Littledragon residence things are going swimmingly. slide 27: Lucy found her dream job – international Corporate Lawyer – first thing out of the gate. Her first day on the job she got a good chance card and was promoted to Entertainment Attorney. What Lucy wants Lucy gets. Her name might as well be Lola. Okay I’ll stop with the 50’s musicals references. slide 28: Oliver Grew Up Well. The clothes suited him somehow so he kept them. Like his father Oliver likes earning one skill point before breakfast every day. Sometimes even by making breakfast. slide 29: Simon made a new friend. LUCY: Simon what are you doing Get away from that thing – it’s probably rabid. SIMON: No it isn’t. LUCY: It has glowing eyes. SIMON: Glowing eyes aren’t a sign of rabies. LUCY: Well what are they a sign of then SIMON: Um… LUCY: I rest my case. Come back to bed. There were a few snags though and I’m not sure how serious they are. slide 30: First Family Sim Cillian is in the high red for his aspiration most of the time. I thought adopting a kitten +10000 would help so he called. And then the car with the kitten didn’t show up. I never got a thumbnail for the kitten but the options were there: Rename Pet Register Breed Give Up Pet… I ended up using Give Up Pet and the car came to pick up the nonexistent kitten but the options still seem to be there. I hope this won’t make my ‘hood go boom. slide 31: Second… LUCY: Simon Couderc you come back here right now I specifically told you no green babies SIMON: Sorrrrrryyyyy Luuuuuuucyyyyyyy… 100 natural folks. Would have been nice to have it happen at my OWBC household though. slide 32: And I will leave you with this final question: Pregnancy Or food poisoning Answer: Yes. Until next time Happy Simming

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