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Information about Age of Sustainable Development

Published on February 15, 2014

Author: salahk



This presentation is based on Dr. Jeffrey Sach's online course "The Age of Sustainable Development". Effectively consider this a white paper on "Introduction to Sustainable Development". For the higher-quality version, check out:

The Age of Sustainable Development Salahuddin Khawaja Based on Dr. Jeff Sach’s MOOC

I Intro to Sustainable Development

To understand Sustainable Development, we need to look at the population and how it is growing

Current World Population: * Darker shades reflect denser population 7 Billion

Has increased (since the beginning of the industrial revolution) 7 7 fold

And is growing!! 7

So with that context, what exactly is Sustainable Development?

Sustainable development is 2 ideas: 1 2 Way to Set understand this sustainable world ` goals How economic, social, environment and political factors fit together How we make the world prosperous, fair and sustainable? `

Sustainable development is 2 ideas: 1 2 Way to Set understand this sustainable world ` goals How economic, social, environment and political factors fit together How we make the world prosperous, fair and sustainable?

We live in an interconnected world

Our approach to how we live connects us to the physical world

We are the changing our world in unprecedented ways Climate Change Ocean Chemistry Species Extinction Air Quality

Extraordinary times calls for extraordinary measures.

Solutions will be complex. So embracing complexity is the only option.

Using technology in the right way will part of the solution Train powered by fossil fuel Train powered by renewable energy

How do we understand the complicated challenges we face?

Economic Social ` 4 dimensions to the puzzle of understanding our world Environment Political *“Way to understand this world” is an analytical approach, looking holistically at society

Social Inclusion Environment al Sustainabilit y ` Wealth Well Governed 4 dimensions to looking at how to set sensible goals *“Set sustainable goals” is also considered a Normative/ethical approach

Putting it together – Fundamental question

How can we use our knowledge of the interconnections of the economy, society, environment and governance . . .

. . . and think through this crowded 21st century, massive poverty and inequality and environmental stress . . .

. . . to achieve the goal of a wealth society, that is socially inclusive, environmentally sustainable and well governed?

II Economic Growth and Progress

` Economic well being and prosperity is one crucial aspect of Sustainable Development

There have been great gains in economic well being `

There have been great gains in economic well being The industrial revolution launched decades of growth `

Population has grown alongside economic output Since 1950 the population has almost tripled `

We crossed the 7B in 2011 and are on track to hit 8B by 2024 and 9B by 2040s

The economic and population growth has come at a cost: impact to the planet (this is a challenge for Sustainable Development)

Alongside population and economic growth has come improved health

Infant mortality has decreased to 72% since 1950

Life expectancy has increased by 51%

This shows that progress of all forms is achievable

The key challenge is to ensure that progress is inclusive and environmentally sustainable, otherwise the gains we have made will be fleeting.

III Continuing Poverty

Many countries have escaped from economic hardship, but the prosperity has not been broad based

1 Billion people live in extreme poverty (face a daily struggle to survive) - 36 -

Income might be a core part of poverty, but there are others: Food H e a l th Se r vi c e s Sa fe Wa te r Sa n ita tio n El e c tr i ci ty Ba s i c Ed u c a ti o n

Huge variation in income levels exist `

As well as infant mortality `

Poverty is mainly concentrated in two regions: Tropical Africa & South Asia

Even in developed countries there are significant pockets of poverty as a result of the uneven distribution of income

A favela (shantytown) of 200,000 people in Rio, right next to high end buildings

Geography of wealth & poverty is complex (not only across regions but within countries)

IV Environmental Threats

We have become a threat to ourselves

Economic production has become so large

Population has increased vastly

World economic output: $ 85 Trillian per year

Physical earth is being overwhelmed

Water we are using Energy we are burning By the: ` Land we are used to feed the planet Pollution from the chemicals used

We are facing an unprecedented climate crises (droughts, floods, heat waves, forest fires, etc.)

As the # of storms increases, so does the economic disruption

This is the new normal. As such, scientists have given our age a new name:

Anthropecene: the human age of the planet

The planet is changing fundamentally as a result of human activity Causing the oceans to be more acidic Changing the Water cycle Warming the atmosphere Melting the Glaciers ` Polluting the air Extinction of other species

The main driver for this is humanity’s massive use of fossil fuels

As a result Carbon Dioxide concentration has increased `

This is what is causing massive disruption to the climate systems

Other factors are at play: Using large amounts of nitrogen based fertilizers Way we are using water ` Carbon Dioxide is making ocean more acidic Chopping Trees to make room for farm land

+ Economic Activity = Increase in Population Planet systems are being threatened

How? By trespassing planetary boundaries

Profound risks in trespassing planetary boundaries

Profound risks in trespassing planetary Sustainable boundariesdevelopment is the science of understanding these risks and what we can do to stay within the safe operating limits

Balancing act: Honor the limits as we continue to improve our wellbeing

V Paths

We have two paths that we can take: 1 2 Business as Usual Path Sustainable Development Path vs.

Path 1: Business as Usual – entails staying the course

Pros Poverty has declined Technology has advanced Overall progress (economic growth, infant mortality decreasing)

Pros Poverty has declined Cons Boundaries are being trespassed (climate disasters, etc.) Technology has advanced Growth is not inclusive Overall progress (economic growth, infant mortality decreasing) Not sustainable

There has to be a better way, where the growth is inclusive and environmentally sustainable

Path 2: Sustainable Development

By 2030 70% of the population will live in cities

So, the path to sustainable development will be sustainable cities

Smarter Cities Smart Architecture Smart Transport Clean Energy ` Effective Water Use Recycling Sharing

Let’s take some examples

Electric vehicles charged by electricity produced by clean energy

Wind farms used to produce clean energy

Agriculture improvements (e.g. rice that resists flooding)

Urban farming

The path of sustainable development will ensure that everyone (regardless of sex, age, religion, race) has access to food, education and health

The essence of sustainable development is problem solving

A focused, global effort is needed in a short period of time (decades, not centuries) …

To move to a sustainable development path - 84 -

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Developed and Designed by Salahuddin Khawaja +1 917 523 6904 More at ABOUT THE AUTHOR Salah has 14 years of experience, primarily in the Financial Services Industry. Before joining JP Morgan he spent 11 years at Deloitte & Touche helping Fortune 500 clients with various types of Strategic Initiatives. He believes in the power of Presentations, Storytelling and Visual Design. That is why he started Decklaration. Areas of Expertise: Strategy Development, Business Transformation, System Integration, Program & Project Management, Mobile Strategy, Data Analytics, Executive Presentations Sample Clients: Bank of America, Citi , MasterCard

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