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Published on November 26, 2008

Author: aSGuest3848


An Ageing Workforce : An Ageing Workforce ALARM SE Seminar Brian Dowsett ZCM Risk Management London, 7th June 2006 Introduction : Introduction 1.1 Million out of 4 million workers in the SE are over 50 23% are between 50 and state pension age 4% are over state pension age By 2030 people over 50 will make up almost half of the UK population By 2030 there will be 19 million people over 60 in the UK ~ The Ageing Issues : The Ageing Issues Involves many small physical and mental changes Physical strength changes with age Physical capability may be limited by musculoskeletal changes Joint mobility and body posture Mental ability changes Information processing declines with age Short & long term memory decline with age The Ageing Issues : The Ageing Issues Verbal abilities and “crystallised knowledge” are stable with age Diminished areas are compensated for by experience and motivation Experience and expertise help older people remain effective Less effective learners Frequency of occupational injury decreases with age Accident rates are lower for 55 to 64 year olds, than under 24’s Stress becomes an issue ~ Reasons to think about your ageing workforce : Reasons to think about your ageing workforce Economic - paying for longer life Business need - skill shortage and labour Discrimination - Legislation in 2006 “Retirement” - social engagement for 25yrs after you retire~ Performance of Older WorkersOverall job performance is unrelated to age up to Statepension age, some decline in performance after 40 forthose who do not receive training : Performance of Older WorkersOverall job performance is unrelated to age up to Statepension age, some decline in performance after 40 forthose who do not receive training Three key factors Physical ability, little difference for most jobs Adaptability to change - old need training General work effectiveness- old do better~ Difference Between Old & Young : Difference Between Old & Young Older workers score on: Conscientious/reliable Job effectiveness Thinking before acting Loyalty Interpersonal skills Team working Response to direction Product knowledge Social knowledge and networks Absenteeism Accidents Labour turnover~ Younger workers score on: Grasping new ideas Adaptability to change Accepting new technologies Learning quickly Interest in training~ Questions to be Answered : Questions to be Answered Do you have adequate Information on: Current age profile of your workforce Aspirations of your older workforce Future skill supply trends Implications of age discrimination legislation ~ Is there age bias in your policies in relation to: Recruitment Promotion Training Leave Retirement Do you have fair and workable mechanisms in place for dismissal ~ Your Ageing Workforce : Your Ageing Workforce Do your risk assessment take age into account Are they physically capable How good is their health What training and re-training do they get Is it tailored to meet the needs of older individuals How keen are they Are they just going through the motions What health monitoring do you do of your workforce Is stress an issue in your organisation Do you encourage healthy living and healthy lifestyles Are you harnessing their knowledge and experience You need to transfer this by introducing mentor or trainer roles for more mature staff. ~ Conclusions : Conclusions Little or no guidance, research or statistics available on the health and safety of older workers (HSE) Older workers constitute a special group in the labour force with characteristics that require special attention from the occupational health point of view. Older workers needs should always be considered in the design of occupational health and safety programmes Age friendly job design should include adapting the workplace, premises, equipment, working hours and processes to the employees changed capacities. Ensure that training opportunities are in place for older workers Ensure that age discrimination is not an issue within your organisation A valuable resource that should be valued.~ And Finally : And Finally Thank you for your time As you can see my age is within the remit of this presentation. I feel I still have a lot to give and feel the need to give it. As a working group the older worker is an asset not a liability Most of your organisations knowledge and experience sits with these people, use that knowledge or loose it.

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