Agile Product Planning: Vision, Strategy, Roadmap

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Information about Agile Product Planning: Vision, Strategy, Roadmap
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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: romanpichler



This talk discusses how the vision, the product strategy and product roadmaps relate in an agile context

Agile  Product Planning   Roman Pichler! @romanpichler!! ★  Talk  at  Hewle*  Packard,  10  March  2014  ★ Vision, Strategy, Roadmap!

About  me   •  Product  management  consultant  and  trainer   –  Specialised  in  Scrum  and  in  lean  prac5ces   –  More  than  10  years  experience  in  teaching  and  coaching   product  managers  and  product  owners   •  Business  owner  and  product  manager   –  I  try  to  walk  my  own  talk   2  ©  2014  Pichler  Consul5ng  Ltd   One of my books!


The  Product  Planning  Levels   6  ©  2014  Pichler  Consul5ng  Ltd   Vision Strategy Tactics Path to! the goal! Steps! Overarching! goal! Who and! why?! What and! how?! The big ! why!

Before we get into
 the details, let’s ask
 some fundamental

Why is it! worthwhile to ! invest in it?! What are ! the business ! goals?! Business! drivers! Formula5ng  the  Product  Strategy   What makes! the product! unique?! What are ! its key ! features?! Market! Value! proposition! 9  ©  2014  Pichler  Consul5ng  Ltd   Why would! they use! the product?! Why would! they buy it?! Who are the ! customers?! Who are! the users?!

A  Tool  to  Capture  your  Strategy   What?!Why?!Who?! Why?! 10  ©  2014  Pichler  Consul5ng  Ltd  

Users: Children aged 8 to 12; interested in music and dancing; play computer games regularly; have access to iPad! Customers: Parents; affluent; own iPad! Have fun making characters dance to music ! Play together with friends! Discover new moves and create new dances! iPad app with characters , dance floors and music:! •  Customise the game! •  Dance together with remote players! •  Choreograph new dances! •  Share new dances, characters etc.! Fremium model:! Basic version is free ! In-app purchases including new characters, floors, and choreography! Vision  Board  for  the  Dance  Game   Help kids enjoy dancing and music.! 11  ©  2014  Pichler  Consul5ng  Ltd  

Are we done?
 Can we code now?!

Test  your  Ideas  and  Assump5ons!   Users and Customers New ! insights! Interviews,! observation! Ideas &! assumptions! 14  ©  2014  Pichler  Consul5ng  Ltd   Pivot?!

We’ve got the vision
 and strategy. Can we build the product now?!

A  high-­‐level  plan  that  tells  us  how  we  can  turn   the  vision  into  reality   •  Provides  a  con5nuity  of  purpose  beyond  the   next  release   •  Stets  expecta5ons  and  helps  with  stakeholder   management   •  Helps  acquire  funding   •  Facilitates  priori5sa5on   •  Makes  it  easier  to  coordinate  the  development   and  launch  of  different  products   Product  Roadmaps   17  ©  2014  Pichler  Consul5ng  Ltd   Why! bother?! What ! is it?!

But aren’t roadmaps 

Focus on goals not features!

Has! the goal! been met?! Formula5ng  an  Effec5ve  Roadmap   What are ! their key ! features?! Product! goals! Dates! Key! features! 20  ©  2014  Pichler  Consul5ng  Ltd   Metrics! When will! the releases! be available?! Why create ! the releases?!

How do we know the goal! has been met?! What are its! key features?! Why! develop it?! What is! it called?! When will ! the release ! be available?! 21  ©  2014  Pichler  Consul5ng  Ltd  

The  Dance  Game  GO  Roadmap   22  ©  2014  Pichler  Consul5ng  Ltd   1st quarter! Version 1! Acquisition: Free app, limited in-app purchases! •  Basic game functionality! •  Multiplayer! •  FB integration! Downloads: top 10 dance app! 2nd quarter! Version 2! Activation: Focus on in-app purchases! •  Purchase dance moves! •  Create new dances! Activations, downloads! 3rd quarter! Version 3! Retention! •  New characters and floors! •  Enhanced visual design! Daily active players, session length! 4th quarter! Version 4! •  Street dance elements! •  Dance competition! Acquisition: New segment! Downloads!

Vision,  Strategy  and  Roadmap   GO Roadmap Vision Board Vision and! high-level! strategy! Goals! for several! major releases! 23  ©  2014  Pichler  Consul5ng  Ltd  

We surely 
 must be done now. 
 Can we code?!

GO Product Roadmap Goals! for several! major releases! Roadmap  and  Backlog   Product Backlog 26  ©  2014  Pichler  Consul5ng  Ltd   Details ! for the next ! major release!

Let’s Scrum!!

Users, customers and other stakeholders Product increment Product backlog Analyse! and update! Product owner and team Create! Gather data ! and feedback! 28  ©  2014  Pichler  Consul5ng  Ltd   The  Scrum  Cycle  

The Vision Board:! The GO Product Roadmap:
 ! Download  the  Templates   29  ©  2014  Pichler  Consul5ng  Ltd  

More information on strategy and roadmaps including blog posts, tools, and training:!! I look forward to your feedback and questions:!! @romanpichler! Thank  You!  

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