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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: PatrickCrogan



slides for my talk at autonomy and automation symposium at DCRC

Age of the Drone World Picture Presentation for Autonomy and Automation Feb 2014 James Bridle, Drone Shadows Project, from 2011 o/project/drone-shadows/ patrick crogan

S.A.G.E. (1950s – 1960s) Re-mapping the world (around the U.S.A)

Flight simulation

‘Pilot and Payload’ team, Creech Airforce Base, Nevada

Work to do for media/technoculture studies: AI Robotics Automated/predictive systems/agents/’bots’ etc etc

‘Elective naivety’ Cf. Jutta Weber et. al. on robotics development/futures amongst university researchers in the EU… c/D5.pdf.

Military and Security R&D • Major lead for AI/Robotics development (from Bush Jnr Administration onwards: U.S. DoD Directive that at least half of all research budget to be spent in these fields)

Chamayou (Théorie du drone 2013) • Use (and projected uses) of drones is transforming • Military strategy and culture, • geo-politics • domestic politics • everyday life in ‘faraway’ places, and (soon) globally

Autonomy and Automation • Drones focus/exemplify some key issues/ questions, eg: • How is the dynamic relationship between autonomy and automation, so intrinsic to human culture, society, and history changing? • And how to find a ‘good’ way to compose these two?

‘Human’ being = becoming ‘auto’ (self) via the heteronomic (techniques, tools, technologies) • In default of an ‘essence’ (Stiegler) • In default (‘factory settings’) mode • We are (re)made in internalising the possibilities (= ‘autonomy’) of the exterior ‘automatic’ tools, techniques, structures, systems that the earlier ‘we’s’ have already made and left for us.

Adopting the automatic • So, not: Human: ‘I am. So, what to do with this tool?’ • But: ‘What to become in adopting its field of actions, milieu of programmed behaviors – and in reinventing them?’

(Post) industrial automation • Major shift in capacities/behaviours ‘exteriorised’ • From gestures to analysis, ‘reasoning’, predicting, hypothesising, ‘p roblem solving’, deciding: new human-technical combinations sensing, reflecting, and then acting Samsung SGR - 1

On a soldier’s refusal to shoot an enemy caught with his pants down…. • “If he does it, he knows he will have to live with this act. It is this which he refuses: to become someone who has done that. It’s not a question of duty (devoir) but of becoming (devenir). The pertinent and decisive question is not ‘what should I do?’ but ‘what will I become?’” (Chamayou 275) • Who we are is not a ‘philosophical’ question but an historical, ethico-political, technological one

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