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Information about Agar

Published on February 14, 2009

Author: eliassaif



This is a new technology to cultivate agarwood invented by Prof. Robert A. Blanchette of University of Minnesota, USA. This technology confirms 100% agar formation in trees. This technology is practiced around the world & has become very popular.
In Bangladesh, this technology in introduced by Mohammed Sarwar Hossain, Exclusive patent licensee in Bangladesh and Proprietor of Khwaja Agri-Horticultural Research Centre, Dhaka,Bangladesh.
For further information please contact at
The co-researcher of Prof. Robert A. Blanchette was Henry Heuvelling van Beek, Director CA LLC.
This file has been uploaded by Elias Saif, an executive of Khwaja Agri-Horticultural Research Centre.

AGAR Prospecttowards Prosperity -by Mohammed Sarwar Hossain Introduction: The sourceof Agarwood is the Aquilaria (agar)tree.This evergreen tree bearsflowers that are sweetly scented. Agarwoodis a highly pized incensethat is extremelyrare. It has at leasta 3000-yearhistory in the Middle East,China and Japan. Sinceagesour peoplehas knowledgeand experience agarwoodand agaroil in Bangladesh. of quot;Current levelsof exploitationfor forestmay be a significantfactor in increasingtheir threatof extinction.For years,treesof the genusAquilaria havebeenthe principle sourceof Agarwood,(also gaharu,aloeswoodamongstothers),one of the most valuableforestproductstraded calledeaglewood, internationally.Trees can produce Agarwood are found throughout South and Southeast Asia from India to as far eastas PapuaNew Guinea.quot; (Ref.:CITES,thirteenthmeetingof the Plants Committee, Geneva (Switzerland), 2'' - I 5'nAugust 2003) I Usesof Aqarwood: Agarwoodis usedin traditionalmedicinesystems suchas Ayurvedic, Tibetanand TraditionalEastAsian medicineand its fragrancemakesit a popularingredientof perfumes.Agarwood is also burnedto create for incense examplein India, Japan and the Middte East. Lesscommonly, it can be usedas an insect repellentand as an ingredientin wine. (Ref . CITES,thirteenthmeetingof the Plants Committee, Geneva (Switzerland), 2quot; - I 5quot; August 2003) I using agarwoodhasbecomevery popular in USA and Europ e. - (Henry Recentlyaromatherapy HeauvellingVanBeek,Director-The Tropical Rainforest Project). Market price: Agarwoodchips and segments may sell for severalhundredto severalthousandUS dollarsper kilogramme.The price of oil distilled from Agarwood is generallybetweenfive and ten thousand US dollarsper kilogramme,but can be significantlymore for Agarwood oil exceptionallyhigh quality.(Ref.; CITES,thirteenthmeetingof the Plants Committee, Geneva(Su,itzerland), I2th-l5thAugust 2003) (lt{ote:This price is applicablefor naturalAgarwood only). Agar in plantation & artificially Agar production technology: (a) Natural Process: When infectedby certainfungi, Aquilaria trees,amongstothers,produceAgarwood,the greatest volumes of resinbeing found in treesaged50 yearsor more. However,as only infectedtreesproduceAgarwood; uninfected treesare of negligible commercialvalue. If Agarwood is present,it existsin unpredictable quantitiesand qualitiesthat can only be fully determinedoncethe tree has beensplit open,this resultin many treesbeing felled needlessly thus causingdrasticdeclinesin wild populations.(Ref.:CITES, thirteenthmeetingof the Plants Committee, Geneva(Switzerland),I2th-l5thAugust 2003) (b) Traditional method: In variouspartsof the world eventoday peopletry different methodsby injuring the tree artificially to obtainAgarwoodand Agar oil. Thesemethodsmakethe mortality rate of the plant very high.

what is traditionallytried by the farmerststhe nailing method.But very little,low In Bangladesh, gradeand contaminated agaroil can be extracted from this method.Besidesthis methodcan only be practicedin full monsoon. In naturalforests,illegal poachinghasresultedin making treesendangered. International organizations as CITES, IUCN, TRAFFIC, FAO & EC etc. havemountedefforts and at the momentplaying such activerole in preserving this endangered species. basedTRP has undertaken project whoseconceptis peoplebasednatureconservation European a and sponsored the EuropeanCommission. by TRP is working on economicallyand environmentally Agarwood development. sustainable methodincluding of resin formation in young plantationgrowth treeshasbeendeveloped A successful and the process continuallybeing refined and optimizedwith ongoingresearch is with TRP cooperator and wood microbiologistProf. Robert Blanchette, University of Minnesota, USA. (Ref.: Therainforest r tp P r oj ect wv,tu.ther ai rLfo e,s r oi| ). Most importantly,experiments showedthat TRP was ableto induceAgarwood in plantedtrees,up to ten-times faster then in natureand in much higher quantities.( Ref.. TherainforestProject pr oi ect.neI I. Iher v,tquot;-tv. uinlbrest (Note: In much higher quantitiesmeanscompared othertraditionalmethodssuchas nailing, axe to practicedaroundthe world). wounding,etc. BetweenNovember 1Oth i 5th2003, Prof. RobertA. Blanchette and announced success First his in Agarwood Conference International which was held in Vietnam organizedby TRP. Over 80 delegates attended from a multitude of backgrounds and countries.During two daysof presentations Ho Chi Minh City, chemists, in forestpathologists, molecularbiologists,pharmacologists, people,governmentofficials, forestryextension experts,perfumers, business incense and conservation manufacturers, aromatherapists and exchanged ideason wide-rangingtopics. (Ref.: The r ainforest Pr oj ect v,v,w'.her crin-quot;fbstpr ri ). t re Among these80 delegates, representatives CITES, IUCN, TRAFFIC, FAO & EC etc. were present. of (Henry Heauvelling Van Beek,Director-The Tropical Rainforest Project). IntemationalConference Second was held in Bangkok from March 4 to 11, 2007 at Kasetsart University, organized TRP and sponsored CITES, TRAFFIC, IUCN, FAO and EC etc. by by Opinion of FAO regarding First International Agarwood Conference: quot;This conference will follow up on the experience and the feedbackof the hugely successful First International Agarwood Conference, held at Viet Nam in November2003.quot; Also in SecondInternational Agarwood Conference, Agarwood (inducement) productiontechnology(i.e. CA Kit technology)was discussed along with othertopics. (Ref.:FAO CorporateDocumentRepository). Prof. RobertA. Blanchettepresented generation CA Kits in First International l't Agarwood Conference and improved2ndgeneration CA Kits in SecondInternationalAgarwood Conference and was discussed. CA Kits hasbeensuccessfully usedin numerouscountriesincluding Bhutan, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam for many years.

The CA Kit usespharmaceutical gradegelatincapsules filled with non harmful inorganiccompounds which do not contaminate soil or plants.Thesecompounds usedin many fields including food are productionand water treatmentand meet Europeans, USA, and WHO environmental safety ((Henry Heauvelling VanBeek,Director-TheTropical Rainforest Project and Director- requirements. cALLC). After severalfield tests,Prof. Robert Blanchette cameup with improved3'd generation CA Kit which was formally announced a seminarheld on 16thMay, 2008 at Borolekha, MoulvibazarrBangladesh. in This is the only scientificallytestedand patentedtechnologyavailableat present. Uses of CA Kit technologyin user countrieshas enrichedrural economyby creatingemployment opportunityin the field of seedcollection,plantation,gardenmaintenance, Kits inoculation,plant CA harvesting,agarchips production agaroil production,management marketingetc. and , Also created profitable investmentopportunityfor the investorsand earnedvaluableforeign currency a for thosecountries. The inventionof this technologyhashelpedconservation endangered of Aquilaria species user in countries,besidesmore plantationshasresultedin environment improvement. (Private Sector): Agar in Bangladesh Sinceagesthe peopleof Sujanagar union under Borolekhaupazllaof Moulvibazar district in Sylhet division havebeenfamiliar and experienced with agarextraction,chips productionand oil extractionin traditionalnailing method. Naturally formedagarwoodis hardly availableas very rarely it is formed in trees.But very little, low gradeagaroil can be extractedfrom any agartree. Among thosewho extractagaroil, there is a small group of factory ownerswho extractsagaroil from white agarwood only. (Note: In suchtressneithernaturallyagarwas formed nor any technologyhad been applied). Thesefactory ownersdo not follow the nailing methodas their ancestors neverdid. They considerit to be as an act of sin because agaroil is also usedfor medicinalpurpose.They believethat the rust of iron which is found due to the nailing methodactuallycontaminates agaroil. the After the announcement 3'o generation CA Kit by Prof. Robert Blanchette, in a seminarheld on 16th of May,2008 at Borolekha,Moulvibazar, Bangladesh, peopledecided to applynailingmethod several not to their trees.They are anxiouslywaiting for CA Kits to be availablein the market. Even beforethe seminar,the local farmerswere awareof the CA Kits from sources BRAC and of SQUARE. Also someof the factory ownersof Moulvibazar weretrying to get the patentof CA Kits. In fact Most of the factory ownersand traderstravel aroundSouth East Asia, Middle East and they havecometo know aboutthe market demandof CA Kits appliedproducts. At present, extractingagaroil from treesin which nailing methodhasbeenappliedis practicedby somefactory owners.Because, this in way slightly more and a bit betterquality agaroil is achievedcomparedto oil extracted from white agar wood. that of Forest During the period of 1998to 2004,the govt. of Bangladesh experimentallyand successfully has planted agartreesin785.67 hectares land. (Ref. book-Agar-Experimental of Agar production Project-published by Departmentof Forest under the Ministry of Environment and Forest). Looking at the successfulresult of previousexperimental plantation,anotherprogramfor planting 6.5 million of agarplantswas taken up. . (Ref,book-AgarBonayon- published by Departmenlof Forist under the Ministry of Environmentand Forest).

The total amountof money investedin the experimentalagarplantationproject was Tk.-2.9 croreonly. At present marketvalue of this project is Tk.-380 crore. the Presently agarindustryprovidesemploymentof l0 lac working days.And if there is a plannedway of agarplantationthen it will provide employmentof at least30 crore working days and will earnforeign currencyof at leastTk-500 crore. (Ref. book-Agar-Experimental Agar production Project-published by Departmentof Forest under the Ministry of Environmentand Forest). Appropriatetechnologysuchas CA Kit technologyif adoptedthen employmentopportunityand foreign culrencyeamingwill increase. Moreover usageof this technologyconfirms 100%Agar formationin Aquilaria trees.This technologyalso ensures betterquality and more quantity of Agarwood and Agar oil than any othermethod/technology present. reduces time durationof harvesting. at It the InternetLinks. l) www.ther ai n-foestpr o-i r e 2) http://www..fao. g/docr ep/ 009/ a 09I 7e/A 09 I 7e08.hrm or 3) www fu estpathoIo grt. ood.htm 4) www.scentedmount com ain. 5) www.cultivatedagarw Signature MohammedSarwarHossain. of --fiU.g***-hDDeL -@

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