AgroConnect PPS Smart Farming project and FIspace

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Information about AgroConnect PPS Smart Farming project and FIspace

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: SjaakWolfert



Presentation in a workshop of the Dutch public-private partnersship project AgroConnect Smart Farming. Emphasis was on the FIspace architecture

ICT in Agri-Food: International Developments Sjaak Wolfert Workshop AgroConnect Smart Farming/FIspace 10 March 2014, Wageningen

App store Smart Farming in the Cloud Services sensors actuators data sources (‘Internet of Things’) Local FMS Spraying Advisory Services Meteorological Service State and Policy Information Service FMIS E-agriculturist Service for spraying potatoes FI-Ware enabled Cloud Platform Machine Breakdown Service User’s devices Other sources Cloud FMS

FIspace platform High Level Architecture Front-End FIspace Store Real-time B2B Collaboration Core System & Data Integration Security, Privacy, and Trust Management Operating Environment DevelopmentToolkit I2ND IoT IoC IoS S&T GENERIC ENABLERS DEVELOPMENT TOOLKIT Base Technologies Validation 1. Crop Protection Information Sharing 2. Greenhouse Management & Control 3. Fish Distribution & (Re-)Planning 4. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables QA 5. Flowers & Plants SC Chain Monitoring 6. Meat Information Provenance 7. Import & Export of Consumer Goods 8. Tailored Information for Consumers Trials:

Platforms How to get started? Who will pay? Q1: Platforms Q2: Third party applications Q3: Users

FIspace Ecosystem Development Industries (converging) Farming & Manufacturing Transport & Logistics (Producers, Farmers, Manufacturers, Suppliers, ..) Wholesale & Retail Service Sector (Forwarder, Carriers, 3PL / 4PL, Ports, …) (Warehouses, Supermarkets, Stores, …) (Banks, Insurances, Authorities, ..´) ICT Industry (going to the Cloud) Cloud Operators & Infrastructure Providers Software & Solution Providers Value-Added Service Providers I2ND IoT IoC IoS S&T (+ follow up) GENERIC ENABLERS DEVELOPMENT TOOLKIT Base Technologies Validation

Open Call: List of apps (21) Nr. Trial Apps 1 Crop Protection Information Sharing​ Formulation of weather scenario Bad weather alert Hiker app 2 Green House Management & Control Greenhouse Crop Monitoring Greenhouse Crop Analyzer 3 Fish Distribution and (Re-)Planning Booking Probably app Find Cargo Replacement app Pricing Proposal app 4 Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Quality Assurance​ Inventory Management of RTI Packaging (BOXMAN) Risk Management in the Distribution of FFV (RISKMAN) 5 Flowers and Plants Supply Chain Monitoring​ Botanic Info App Time Temperature Planning App 6 Meat Information Provenance Meat Transparency System App - Query EPCIS repositories Meat Transparency System App – Discovering data sources (EPCIS repositories) Meat Transparency System for aggregating traceability information 7 Import and Export of Consumer Goods Transport Demand App Shipment Status App Manual Event and Deviation Reporting App 8 Tailored Information for Consumers Shopping list & Recipes Augmented reality Product Info Push Information e.g. 125-150 k€

FI-PPP Programme Architecture 90 M€ 80 M€ 130 M€ Accelerators

4 Accelerator projects on agri-food  SmartAgriFood2 ● Smart farming (livestock, arable & horticulture) ● Coordination: WUR ● Open call: 4M€  FInish ● Agri-Logistics ● Coordination: ATB/WUR ● Open call: 5 M€  Fractals ● Smart Farming in Balkan ● Coordination: Serbia/Greece ● Open call: 5.5 M€  SpeedUp_Europe ● 1/3 Agrobusiness Park (DE) ● Coordination: DE/DK ● Open call 1.9 M€ Total open calls in agri- food: ~ 16 M€ in 2 years

Open Call M3-M4 SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE SMWE Milestone: working prototype WP3 - Level 1: 50 selected SMWEs work on developing working prototypes WP3 - Level 2: 40 successful SMWEs test their new prototypes in end user trials in minimum of two countries Milestone: successful end user trial WP3 - Level 3: 30 SMWEs successful prepare investor ready business plans Ireland user trials Poland user trials Netherlands user trials Denmark user trials Spain user trials France user trials WP1: Launch of Joint SmartAgriFood2 call and ICT-AGRI call 3 WP2: SmartAgriFood2 evaluation, selection & negotiation of the Milestone Development Plans ICT-AGRI funds experts to support SMWEs with agricultural knowledge & identify/ end user trials MENTORING: SmartAgriFood2 partners provide guidance on FI-PPP usage & exploitation Trial sites in ICT-AGRI participating countries Evaluation & Selection M5-M6 Negotiations & Milestone Development Plan M7 Level 1 M8 M13 Level 2 M14 Level 3 M20 M24 Start date (M1) Contracts signed M8 M19 150+ SMWEs Applications 24 M€ >1.5 M€

Wat is nodig om Wageningen UR leading te laten zijn?  Bewustzijn vergroten bij (NL) agri-food bedrijfsleven  ‘Pacts’ sluiten met ICT-onderzoek (bv. TNO, TUs) en – bedrijfsleven (bv. IBM, SAP, Telefonica)  Initiëren en stimuleren van co-innovatie/creatie/investering in living labs, business ecosystems, start-ups, spin-offs, etc.  Agri-Food extensie van het FIspace platform inclusief App store  Onderzoek naar snelle, flexibele configuratiemechanismen  Interpretatie van agri-food big data (nieuwe statistiek)  Onderwijs dat hierbij aansluit

18-19 June, Paris Topics: 1. Farming in the Cloud 2. Intelligent Perishable Goods Logistics 3. Supply Chain Digitization 4. Information & Data Exchange 5. Smart Food Awareness 6. Global Strategy for ICT in Agri-Food More information:

More information    Or contact me: @sjaakwolfert

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