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Information about Aghosh Alkhidmat Funding Compaign

Published on January 30, 2016

Author: kamrannuml


1. Funding Campaign Aghosh Al-Khidmat Homes An Orphan Care Project of Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan (District Rawalpindi)

2. 1. Presentation Room 2. Dedicated Web Page 3. Social Media & Viral 4. Ad Posting / Directories Submission 5. AdWords / AdSense 6. Donation Boxes / Business Men Engagement 7. Accounting / Finance Books 8. Corporates’ Involvement 9. Events’ Celebrations 10. Direct Marketing B to B 11. Brochures / Flyers 12. E-Reporting 13. NGOs Communication 14. Standees Plantation in Malls & Plazas Entrance 15. Local Community Involvement 16. Zones’ Responsibility 17. Educational Institutes 18. Internships for Door to Door Marketing 19. Donors Relationship Management

3. Presentation Room A designed room is required for the presentations to be given by Aghosh team to potential entities to encourage them towards our Mission. The aim is not only the presentation to donors but it will be used for scheduled staff meetings. The meetings will be conducted on weekly basses.

4. Dedicated Web Page A dedicated page is required for the viral marketing. A central page is always a direct response from social media and viral marketing. The dynamic website should have statistical database embedded with social media to provide latest and updated information. A donation appeal panel will be generated with the help of website. An Example

5. Social Media & Viral The social media team will be directed to manage and viral the updated regarding Aghosh. All the information regarding Aghosh will be provided by Warden staff of Aghosh. The daily activities of Children will be designed and will be uploaded on social media. E-advertisement will be purchased to approach specific users of social media.

6. Ad Posting / Directories Submission The ad posting tools will be used to redirect the web traffic towards Aghosh Page. It will attract the entire NGOs’ world to the activities of Aghoshians.

7. Adword / AdSense The 5th Generation tool to manipulate the google web crawler. If we are not aware of AdSense then we are not achieving 80% of web traffic. The adwords are simple and less expensive way to promote our mission on top ranking media websites.

8. Donation Boxes / Business Men Engagement The donation boxes will be planted on selected business platforms, such as, Bread n Butter bakers, Rahat Bakers, Tehzeeb, Pehchan Garmenst, Al-Janat, Karobar (Karegar), Idrees Book shop and Bombeat etc. The donation boxes will be different and appealing. At initial phase, Bank Road Saddar Market will be approached.

9. Accounting / Finance / Admin Books Ledgers - Heads Balance Sheet – Assets = Liabilities + Equity Payroll – Salaries Qualifications & Experience Cash Flow Statements – Inflow & Outflow Bank Reconciliation Statements – Cash Book & Bank Book Staff Profile – Name, CNIC, Age, Gender, Designation and JD Beneficiary Profile – A complete Unique Profile of Each and Every Child

10. Corporates’ Involvement The corporates’ involvement is difficult but a very fruitful task. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) will be invited to join the cause. At initial phase, Our target will be the Pharmaceuticals.

11. Events Celebration The National and International Events will be celebrated at Aghosh Al-Khidmat Home. All the stake holders will be invited. The new and creative events will be organized in colleges and universities.

12. Direct Marketing B to B The direct personal visits to local merchants will be scheduled. Team will visit at least 5 merchants daily and encourage them to sponsor a child. Specific merchants will be called on special events and lunch parties.

13. Brochures / Flyers New Flyers will be printed and will be plotted on the Donation Boxes pockets. We will encourage local businesses to include our plyers in their shipping supplies.

14. E-Reporting Monthly E-Reports will be sent to NGOs, Donors, Firms and Local Merchants. E-Report will include the overview of last month and the activities of Aghoshians. It will include the future projections.

15. NGOs Communication The NGOs, having head office in Rwp/Islamabad will be visited by the Team. The mission presentation be given to the potential NGOs. A visit will be offered to the management of NGOs.

16. Standees Plantation in Malls & Plazas Entrance The fixed standees will be planted at Malls and plazas entrance. The team will negotiate with the concerns of Plazas/Malls and encourage them to allow Aghosh to Plant its Standees.

17. Local Community Involvement GPS Coordinate Rawalpindi Pakistan 33.558143, 73.098922

18. Zones Responsibility Each zone will contribute in orphan care program by sponsoring 1 child. It will promote the orphan care program on root levels of district Rawalpindi 44 Kids 440000/- 16 Zones 10000/- * 16 = 160000 (Avg.) 10 UCs in Each Zone 10*1000/- = 10000/-

19. Kids Profile All the data will be kept in file. Orphan Care & Aghosh Alkhidmat The Name, Guardian, Age, Gender, Height, Weight, Foot Size, Education, etc. etc. Who is His Donor? Is there any major Disease? How much donation we have for Him? Progress Report Any Improvement i.e. Learning Performance, Confidence Improvement and communications skills etc. etc. etc.

20. Donors’ Relationship Management A DRM system, It will include the complete information of donors and their trends. It will record their priorities of those also, who are not willing to donate. Aghosh will interconnect the different entities with each other to create a potential network of donors competition.

21. Orphans’ Care Promotional Campaign In Educational Institutes

22. Internships For Door to Door Marketing Campaign

23. Presentation Room Dedicated Web Page Social Media / Viral Ad posting / Directory AdWords / AdSense Donation Boxes / Business Corporates Involvement Events’ Celebrations Direct Marketing B to B Brochures / Flyers E- Reporting NGOs Communication Standees in Malls Local Community DRM Accounts / Finance Books 15 Days Presentation Kamran Zafar – Aghosh Alkhidmat & Orphan Family Support

24. Orphan Family Care Program Total 178 Online Transfer 116 Via Cheque 62 Area No. of Orphans Murree 27 Texila / Wah 14 Kahuta 7 Chakbeli Khan 9 Gujranwala 17 Doltala 30 Rawalpindi 74 Total 178

25. Aghosh Al-Khidmat Home (MUMTAZ ARA BLOCK) An Orphan Care Project of Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan (District Rawalpindi) Kamran Zafar Project Manager (Orphan Care) 0336 6682893

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