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Information about AIESEC Global External Relevance

Published on February 23, 2014

Author: chingers



Presented at Ontario Atlantic Regional Conference 2013 in Toronto

#nomorecomplacency! ≈≈ Global External Relevance

#nomorecomplacency! AIESEC’s Historical Roots

#nomorecomplacency! Global Climate Change

Civil Unrest & War #nomorecomplacency!

#nomorecomplacency! Overpopulation

#nomorecomplacency! Poverty and Inequality

#nomorecomplacency! Youth Employability


#nomorecomplacency! Global Youth Unemployment: Paths of possibilities.




#nomorecomplacency! War-Torn Syria


#nomorecomplacency! Revolutionized Egypt.

#nomorecomplacency! We live in times of profound and remarkable changes

#nomorecomplacency! How can we.. as young people positively impact and change this world?

#nomorecomplacency! Dance. It’s a universal language.

#nomorecomplacency! We are the most educated, networked and connected generation in human history .

#nomorecomplacency! You have already begun your path to improving the world. By being present, here.

#nomorecomplacency! CHANGE requires ENERGY, PASSION AND PERSISTENCE

#nomorecomplacency! What is AIESEC?


#nomorecomplacency! Canada ranks 21st in Innovation

#nomorecomplacency! We know innovation is important… Innovation is important All execs agree innovation is critical Our culture encourages innovation Executives understand innovation Executives model Innovation Effective at Innovation Formal Process for Innovation Leger Marketing & Globe and Mail – 2007 Survey

#nomorecomplacency! With every minute we spend working, a US worker will create $13 more for the economy, and $29 in Sweden. Simply put, Canada is less productive, a and it keeps dropping

#nomorecomplacency! What is AIESEC’s relevance in all of this?

We are the world’s largest student-run non-profit organization #nomorecomplacency! AIESEC s Relevance is
 Creating BOLD leaders who: 

Representing over 100,000 young people 1,000,000+ alumni 8000 partner organizations 124 countries and territories ONE Global Youth Voice. #nomorecomplacency! AIESEC s Relevance is
 Creating BOLD leaders who: 

#nomorecomplacency! We don’t just teach you. You gain real experiences by developing yourself and others. By taking intelligent risks, thinking creatively to grow AIESEC’s exchange program so that more people can experience the value of global leadership development.

#nomorecomplacency! Through our exchange program, it enables us to develop young global leaders. Leaders who have the resilience, risk-taking attitude, creativity and innovation to solve the big problems.

#nomorecomplacency! We push you to ≈≈ challenge yourself. To step outside of your comfort zone and GROW.

AIESECers are people who are motivated by values and impact. #nomorecomplacency!

AIESEC helps you to become fearless and action-oriented. Unafraid of restrictions and the word “impossible” #nomorecomplacency!

#nomorecomplacency! Leaders who are NOT COMPLACENT and are willing to take bold risks.

#nomorecomplacency! The Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind Potential


#nomorecomplacency! No More Complacency!

#nomorecomplacency! If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?

#nomorecomplacency! How can you turn problems into an opportunity for you to solve?  Through a business? non-profit? government?

#nomorecomplacency! Our end-product, is you. It all starts from you. The more successful and impactful you become, the better off AIESEC is. Our end goal is to develop young global leaders, but at the end of the day -- you’ll soon have a shot at becoming a global, if not a world leader. xt


#nomorecomplacency! 65 years later, AIESEC is more relevant more than ever. The world needs more youth leadership.

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