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Published on December 26, 2007

Author: dhuston53

Source: authorstream.com

Art History Review:  Art History Review December 2006 Romanesque:  Romanesque Fortress-like Thick walls Few windows Fear of barbarian invasions Mt. Saint Michel:  Mt. Saint Michel Gothic Architecture:  Gothic Architecture Flying buttresses Stained glass windows/Rose windows Chartres Cathedral:  Chartres Cathedral Chartres (window):  Chartres (window) Chartres (Jamb figures) :  Chartres (Jamb figures) Gothic Art:  Gothic Art Stylized figures Lack of perspective (importance of religion) St. Francis:  St. Francis Tapestry Youth :  Tapestry Youth Campin, Merode Altarpiece:  Campin, Merode Altarpiece Cathedral of Florence (Duomo):  Cathedral of Florence (Duomo) Renaissance Architecture:  Renaissance Architecture Return to Roman model Dome Symmetry Fewer windows Ghiberti, Cathedral of Florence Doors:  Ghiberti, Cathedral of Florence Doors Renaissance Art:  Renaissance Art Contrapusto Emphasis on beauty of body/nudity Closed form Linear One point perspective Symmetry Planar Classical subject matter Donatello, David :  Donatello, David Botticelli, Primavera:  Botticelli, Primavera Botticelli, Venus Rising:  Botticelli, Venus Rising Botticelli, Virgin and Child:  Botticelli, Virgin and Child Perugino, Crucifixion:  Perugino, Crucifixion Raphael, School of Athens:  Raphael, School of Athens Michelangelo, Pieta:  Michelangelo, Pieta Michelangelo, David :  Michelangelo, David Michelangelo, David (close-up):  Michelangelo, David (close-up) Michelangelo, Creation (Sistine Chapel):  Michelangelo, Creation (Sistine Chapel) Leonardo, Mona Lisa :  Leonardo, Mona Lisa Leonardo, Last Supper :  Leonardo, Last Supper Grunewald, Crucifixion:  Grunewald, Crucifixion Cranach, Stag Hunt:  Cranach, Stag Hunt Durer, Self Portrait:  Durer, Self Portrait Van Eyck, Arnolfini Marriage :  Van Eyck, Arnolfini Marriage Mannerism:  Mannerism Open form Diagonals Movement Asymmetry Michelangelo, Night and Dawn :  Michelangelo, Night and Dawn Michelangelo, Last Judgment:  Michelangelo, Last Judgment Brueghel, Hunters in the Snow:  Brueghel, Hunters in the Snow Baroque:  Baroque Diagonals Lost and found edges asymmetry Caravaggio, Calling of St. Matthew:  Caravaggio, Calling of St. Matthew Zurburan, Holy House of Nazareth :  Zurburan, Holy House of Nazareth Velazquez, Las Meninas:  Velazquez, Las Meninas Rubens, Diana Departing for Hunt:  Rubens, Diana Departing for Hunt Bernini, St. Peter’s Baldachino:  Bernini, St. Peter’s Baldachino Bernini, David:  Bernini, David DeHooch, Music Party:  DeHooch, Music Party Kalf, Still Life:  Kalf, Still Life Rembrandt, Night Watch:  Rembrandt, Night Watch Rembrandt, Syndics of Cloth Guild:  Rembrandt, Syndics of Cloth Guild Ruysch, Flowers in Glass Vase :  Ruysch, Flowers in Glass Vase Palace at Versailles:  Palace at Versailles Rigaud, Louis XIV:  Rigaud, Louis XIV Wright, Experiment with Air Pump:  Wright, Experiment with Air Pump Rococo:  Rococo Smaller scale than Baroque Swirls and curls Excessive movement Often gaudy Fragonard, Swing:  Fragonard, Swing David, Oath of Horatii:  David, Oath of Horatii David, Death of Marat :  David, Death of Marat Summer Mountains:  Summer Mountains Chinese porcelain:  Chinese porcelain Tang Horse:  Tang Horse End of Review:  End of Review Sample test questions follow

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