AI Transforming Customer Service

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Information about AI Transforming Customer Service

Published on October 16, 2018

Author: techsee


slide 1: Chatbots Visual Bots Conversational IVR Smart FAQ INFOGRAPHICS AI IN CUSTOMER SERVICE of organizations have already adopted AI capabilities in their CRM Source: IDC 28 growth of AI investment vs. previous year Source: Forrester +300 THE VALUE: A WIN-WIN FOR CONSUMERS AND BRANDS AI FOR ASSISTED SERVICE estimated service costs reduction when automating with RPA Source: KPMG 75 AI technologies for Contact Centers empowers agents with automation tools increased efficiency reduced labor intensity and enhanced customer satisfaction Smart Routing Classification Content Identification Predictive Analytics Smart Monitoring Training Hybrid Chatbots Recommendation Systems Decision support tools IDSS Visual Diagnosis and Resolution AI IN SELF SERVICE AI HYBRID TOOLS AI enhances self service and increases its efficiency allowing customersto effectively solve issues by themselves Hybrid solutions enable humans and machines to work together while performing ongoing learning and optimization estimated service cost reduction when applying conversational platforms Source: Chatbot Magazine 30 of Tier 1 support inquiries can be handled by chatbots and escalated to a human agent if necessary. Source: IBM BUT WHAT ABOUT THE REST 80 AI IS TRANSFORMING CUSTOMER SERVICE 68 billion cost reduction by implementing AI in CRM between 2017 and 2021 Source: Salesforce REDUCE COSTS Source: Drift 69 of consumers prefer chatbots for a quick interaction with brands ENHANCE CX 80 of executives believe that AI will improve worker performances Source: Narrative Science INCREASE AGENT PRODUCTIVITY of customer interactions will not be through humans by 2020 Source: Gartner 85 businesses will adopt AI as a customer service solution by 2020 Source: Oracle 8 out of 10 © 2018 TechSee. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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