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Published on June 26, 2016

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2. Summary Section One – The Course  Science  Site Visits  Cakes  Bread and Roll Production  Cookies and Crackers Section Two  Campus facilities / equipment, faculty, living Section Three  Overall course/experience summary

3. Science  Key focuses  Flour and types of flours (Theory and Prac)  Cereals and grains  Flour testing and reporting (Theory and Prac)  Function of ingredient's and chemical reactions

4. Science  Basic chemistry  Wheat to flour  Wheat milling process (flour treatment)  Acids and bases ;pH and TTA; Water Activity  Flour testing; flours variety (grains, ancient wheats)  Emulsifiers and Enzymes  Sweeteners/fats and oils  Chemical leaveners

5. Science - Lab  Demonstration of common flour and dough testing equipment  We were given 2 flours in a canister and had to work out what blends and % of blends they were using the testing equipment.  Experiments with fats, starches and gums, oils, chemical leaveners

6. Science Summary  Positives  Very knowledgeable and approachable lecturer.  The ability to understand the science behind baking  Negatives  Classes at times too close together between exams. E.g. finishing one topic, moving onto another but the exam is a week later. I found that the closer the exam was to finishing the topic the easier it was for me to study.  A lot of lecture material to memorise and study with homework and exams in 4 months.

7. Site Visit  K-State Mills Manhattan KS  Used for student research  Understanding the milling process.

8. Cakes • Definition of different types of cakes – Batter Cakes (Shortening based - aerating properties, air and water emulsion) – Foam Cakes (egg based aerating properties) – Chiffon Cakes (combination of batter and foam cakes) • Function of Ingredients – Tougheners - Structure builders – Tenderizers – Moisteners – Driers – Flavourings

9. Cakes  Key focuses:  Ingredient functionality  Ingredient composition  Interaction of ingredients  Manipulation of ingredients

10. Cake Lab  Donuts (cake and yeast raised donuts)  Sweet dough's  Danish Pastry  Puff Pastry  Croissants  Fruit Pies

11. Cakes • Cake Mixing Methods – Single stage – Creaming – Blending – Multi-stage – Continuous Mixing – High speed • Advantages and disadvantages of different mixing methods

12. Cake Summary  Positives  Lectures and practical lessons taught hand-in-hand  Group scoring.  Trouble shooting from day 1 lets you see the function of ingredients as well as reactions with too much of an ingredient or not enough.  Negatives  Much of the practical was on bench mixers. There was a continuous mixer which we only used twice. It would be good to spend a full day producing different types of batters for larger scale production.

13. Bread and Roll Production • Key focuses: – Dough development – Functions of ingredients – Makeup, proof, bake, finish – Scoring

14. Bread and Roll Production • Key focuses: – Pan variety breads – Hard and soft roll production – Dough systems – Hearth breads

15. Bread and Roll Production Summary  Positives  Hands on approach to Breads.  Focus on function of ingredients (not as in depth as Science), dough systems and bread variety  Work with bench partners for most of the classes. This is good if you have a knowledgeable partner and things flow.  Produced products in small dough's on benches and also in teams using plant style machinery.  Negatives  Working with bench partners leaves room for the stronger partner to do most of the work while the other glides through the pracs.

16. Cookies and Crackers  Mainly troubleshooting against control formulations.  Made changes to given dough's based on theory.  Teams had to give presentations based on results.

17. AIB Facility  Facilities and faculty

18. Manhattan Kansas  Westchester Apartments  Highly recommended for any future students  10 minute drive to AIB  Swimming pool, tennis courts, 24hr Gym.  Transportation  Very limited public transport as well as limited Taxis  Recommend future students organise rental car services.  Manhattan airport only 15minute drive.

19. Overall Comments  Positives  A Great experience, highly recommended.  A great course for bakers wanting to learn the science of baking. It really is the next step from trade school with more detail around ingredient function in baking.  The networking between international students. I made some great friends/contacts at the course and in the community.  Negatives  Being alone in a foreign country is not for everyone. I was completely out of my comfort zone although I do feel I have personally grown from this experience.

20. Thankyou

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