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Published on November 15, 2013

Author: alexaraneta11



Are you tired of working very hard everyday, only to realize that you don’t really have any savings for your future?

Have you been longing to seek guidance to improve your life especially your Financial aspects and live an abundant life? Do you want to finally turn your life around 360 degrees for the better? Have you been longing to fulfill that life-long dream of yours?

Do you want to finally develop your core-gifts and Passion and turn them into a Profit-making talents? Do you want to get a pool of ideas for Multiple Streams of Passive Income and finally retire young even if you’re not working anymore? Do you want to be WEALTHY and HAPPY and be able to help the MANY?

This is NOT and accident!

You have arrived at this read this for a reason!

SUCCESS is the willingness to DREAM, to do HARDWORK, to be CONSISTENT, to be of SERVICE and having OUTSTANDING HEALTH and ABUNDANT WEALTH. Here at Alliance In Motion Global, it’s YOURS!

For inquiries or to become AIM Global member, please contact me (Alex ) on the following number:
GLOBE: +63.927.659.9120
-vDj Alex Araneta
CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer)
Team Araneta Reallionaires Inc


1. Retail Sales Profit (RSP) • Retail Profit from discounted product purchase –25% Discount • 1 Blister of Alive P1,125.00 SRP less 25% 281.00 844.00 P2,810.00 What if you have 100 regular costumer monthly = 28,100.00 What if you have 10 regular costumer monthly =

2. Direct Referral Bonus (DRB) • Earn DRB for every personally Global Basic Business Pack = Distributor: PHP500.00 AIM YOU DTC A B Friends, Classmates, Organizational Affiliations, Family, Partners, Relatives, Neighbors, Text-mates, Chat-mates  What if you have 5 DRB in your first month? P2,500.00

3. Sales Matching Bonus Marketing Support = PHP1,500.00 YOU A B

3. Sales Matching Bonus YOU A C B D E F

☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ PAY OUT: EVERYDAY product benefits SEC / DTI

Sales Matching Bonus YOU 1,200 SV 1,200 SV Binary Plan Group A Group B N ETY SAF ET 2,400 GSV = 1 Pair Sales Credit = P1,500 DISTRIBUTOR 8 Pairs per Cycle 2 Cycles per Day 16 Pairs per Day P24,000 per Day P168,000 per Week P720,000 per Month WHAT IF 50 PERCENT / 5 PERCENT 2 Cycles per Day 8 Pairs per Day 1 Pair per Day P12,000 per Day P 1,500 per Day P72,000 per Week P 9,000 per Week P360,000 per Month P 36,000 / Month No Requirement to earn from the Binary Plan / Every 5th = Electronic GC

4. Unilevel Sales Bonus/ COMMISSION POINTS Unilevel Structure 1st HALIMAW! A 2nd 10 5% of Product SV 3rd 100 5% of Product SV 4th 5th ☺ 1000 10% of Product SV 5% of Product SV 5% of Product SV 6th 5% of Product SV 7th 5% of Product SV 8th 11th 5% of Product SV 9th 12th 5% of Product SV 10th 13th 5% of Product SV This is paid to qualified Distributors based on the genealogical structure formed using the Direct Sponsor information of each Distributor Account. With Dynamic Compression Dynamic Compression ensures that qualified Distributors will earn bonuses on all levels without breakage to the company and without encumbrance due to inactive or non-performing Distributors within the earning levels (10 levels).

5. Stair Step Plan (Overriding Commission) Earn the Difference based on Title/Rank Up to infinity or next same/higher rank +30% +20% +10% Silver Executive 0% Distributor +10% Requirement : 10 GPs Gold Executive Global Ambassador +10% +10% +20% +20% +30% 100 GPs 1000 GPs Accumulation of group re-orders 2000 GPs

6. Royalty Income GLOBAL PARTTIMER AMBASSADOR 1st GLOBAL PARTTIMER Generation AMBASSADOR 2% of Breakaway Group Product SV 2nd GLOBAL PARTTIMER Generation AMBASSADOR 2% of Breakaway Group Product SV 3rd GLOBAL PARTTIMER Generation AMBASSADOR 2% of Breakaway Group Product SV 4th GLOBAL PARTTIMER Generation AMBASSADOR 2% of Breakaway Group Product SV 5th GLOBAL Generation FULLTIMER AMBASSADOR 2% of Breakaway Group Product SV

id pa es way ns 's al pe re ob ce ex tu ll na Gl an A / IM ist w A s nd as a a is v

Assuming you have four (4) friends who want to join in your group 3 HEADS = P23,940 1 HEAD = P7,980 YOU A C YOU (1) YOU (2) B D A YOU (3) B C D Direct Sales Bonus = P2,000 Group Sales Bonus = P3,000 P5,000 Products = P6.750 Direct Sales Bonus = P3,000 Group Sales Bonus = P7,500 P10,500 Products = P20,250 Payback = P11,750 Maximum Earnings per/day = P24,000 Per month = P720,000 Payback = P30,750 Maximum Earnings per/day = P72,000 Per month= P2,160,000

7 HEADS PROJECTION Investment = Php 55,860.00 YOU (1) 1st phase Direct Sales Bonus Group Sales Bonus = P3,000.00 = P7,500.00 Total Commission = P10,500.00 YOU (2) 4 Products (P6,750x7heads) = P47,250.00 R.O.I YOU (3) 5 6 7 = Php 57,750.00 2nd Phase Direct Refer. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 Total 8@500 4 pairs 2 pairs 2 pairs 1 pair 1 pair 1 pair 1 pair 4,000.00 6,000.00 3,000.00 3,000.00 1,500.00 1,500.00 1,500.00 1,500.00 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 22,000.0 0 Maximum potential Earnings per Day = P24T X 7 Heads = PHP168,000.00 Maximum potential Earnings Per Month = Php720K X 7 Heads = P5,040,000.00 What if you only attained 10% of the Maximum Earnings = Php 504,000.00

Comparative analysis of Aim Global versus Bank Time Deposit Seven (7) Account Investment (7,980.00*7 = 55,860.00) Three (3) Months Program Investment Aim Global Payback 55,860.00 Outright Com. 1st level Earnings 10,500.00 less tax 1,050.00 Total Com. 9,450.00 Product SRP 47,250.00 Total 56,700.00 Earnings Investment Bank 55,860.00 Php. 22,000.00 840.00 Interest rate Earnings for 90 days 3% to 5% 550.94 Net: 19800.00 In bank, it takes around nine (9) years to earn Php. 19,800.00 @ 5% interest rate!!!

Copyright 2006® AIM Global, Inc. Hotline: +63.927.659.9120 vDj Alex Araneta CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) Life Master Coach | Business Strategist

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