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Published on February 27, 2008

Author: Candelora

Source: authorstream.com

Anna Helgeson:  Anna Helgeson Classification and Thesaurus of the New Objectivity Art Movement New Objectivity:  New Objectivity Post-Expressionist art movement Weimar Republic, Germany, 1924-1929 Period of relative economic and political stability New Objectivity movement ends with the rise of the Nazi party in 1933 Three Sources Used::  Three Sources Used: Crockett, Dennis. German Post-Expressionism: The Art of the Great Disorder, 1918-1924. University Park, PN: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1999. McGreavy, Linda F. Bitter Witness: Otto Dix and the Great War. New York: Peter Lang, 2001. Rewald, Sabine. Glitter and Doom: German Portraits from the 1920’s. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2006. Classification::  Classification: Refers to pictorial art of the movement Painting, Drawing, and Lithography Excludes photography, which is known as the “New Photography Movement” There is no New Objectivity sculpture Main Facets of the Classification::  Main Facets of the Classification: Artists Style Medium Themes World War I Politics Prostitution Economy Controversy (surrounding the artwork itself) Arrangement::  Arrangement: Alphanumerical Main Facets = numbers (1,2,3…) Subfacets = upper case letters (A,B,C…) Second set of sub-facets = double lower case letters (aa, ab, ac…) Expressed in a string, the second set of sub-facets will be in parentheses 1. Artists::  1. Artists: A. Max Beckmann (Crockett) B. Otto Dix (McGreavy) C. Carl Grossberg (McGreavy) D. George Grosz (Crockett) E. Karl Hubbach (Rewald) F. Christian Schad (Rewald) G. Georg Scholz (Rewald) 2. Style: :  2. Style: A. Post-Expressionism (Rewald) a. Verism aa. Leftists (Rewald) b. Magic Realism bb. Rightists (Rewald) 3. Medium::  3. Medium: A. Painting a. Oil b. Watercolor B. Drawing a. Ink b. Pencil C. Prints a. Lithography b. Collage c. Woodcut d. Engraving 4. Themes: :  4. Themes: A. World War I a. Art (McGreavy) b. Memoirs (McGreavy) c. Trauma ca. Injuries cb. Pyschological effects d. Social effects (McGreavy) 4. Themes: :  4. Themes: B. Politics a. Weimar Republic b. Communism (Rewald) c. Socialism (Crockett) ca. National socialism cb. German Worker’s Party cc. Fascism (Rewald) cd. Nazi Germany 4. Themes: :  4. Themes: C. Prostitution D. Economy a. German Ecomony (Crockett) aa. Economic depression ab. Economic stability b. German Industry (Crockett) 5. Controversy: :  5. Controversy: A. Controversial art (Rewald) B. Banned art (Rewald) C. Confiscated art (Rewald) D. Exiled artists (Rewald) Examples::  Examples: Oil painting of Otto Dix (a leftist) titled “The War Cripples” would be expressed as 1B-2Aa(aa)-3Aa-4Ac(ca). 1B = Artists, Otto Dix 2Aa(aa) = Post-Expressionism, Verism, Leftists 3Aa = Medium, Painting, Oil 4Ac(ca) = Themes, World War I, Trauma, Injuries

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