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Published on February 6, 2008

Author: Biaggia


After School Snack Program administered through the National School Lunch Program : After School Snack Program administered through theNational School Lunch Program School Year 2007 -2008 Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act of 1998: Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act of 1998 Signed into law October 31, 1998 To enhance benefits for all children Authorized reimbursement for snacks served to children through age 18 (and to individuals, regardless of age, who are determined by the State Agency to be mentally or physically disabled, who participate in organized after school care) Intent of Act: Intent of Act Assist schools to operate organized programs of care which include education or enrichment activities known to help reduce or prevent children’s involvement in juvenile crime or other high risk behavior SFA Agreement to Operate Program: SFA Agreement to Operate Program Serve meal supplements which meet requirements Price the meal supplement as a unit Serve meal supplements free or at a reduced price according to meal application category If charging, the reduced price meal supplement may be no more than 15 cents SFA Agreement cont’d…: SFA Agreement cont’d… Claim reimbursement at the assigned rates Claim reimbursement for no more than one meal supplement per child per day Review after school care program at least 2 times per year Comply with all requirements with one exception – claim for reimbursement need not be based on “point of service” meal counts Eligibility: Eligibility SFA must retain final administrative and management responsibility for program and site Assume full responsibility for meeting all program requirements Meet state and local health & safety standards Provide an organized & scheduled education or enrichment activities in a structured & supervised environment Eligibility cont’d…: Eligibility cont’d… Maintain a roster or sign-in sheet as a means of determining children present on any given day Assure that no organized athletic program engaged in interscholastic sports be approved as after school care programs under this provision Reimbursement: Reimbursement Schools may claim for one snack/child/day Reimbursement may continue through end of school year, even if enrolled child has 18th birthday Two methods to claim reimbursement: Area eligibility Non-area eligibility Area Eligibility: Area Eligibility Sites located in areas served by a school in which at least 50% of the enrolled children are certified eligible for free and reduced priced meals Eligible to claim all meal supplements at free rate Non-Area Eligibility: Non-Area Eligibility Must maintain documentation of eligibility for all meals served at the free, reduced price and/or paid rate Charges for reduced price snacks cannot exceed 15 cents. No fee can be charged for the free category snacks Compliance for Reimbursement: Compliance for Reimbursement Reimbursement applies only to programs providing after school snacks for children – not before or during school, weekends, holidays or vacations. After School Snack Program Reimbursement Rates for SY 07-08: After School Snack Program Reimbursement Rates for SY 07-08 Paying child - $ .06 Reduced child - $ .34 Free child - $ .68 Meal Content: Meal Content Snacks must contain 2 different components as a unit Meet meal pattern for snacks It is recommended that larger portions be served to older children (ages 13 – 18) Meal Content Pattern: Meal Content Pattern Fluid milk - ½ pint/8 oz Meat or meat alternate – 1 oz Juice*, fruit or vegetable - 3/4 cup** Bread and/or cereal – enriched or whole grain bread -1 slice or by credited weight or Cereal: Cold dry ¾ cup Hot cooked ½ cup *Juice may not be served when milk is served as the only other component **Different from NSLP meal pattern Non-Creditable Items: Non-Creditable Items Ice Cream Non-fruited Jello Sunny Delight Lemonade Buddy Bars Pudding Kool-aid Popcorn Potato Chips Record Keeping – Area Eligible: Record Keeping – Area Eligible The following records must be maintained: If all meals are claimed free (area eligible) – documentation that the site is an area served by a school in which at least 50% of the enrolled students are certified for free or reduced price meals – updated yearly Meal counts (totals by site) Documentation of individual child’s attendance on a daily basis Documentation of compliance with meal pattern requirements (for management purposes – use production record) Record Keeping – Non-Area Eligible: Record Keeping – Non-Area Eligible For non-area eligible sites – documentation for free and reduced price eligibility for all children claimed Meal counts by category for each site Documentation of individual child’s attendance on a daily basis Documentation of meal pattern compliance (for management purposes – use production record) Review Requirements: Review Requirements School Food Authorities administering after school snack programs must: “Review each After School Care Program two times a year; the first review shall be made during the first 4 weeks that the school snack program is in operation each year…”

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